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  1. Thanks mate. How much of a tw*t do I feel!
  2. Still nice and steady snow in Hailsham. Don’t have access to a radar but hoping this keeps up a while longer.
  3. Still coming down quite moderately in Hailsham. Shame other non grass surfaces aren’t as cold as my garden table!
  4. Nice bigger flakes now so the grass getting a bit whiter which is nice.
  5. Well, given the shape of the warning zone perhaps we’ve been shafted?
  6. Aargh.. Why did you have to say that? Now I have to stay up for a few more hours!
  7. Probably heaviest snow of the evening in Hailsham and the winds really picked up.
  8. Started snowing lightly again in Hailsham. Bit of a dusting on cars and grass.
  9. How’s the snow where you are CK?
  10. Stopp Any good for us 20 miles E Chinio or are we destined to stay in the dry zone?
  11. Unfortunately many of us poor Sussex folk next door fared relatively poorly last time and looks like we could miss out again. Still, there’s always next time and fingers crossed for others in the region.
  12. V Light but steady snow in Hailsham. Starting to lay on the grass a bit.
  13. Looks like Winchester purchased the same ones.
  14. Looks like it’s buzzing there.
  15. LOL! I don’t think it would matter what we called it, we would still find a way to avoid the good stuff! Actually the official pronunciation is “Aaarsham”.