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  1. Is that just your opinion or do you have charts to back that up ?
  2. Nice to see these charts you put on Frosty but why not add some comments as why they are so good for the members that can’t understand the charts that are posted ?
  3. I work for the local highways and our weather provider has warned us that it going to go into a very cold spell towards the end of next week?
  4. I am totally confused tonight some saying good some not so good I can't read charts and the way people are portraying the charts tonight I don't think I'll ever grasp it.
  5. I still think we are being led up the garden path I think this will all come to nothing
  6. I think we have had so many upgrades over the last few days there was know way the models could carry on like that.We now have to sit back and watch ever thing unfold there are going to be disappointing moments and surprises for some I just hope the surprises win this ride.
  7. I think we are going to be in for a big surprise the way these models are not handling this weather predilections
  8. a lot of negativity being given on the present models we have tonight I think we have been led right up the garden path don't close the gate as we will be coming back through very shortly
  9. Theres a lot of ramping going on tonight with these charts and models haven't we been led up this path already this winter.i think this will alter in the next two days I hope I am wrong about these excellent charts tonight Bigdog 1
  10. Why are people arguing over charts that are five days away there will be lots of upgrades and downgrades before we get there
  11. Penhill weather station just up the road from green ore is forcast to go down to -3.2 tonight
  12. just had our forecast in for Somerset any showers dying away by 20.00 some showers over Exmoor may fall as snow but no accumulations min temp tonight -1.5 Big Dog1
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