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  1. Completely rubbish in my neck of the woods too.  A few centimetres of wet, slushy snow in East Kilbride at 150m asl and nothing at all lying in Motherwell when I left for work.  The GFS seems to have been closer to getting the track of the storm and the snow on its northern flank right than the Met Office/Euro4.

    Looks pretty good up in the Pentlands though.


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  2. It's been an astonishingly poor season for snow in the Scottish mountains, at least as bad as the worst years in the 2000s. Still time for things to change but I wouldn't hold out much prospect of any/many of the usual snow patch sites holding snow until the first snows of 2017/18.

    The ski centre operators must be tearing their hair out then when a storm does eventually arrive, it ends up well to their south. Lowther Ski Club might be taking Friday off work though!

  3. P1030501_zpsohopon3y.jpg

    Back to grey gloom today after seeing the sun yesterday for just about the only day this week! Managed to get out for a walk in the Southern Uplands yesterday afternoon and it was ideal crisp walking weather. Frost lingered in the shade all day - I took this photo in the Dalveen Pass and you can clearly see the parts where the sun failed to reach contrasting with the late afternoon light higher on the hillside.

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  4. 1 hour ago, 101_North said:

    So..... who else got pretty much nothing? Surely not just me and JoeShmoe?

    There was very little in Motherwell - a thin layer of wet snow on most surfaces early yesterday which partially thawed and then froze into a hazardous icy glaze on the pavements.

    Have spent most of the time in EK, which has a decent covering, and got to see some thundersnow, so that has made it feel more wintry.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, asjmcguire said:

    This sort of thing drives me up the wall - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-38586981

    Seriously - it would be different if there weren't warnings for severe weather - but there is, and have been for days.  Why do people persist in going "oh well, we'll just go anyway"


    Ben Lomond is (unfortunately) along with Ben Nevis, and to a lesser extent The Cobbler and some of the other most well-known hills, a magnet for people who treat the hills and weather casually.  These are the kind of conditions in the Highlands today (albeit on a 4,000-footer, a good bit higher than Ben Lomond), from a video on the Scottish Avalanche Information Service website.  Anyone who goes to the higher hills today needs their head examined (although I'm hoping to go up a hill of some kind on Saturday!!) I walked to East Kilbride town centre at lunch time in a short-lived sleet blizzard and that was harsh enough! 


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  6. 4 minutes ago, WhiteXmas said:

    These attempts at reverse psychology on the weather, despite your best efforts, will not bear any fruit :p As always, it's near impossible to accurately forecast this kind of weather. Think back 7 years just before Christmas time, who would have thought that weather front would have stalled right across the whole of central Scotland and given over a foot of snow for some! Just enjoy the prospect, it's certainly better than anything we've even had a sniff of in the last couple of years. Furthermore, the models are suggesting a more prolonged period of cold and with that some more shots at the elusive snowflakes; so to summarise it's quite a good time for cold/snow lovers if we put it in context with the last couple of years.

    It's not reverse psychology, just good old-fashioned Scottish pessimism!

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  7. A definite downgrade on the Met Office updates IMBY this afternoon with more emphasis on words like 'sleet' and 'wintry showers' - precipitation symbols on the graphical forecast have lower % chance precipitation, sparser showers and even rain at times overnight :wallbash: How are the dew points looking for later?

    I've revised my expectations to 0cm lying snow at home in Motherwell once again, and maybe 2-5cm on higher ground like East Kilbride.  Hoping to be proved wrong though.

  8. Friday now subject to Met Office snow warnings for just about the whole of Scotland in the northerly flow - two slightly different warnings north and south of the central belt.  Not convinced about my own location as it notes that 

    "Some inland areas, sheltered from the northerly wind, seem likely to escape most of the showers."

    But it looks promising for some parts, and it does seem to have the 'wishbone' effect on the showers very far south (northern England).

    Model Thread is also getting excited about upgrades for Friday, which perhaps augurs less well! 

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  9. Why is it that the 'wishbone' effect of showers in northerly winds occurs? MWIS suggests it is something to do with the shape of the coastline, as per the map below which I have 'borrowed' from their website, but I've never been sure why the showers don't simply move north to south across the landmass (I appreciate that they sometimes do to some extent, but then get 'used up' by the mountains')


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  10. I'd be interested in people's views as to how much of the apparent decline in cold winter conditions in the British Isles from about the late 80s onwards (and particularly these last few years from 2011 onwards) is down to decreasing frequency of the right synoptics, and how much is down to the same/similar synoptics being less potent than they used to be in advecting cold air to these parts?  

    In other words, would hypothetical mid-20th century chart and 21st century charts showing the same distribution of pressure in the northern hemisphere (in, for argument's sake, a pattern which typically produces cold conditions for the British Isles) produce milder/less severe results in the 21st Century because of declining polar sea ice, cold air in the northern hemisphere, and other warming factors?  I suspect this may be less of a factor than changing synoptics (more southerlies and south-westerlies) but wondered if this general area has been studied?

  11. Can't complain about today's weather - was out in rural South Lanarkshire today - bright, crisp and frosty.  There must've been spots in valleys where the temperature didn't get above freezing all day. Was feeling lazy but I shamed myself into going for a walk by thinking about the fish supper and beer I consumed yesterday and the need to work it off - was a good decision! Had to scrape the car when I got back to it at 3.30pm - was -1.5C on car thermometer on back road in hills near Biggar. It did look more cloudy over towards Tweedsmuir so I'm guessing this is why the Borders wasn't as nice.

    Is going to feel a lot less seasonal this coming week, but fingers crossed for something more interesting thereafter!

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  12. Has turned into a bright and pleasant day with a rather autumnal feel - all very well just maybe not many of us, including myself, are after at this time of year!...

    Met Office still seems to be sticking to its guns on its 'cold first half of winter' forecast - at least, for the moment.  Suggestions seem to be that the high might not slip into the continent and that some kind of surface cold (or 'faux cold' in model thread terminology!!) with dry-ish weather might prevail for a while.  Who knows? Model thread inhabitants are clinging to this idea anyway in face of the horror charts showing south-westerlies or southerlies.

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  13. Hello All,

    Have been enjoying sporadic visits here over the 'fair weather' season (suprisingly dry at times here in the western lowlands, with some cracking spells in May-June and in early autumn).  However, since it's almost meteorlogical winter, it's time to de-lurk!  Some great reports and photos upthread of the current cold spell.  Had a dusting of powdery stuff on the car this morning but think it might've been from freezing fog rather than snow. Also had a nice early winter walk at Wanlockhead on Saturday where there'd been a respectable fall of snow for the time of year, with ongoing sleet and snow showers.



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  14. There's certainly a big east-west contrast in snow at the moment, with the west looking very lean.   However, the heavy precipitation bringing the horrific flooding to Deeside and other parts of the North-East has deposited a lot of snow on the hills of the eastern Highlands as temperatures have dropped, after starting off as rain at all levels.  The photos below from the SAIS South Cairngorms blog shows a test pit with a depth of 180cm drifted snow.  I'd imagine the Lecht and Glenshee will be looking to open for snowsports this weekend, although the road situation doesn't help.  


    Glenshee and the Lecht struggled for snow most of last winter as the Atlantic storms deposited phenomenal amounts of snow at altitude in the west, while leaving the east rather lean - very different at the moment!

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  15. Certainly the coldest spell of weather I can recall - was 15 years old at the time and too young to properly remember the colder winters in the first half of the 80s.  It took until 2009/10 before there was any remotely comparable level of cold in Lanarkshire. 

    There was a modest snow covering here, but there were freezing fogs which coated everything in rime.  Despite the relatively short duration of the spell, there were some deep frozen scenes around here with the river and the local waterfalls frozen solid just after Christmas and people skating on the river.  It's a pity there were no camera phones (indeed very few mobile phones at all!) around then and people didn't take as many photos, and the internet was still in a pretty basic form then, or there might be a better record of it online.

    The coldest days were in the period just after Christmas, with a local amateur weather site recording a low of -23.1C in the early hours of the 29th.  I seem to remember the thaw coming suddenly at the turn of the year with pouring rain, and being surprised at how quickly a world which had seemed frozen solid like iron yielded so easily to the thaw conditions. There were the usual problems with burst pipes, and I think I got an extra day or two off school after the Christmas break as they sorted out the plumbing.




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