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  1. I’m on the Sheffield / North East Derbyshire border by the River Rother
  2. Can anyone post a link to a good free snow radar please ? ? nice 2-3 cm fallen on and off through the night in South Sheffield tonight, look s like more on way through night and tomorrow
  3. Over half way through February 14 and most people are going to experiance a 100% snow free Winter. Weak ridges of high pressure crossing the UK at times, but the outlook until the end of February continues to favour unsettled conditions. More wind and rain unfortunately for most looking at this mornings output to my very untrained eye !!
  4. Meto have navigated their way through this Winter with great professionalism, ( as they have too of course) but great posts from Ian and colleagues on this forum really help the novices ( me included) navigate their way through some of the posts - as already said above whatever the models have shown this year Meto have been bang on the money with their forecasts this Winter , obviously the finances used on the "super models" they use is money and time well spent it appears.
  5. Just had a massive thunder storm with lighting and really heavy rain - seems strange for January
  6. Don't be drawn in ......Garden & Path spring to mind .... You could'nt make this up !
  7. I'm sure I echo everyone's thoughts, great to see you back, we have all missed your very knowledgable posts
  8. People like John Holmes & Gibby for me "tells it how it is" , no hope or wish casting , I have been following this forum for a few years and experiance tells me that certain posters tend to post charts that suit their preferred outcome, I must admit as a novice myself it becomes difficult ,but you will through experiance find out the which members are more or less on the money.Please don't be put off !!
  9. Just echoing what many others probably think JH - very informative and concise to us novices, your posts are never agenda driven, just how you see it . Thank you JH, keep up the great work
  10. Hi , Sorry for this in advance mods, I noticed some educational links posted on here a while ago on how to read the models , I wonder if anyone has the links to hand - much appreciated in advance
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