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    Crystal Palace, South London (300 feet asl)
  1. In Crystal Palace, the snow is settling readily now on grass, not yet on pavements or roads. Temperature 1.1, dew point -0.5.
  2. Light snow is just starting to fall in Crystal Palace, temperature of 2.5 and falling quickly.
  3. It looks as if the cold has won this particular skirmish over Crystal Palace - we did get up to the dizzy heights of -0.8 at about 7 pm but are now back down to -1.2 and the snow, albeit fairly light, is intensifying and settling again on the (gritted) road outside. The temperature has been continuously sub-zero for 72 hours, the first time this has happened since 2010/11 I would imagine, and quite remarkable for so late in the season.
  4. Another inch of snow fell in the night at Crystal Palace.
  5. Light snow showers - temperature 1.3, dew point -2.5.
  6. Snow here, starting to settle on cars - temperature fallen to 1.4.
  7. Rain starting to turn to sleet now - let's hope it's the start of a trend. :-)
  8. Currently 1.3C with a dp of -0.3C - snow now settling on most surfaces :-)
  9. I've signed in properly now! Yes, sleet - i.e. white when falling but not settling.
  10. Light snow, and most surfaces covered, temperature 0.7, dew point -0.6.
  11. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Temperature 0.9, dewpoint -0.6 - just the right side of the margin for settling snow, so a thin white cover.