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  1. Quite a nice upgrade in the long range MO Forecast today for early Jan. Something good brewing perhaps?
  2. That bit of altitude can make all the difference. Similar case with here and Heathfield.
  3. Don’t worry mate. It’s not just you! Same in Hailsham.
  4. Yeah, that must be it, we’re about 10 miles west, a bit further inland and just getting light to moderate stuff.
  5. Apparently 1 to 2 cms settled on the grass in Bexhill On Sea. Love to know how that’s happened as that’s right on the south east coast.
  6. Keep this up Steve and you’ll be posting from the top of Kinder Scout in a few years time! Mostly snow now in Hailsham.
  7. Turning more to snow in Hailsham.
  8. Turning sleety in Hailsham. Filthy out there.
  9. Hi sidsnake I am sorry, that was my pathetic attempt at humour in order to keep my spirits up! Driving will be fine, apart from all the surface water. We are down for snow later, and Heathfield is a bit higher up but unlikely to settle I’d have thought.
  10. On the plus side guys, 2 weeks till Christmas! Over and out for now from snowy Hailsham.
  11. When Poole have got snow and you haven’t you know your lucks out! For what it’s worth the MO have upgraded me to heavy snow from 11 onwards (presumably falling not settling).
  12. Tom, I’m in the same boat as you. Heavy rain all day in Hailsham, whilst Horam, 4 miles up the road at a similar altitude, is snow all the way. One of those is wrong and I know what my money’s on!
  13. Having missed out in Hailsham today, I think I may at least see some sleet/snow falling tomorrow, though I think it will struggle to settle. At least United lost, so not a complete write off of a day! Joking apart, great to read the reports round our region today. Just hope we get a proper Easterly/North Easterly in January where proximity to the coast and altitude are irrelevant.