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  1. Managed to get out to Park Hall this afternoon, the wind was bitter which put me off taking any photos. Did get these on the way though, not often you see this
  2. Not a flake here too! Literally see where it's opened up and moved around Stoke on the radar
  3. The story of this week! I blame it on me being on annual leave. When we had all that snow earlier on in the winter I was on nights and missed it all then..
  4. Just waiting for this band of showers to collapse and evaporate as they cross the limits of Stoke 😅 Would be a nice covering before tonight's frost if they hold together!
  5. Been lurking on here for a bit and thought I'd find my old login to say hi! It's been a frustrating few days in Stoke as the others have said, especially when my home town of Macclesfield got plastered yesterday! Managed to get out to Consall this morning though, which was a winter wonderland even if the snow was on the sparse side
  6. Light snow falling here, already giving a covering in exposed places. A couple of days ago we were forecast heavy snow tonight only for it all to disappear all together off the forecasts in the last 24 hours so this is a pleasant surprise. Hope everyone else can get in on the action later tonight.
  7. So glad I'm not having to work in this. Never known wind like this, damage visible to neighbours rooftops and the constant crashing of what I hope is just wheelie bins. And now there's power flashes lighting up the sky not far away from me.
  8. Yet another misleading news story about the police. The car has been "loaned" to the CMPG, (free of charge from McLaren), as a display item for the Autosport show at the NEC this weekend. Once the show is over the car will be given back to McLaren. The cars, the stand space, the graphics, the lights have been provided free of charge and even the police officers at the show are there on days off voluntarily. Having a display item like that means people are more likely to visit the stand and allows the police to engage with the public to highlight some of the common dangers like drink/drug dri
  9. Good aerial, live footage from a helicopter camera http://video.foxnews...d=1155606982001 Kris Hair has a large tornado on the ground, heading for Greenville http://content.wdtinc.com/popout/index.php?M=10164&C=20226&O=10255
  10. I had the same problem, clearing my Cache did the trick. Similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago and the solution was the same.
  11. A video of the Dexter, MI tornado. Perhaps the most laid back people ever to watch a tornado? http://cdn.nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/laugh.png
  12. I use http://www.tornadovideos.net/full-screen-chaser-video.php for a basic radar and streams. Can slow down your browser a bit I find. http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx?weather=hdRadarSmoothPaletteA is another good radar. http://stormscapelive.com/ is really good too, Michael Phelps on there interacts really well with people in the chat (I've learnt a lot from his streams over the last year) and is one of the best out there I've found.
  13. Yeah I watched Micheal Phelps, who does StormscapeLive, last year doing a tour of one of his first ever chases. Off the top of my head it was the Andover F5 1991 event. But it hit a mobile home park, which I gather are quite common in the US. The storm shelter they had built there could only fit around half the people who lived there in it. And even now years after, the same park still has the same storm shelter and the same would happen again should another tornado come tearing through. Would not like to live out there without a shelter of some form. Seems its quite common though still. After
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