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  1. Any reports from north norfolk? I can see the anvils from Ramsgate
  2. At 12 it was +7c at Gravesend and +6 at Manston. Thats nowhere near to being cold.
  3. 31 now in beltinge. Feels miles different to yesterday when 23 was the max here.
  4. 30 c reached at 2 metres in the shade in Beltinge. Wind off the land still. Might hit 33 later. Was 25 at langdon bay at midday with onshore wind, so its definately classed as hot today.
  5. Massive storm system over northern france and belgium. If it got any bigger, the whole thing would probably start rotating and become a tropical storm or weak hurricane!
  6. There an enormous MCS over northern france and belgium right now. If it got any bigger it would probably start rotating and and turn into in a tropical storm or weak hurricane!

  7. It only been light to moderate rain all day, not worthy of all the hyperbole comments.
  8. Off topic. Look at the gigantic MCS over south and central France. Its almost the size of England i reckon, and full off lightning. Probably heading for Hamburg like most of the serious storms do,
  9. I hate to nit pick John, but its a north-northeast or northeasterly tomorrow according to those charts.
  10. OMFG Theres a violenty severe patch of clear sky over the Chertsey area. Look out peeps!
  11. What a belter! Must be like the storms that hit Thorpe park all the time (epic)
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