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  1. Current temp here is a balmy 6 c. Not looking good even for sleet tomorrow for me.
  2. I’ve got zero expectations for this week but you never know. As an aside, does anyone know who does the Countryfile weather these days ? MetO or the new BBC crew ?
  3. I’m really not keen on the banter/cold combination thread at all.
  4. There you are! Been wondering where you’d gone You’ve had more snow than me today I think.
  5. No snow but the windscreen on my car is frozen over. They’ve had quite a good bit over the other side of Wirral apparently. Whatever happened to SP ? He was a great Wirral contributor.
  6. Had a very beefy hail shower a few minutes ago and now the roads and pavements are white
  7. Pretty sure the warning for snow covered our region for Wednesday. Ice warnings for Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was weird.
  8. It was there earlier but been updated and removed now.
  9. Chores Shopping Now I can sit and enjoy watching and waiting for the snow rain to fall IMBY over the next couple of days Ahhhh NW coastal living at its finest
  10. Smaller flakes now and much lighter. App radar seems to think it’ll be rain soon but I doubt it.
  11. Rather large flakes to say the least. Barely sticking but lovely to see.
  12. There’s some white flakes floating down from the sky above my house
  13. RIP Diane Oxberry. Very shocked.

  14. Well, the council gritter has just been down my road so fingers crossed for the next couple of days
  15. I still shudder when remembering those dark days when G.P. couldn’t post in the forums. Now I see people asking ‘who is he’ 😂

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    2. Mokidugway


      Sounds pheasant 😁

    3. HRT


      Let’s stop Rampling on this status update now 😉

    4. Dami


      oh well. i'll just look on the radar.

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