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  1. Sky Bet EFL Championship Discussion

    Yes!!!! Come on the Seagulls. Bring on Southampton and Bournemouth next Season!
  2. UEFA Champions League

    As an Arsenal fan, pains me to say it, but Alexis Sanchez really should leave. He clearly has ambitions beyond making the top four every year and wants to win stuff and he needs to be at a Club that shares that goal. No great surprises last night. As Roy Keane said, anyone that felt Arsenal had a real chance over two legs against BM was deluding themselves. Trouble is what usually happens after a result like last night is that we then go on a half decent run, secure a top four position and then the cycle starts again!
  3. Trouble is, I think I recall reading that sort of comment at the beginning of December!
  4. My brother's just EMAILED from Boston. 11 inches on the ground with more to come. For clarification purposes that's Boston MA not Boston, Lincs.
  5. A few flakes blowing around. Estimate of 0.005 on the Murr scale.
  6. Wind's definitely picked up here. It is now dry, cold with a slight breeze rather than dry, cold and still. Hoping for more exciting changes later.
  7. Based on the MO warning, you would imagine somewhere like Canterbury or maybe Ashford would be the "sweet spot" tonight and first thing tomorrow. I'm right on the western fringes of the yellow zone so not expecting much but I'd settle for a sight of falling snow at this stage!
  8. Can add March 2013 to that list as well. we got a couple of inches here whilst the Channel Islands of all places got pummelled! This Winter has so far, I suppose,been disappointing in terms of what it's produced but we have at least been in with a shot most of the time. The last couple of winters there's been days and days gone by where I haven't even bothered looking on the forum, such has been the lack of any cold prospects. Anyway, still more than enough time yet for a decent event. Always remember beginning of April 08 when Eastbourne(right down to the beach) got several inches, during the day as well.
  9. Nice one Steve. Think they'll be a good few of us around!
  10. Premier League Discussion

    As an Arsenal fan this is all looking very familiar. Men against boys (as usual). About time Ozil came on... oh I didn't realise...
  11. Anyone writing off this winter might want to have a look at the GFS 6z. Stonking run for us, though usual caveats apply, all for fun etc.etc.
  12. My 7 year old daughter's school concert. There were a group of four cellists doing a short set and they were absolutely terrible. Got a fit of the giggles and just couldn't stop.
  13. Not the most inspiring long term MO Forecast. Appears to be a choice between Atlantic driven or the return of the EuroSlug! I don't know enough as to whether the talked about SSW could be a game changer but would be interested to hear any thoughts on this.