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  1. snowing heavy in wakefield now
  2. Doubt it the radar has showed snow over me in Castleford for last hour and nothing at all
  3. where are you based ? its still showing snow for me and although it has moved slightly south, it hasnt really changed much here in west yorkshire looking at the models and the met office website
  4. Met office have been showing heavy snow for about 3 days for me in West Yorkshire, until they change this I'm not going to get all worked up based on one model run, I have never seen their updates so consistent it normally changes daily.
  5. I don't post often but in all the years I have been on these forums I have never seen you post anything positive, it's as though you want it to fail
  6. I never hardly post on here, however i would just like to mention one thing, i am going to stay in a cottage in Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales for a week from Saturday 11th February, near to the time when the next period of interest is upon us. So from wanting snow all winter i now don't want it around those dates. The last time i stayed in a cottage was January 2010 in Derbyshire and was snowed in all week. So this will definately happen lol
  7. Snowing heavy in wakefield still
  8. Same here bazookabob I'm in Allerton near to garforth under the heavy stuff on radar but nothing like normal, just too low here where I live Edit, trust me to decide to post after not looking out of the window for 10 mins, might try this tactic more often
  9. Thanks yes it makes sense just wish he would accept the fact that it looks promising a bit more like say John Hammond does on the national weather.
  10. Paul Hudson winds me up just got asked again about next week and he just says it only a cold snap not snowmaggedon, hope its somewhere in between as the charts suggest different.
  11. New to all this so go easy on me :-) Think this NMM image at 5pm shows the projected track of the 'polar low' above Ireland It appears to be much further east on this live radar image You can see it on NMM at 10pm tonight over wales So could be tracking further east towards Yorkshire which can only be a good thing :-)
  12. snowing in wakefield as well so the radar is wrong :-)
  13. maybe fine snow shows up as sleet on the radar, needs to be heavier
  14. so people are reporting snow in leeds, but the radar shows it as sleet, how come, im in wakefield and the radar just looks to show sleet on its way, and looking at NMM for the rest of the day it keeps this area and parts of leeds in the sleet zone, lets hope its wrong.