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  1. Well, the council gritter has just been down my road so fingers crossed for the next couple of days
  2. I still shudder when remembering those dark days when G.P. couldn’t post in the forums. Now I see people asking ‘who is he’ 😂

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    2. Mokidugway


      Sounds pheasant 😁

    3. HRT


      Let’s stop Rampling on this status update now 😉

    4. Dami


      oh well. i'll just look on the radar.

  3. What a great afternoon sitting inside watching immense sleety hail lash down over us. Quite a pleasant surprise
  4. Very strong gusts here on Wirral. Photo taken just now in Wallasey.
  5. Very foggy here this morning after the last couple of gorgeous days.
  6. Thanks Knocker. Supposed to be heading up to Lindisfarne area on Tues, staying in my camper! Not sure I fancy it now
  7. That big fat steamer decided to wave to us off the coast of Wirral on its way to Anglesey Grrrrr
  8. Light snow started again after what seemed like a never ending gap in the cloud above my house.
  9. Sun has gone, and snow has arrived. Sticking to surfaces rapidly
  10. Huge flakes again here. Really hoping my sons school will be shut!
  11. Yes! All winter they’ve been gritting around here then it stopped, rained, and now this! Very slippy now
  12. TV graphics and WeatherPro app not showing snow here but it’s still heavy!
  13. OMG the best snow all winter here at the moment. What joy !