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  1. Nice flash of lightning and some distant thunder a few minutes ago just over the Irish Sea
  2. Big downpour here with some rumbles of thunder and an accompanying traffic collision up the road
  3. Been awake since just after 4am due to the noise of the thunder Hoping we get more later today (and hoping I can stay awake to enjoy it). We were under quite an active line of activity earlier
  4. Had a lovely walk early this morning - breezy and sunny. Since then we’ve had thunder, sleet, hail and more thunder
  5. A good frost all over the grass and cars earlier this morning. Another gorgeous blue sky day hopefully
  6. me too! Not for very long though. My dog also enjoyed going ‘naked’ on his walk (needs a coat when it’s cold)
  7. OMG snowing again - bigger flakes than earlier!
  8. this is the best snow we’ve had all week. Radar looks like it won’t be giving us much more but so nice to have this dusting.
  9. Still plenty small flakes here plus a short burst of ice pellets hitting the conservatory roof.
  10. Teeny weeny flakes but lots of them. Nothing sticking - just blowing around in this wind.
  11. Edit … blink and you miss it Woopdeedoo we have light snow
  12. Yes. Reading other regional threads the radar isn’t to be trusted. Very little if any snow falling.
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