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  1. All this ramping for heat on the model output forum yet my weather app shows 19 for my location near Leeds on Wednesday how can this be?
  2. it hasnt gone above -2.4 all day here and has just started dropping again, although still not seen any snow here all winter
  3. I received a snow warning from met office and im working in Wakefield
  4. First post in here so be gentle lol, according to Wiki, my memory is terrible, last years cold spell (Beast From The East) started on 24th February, looking back to page 78 on this thread, from the 2nd February update is the first time they started mentioning "with a greater chance of easterly winds, potentially bringing some very cold weather" this was for the outlook from 16th Feb 2018 to 2nd March 2018. The same mention of easterly winds was in every single day update from the 2nd February to the 16th so they were very confident of this happening. On the 17th February which was for the period 4th March to 18th March it changed from Easterly to winds originating from continental Europe. They hardly changed the outlook for 2 weeks wording changing slightly, have we seen anything as consistent in the build up from Met Office to this or will we ? Is it completely different this time hitting us from all directions etc..
  5. I am already sick of the model output thread and its southern bias, i cant tell now whether its still all good for us or whether its not as good down south with all the moaning that goes on in there.
  6. Last time it rained here was 16th June, and that was only 1mm, we have had 12 days of rain since 28th April and 10 of those were less than 1mm, on the 25th May had 2mm. Had only 15mm in 74 days
  7. I never post in here as I aren't knowledgeable enough but have read on here for years, some people on here are pretty sad. I love the weather mainly because of the extremes, in between weather doesn't really interest me, however if this time it isn't going to be a heatwave who cares, the weather is still going to be great. Warm settled and no rain sounds good to me why can't people just enjoy that fact. It puts me off reading half of the time due to some of the wind up/troll like posts and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  8. So if it snows all day on Saturday, and stops some time Sunday morning will it melt like it did the other thursday or will it hang around for a few days like the first beast, i dont mind it snowing all day saturday as long as i can get across the m62 at 3pm on Sunday
  9. For once im hoping this doesnt happen, im travelling to manchester airport sunday evening and dont fancy the travel over the pennines if its bad, i dont know whether i should go saturday or wait to see if anything at all happens
  10. Meteoradar forecast shows the blob currently over Norwich moving towards Yorkshire around 4pm
  11. I would suggest the weather apps are all a waste of time just use weather warnings and radar
  12. Yep a bit strange unless they know something we don't ?
  13. Amber warning just come out extended further into north Yorkshire from now until tomorrow
  14. Not sure sometime tonight, but they were travelling over around dinnertime
  15. Can you confirm this please as my father in law is flying from Manchester airport later today and they are travelling over this afternoon
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