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  1. Rumbles of Thunder and rain in Hailsham, E Sussex. Been in the office all today but pretty cloudy from early afternoon onwards so I'm guessing that kept temps a bit lower than they might have been.
  2. Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock are, for my moneys worth, two of the best Albums ever made. What was really interesting about him is that, at the peak of his powers, he just completely retired from music, no reunions, no interviews, nothing. He more or less said “I’ve achieved what I wanted, I can’t improve on it, time to stop”. Very unusual and refreshing.
  3. I’m pleased to say that the hunt for cold has been successful as we had a nice frost here this morning. The Winter that keeps on giving.
  4. Really enjoyed the rollercoaster of the last couple of evenings. Struck lucky with 5cms in Hailsham on Thursday then nothing last night but very pleased with that overall. Looks like a break of at least a week,maybe two but that still only takes us to mid Feb so time yet for a last hurrah. A blast from the NE would be a nice way to finish winter
  5. Light to moderate sleet/snow in Hailsham for the last couple of hours but nothing to show for it on the ground.
  6. Transitioning to snow but very wet on the ground so nothing likely to stick atm.
  7. Just the wrong side of marginal in Hailsham. Sleeting here and snowing moderately 5 miles up the road in Horam. Got lucky last night so no complaints.
  8. Really happy to see it’s going better for you today. You deserve it.
  9. Thawing but a good covering still in Hailsham. Ended up with just under 5cms which, for us at least, was more than expected.
  10. That’s me done for the evening though it has started snowing again. Good luck to everyone that’s still up.
  11. Heavier burst in Hailsham though more sleetified do not adding to what’s on the ground. Still, been a cracking evening here. Best since Jan 13.
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