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  1. Down here near the south coast in Hailsham this evening for me, is pretty unbearable. High cloud but humidity seems to have risen. God knows how hot it still is. Each to their own and all that but unless you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioned home I can’t see the enjoyment from this sort of heat. Sorry to be a misery guts!
  2. Hope you get well soon mate, Hampshire does seem to be a bit of a hot spot for cases.
  3. Good luck Matty. By far from the most important thing but I hope you feel well enough to carry on posting on here.
  4. Best of luck mate. Hope you stay well.
  5. Just one reason they shouldn’t is (I will assume) that the grand parents are likely to be in the highest risk group age and that if their actions result in them being hospitalised someone else needing treatment may suffer unnecessarily. Pure selfishness and/or ignorance.
  6. Having just finished it, I would dissuade anyone feeling a bit “fragile” from reading it. If they’re right this is going to be a LONG haul.
  7. Great post. 100% agree and, to add to that, whether you’re a true blue Tory or a Corbynite you should be hoping against hope our Government are judging this right.
  8. As a Brighton fan, please end the Premier League now.
  9. It’s a weird one. I’ve spent the afternoon looking forwards to Saturday Night Takeaway. These are desperate times.
  10. A Mourinho excuse to top all others!
  11. Good summing up and I agree with this. I think the uncomfortable truth is this is now going to infect a lot of people, and probably always was, regardless of what steps were taken. I know many won’t agree with this but I’ve been extremely impressed so far with how the Government has handled things, making sure that the real experts are highly visible and explaining, in person, their rationale for the decisions that are being taken. To expect any Country to be fully in control of this is unrealistic but it feels as though we are doing pretty well up until now. Ironically, I think some of our fears may be eased as more of the population get it and, hopefully, the overwhelming majority of us just experience relatively mild symptoms for a few days. Perhaps we can even start a new thread on here for those who get it and can then give a running update on how they’re feeling? I should add that I don’t want in any to dismiss the tragic losses some poor families will experience before this is over.
  12. Is it not better though to try and get to the peak in a controlled and manageable way? For what it’s worth my view is that there was never going to be a way of stopping a big increase in case, indeed I believe earlier in the week Jenny Harries said there WILL be many thousands of cases in the UK. I also think we can’t underestimate the behavioural aspect of this and how tough a job the Government has and will have in trying to keep us all on side before we see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. You’d better hope we don’t cancel the remaining Premier League fixtures and declare this season null and void!
  14. I expect, those of that have Netflix, may be having the time to get through a lot of its content over the coming weeks!
  15. I believe Spurs’ next few games will be played behind closed doors for the protection of their own supporters.
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