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  1. It is just me or is the forecast for the 6-15 August self-contradictory? The first sentence implies that the unsettled, changeable conditions continue to dominate throughout this period, whereas the penultimate sentence says it will be likely to turn settled through the remainder of this period (how ever 'remainder' is defined). Why does the Met Office not spend sum of its super-computing budget on employing a proof reader?
  2. For those who know south London - reportedly (but I await photographic evidence...) golf-ball sized hailstones in South Norwood about an hour ago, barely a spot of rain in Crystal Palace 2 km away. At least not yet anyhow.
  3. I think AGW may be referring to anthropogenic global warming.
  4. I think fair enough - we are approaching mid-July; from mid-January there usually begin to be some hints of spring on its way, not least in the day length and solar elevation, so we are just doing the same for autumn. And it's only three weeks or so to go until we are in the 'autumn' three months for daylight, either side of the equinox. But in the meantime I shall be enjoying the remains of the summer as well.
  5. A similar thought occurred to me HellitsHot. That we have got used to regarding around 40c as the possible limit for the UK in the most favourable conditions imaginable for heat. But the records this week were not just broken by a fraction of a degree, they were smashed by nearly 5c. In a UK context this would be 45c. That sounds unimaginable and perhaps - because of the proximity of the Atlantic - it is a false comparison for the moment, unless there were continued substantial warming over the coming decades.
  6. Also quite unusual for a summer month for the temperature to be at its warmest in the early morning (16.2) before dropping to 14.7 in the course of the day, now 14.9.
  7. For a moment I was thinking, blimey it must be a late spring in Edmonton, north London...
  8. Currently -1.4, the lowest April minimum since I began recording fifteen years ago. Also colder than any night in the 'winter' of 2019 to 2020.
  9. Hi - I think that may have been Sunday 6 April 2008 - in Crystal Palace we woke up to four inches of snow and a fun morning was had by many in the local parks. Most of the snow thawed during the afternoon. That day I recorded a maximum of 9.2 and a minimum of (+) 1.7, so it was less cold than today is likely to be, exactly thirteen years later.
  10. Excellent news for cold lovers - as casual observation over the years suggests that the actual weather is generally (with one or two exceptions) the opposite of what the Met Office predict in their 16-30 day forecast.
  11. I do find quite odd the lack of attention that the Met Office give to basic considerations of style and grammar in their updates. It doesn't do them any favours.
  12. We're reached that magical moment when the snow starts to settle on the leaves of evergreens and then on the tops of grass and all of a sudden trees begin to glow silver.
  13. Update to Crystal Palace - light to moderate snow, still not settling - but temperature now down to 1.3, so I think the trend is our friend
  14. Moderate snow in Crystal Palace, just beginning to settle on parked cars, 1.7 degrees and falling steadily.
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