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  1. Had a heavier spell of snow which then turned to ice pellets and the two together left a bit of slush on all surfaces. Now rain with a few ice pellets left.
  2. Wet snow at 190m for past hour, not settling, guess it will be above 250m as per the Met Office warning .
  3. 5cm on all surfaces, 7cm on grass in NW Leeds. Turned to rain now though.
  4. 2.5cm snow in NW Leeds. At least we got some snow this winter. Areas to the north seem to have done even better but we just scraped some of the heavier showers.
  5. That Euro4 gap is us unfortunately. Might not happen though. Case of wait and see.
  6. Hi all, Hoping for some snow tomorrow like the rest of you, but think we need to remain very cautious, quite a few could miss out tomorrow. : Take the Euro4 accumulation chart, shows a horrible gap with the band breaking up. Some other high res models have shown this over the last 24 hours. ECM accumulation chart isn't great either. Met Office automated for Leeds doesn't look that great, with light sleet/snow and the Met Office warning does state that some areas might not see any snow. The band will also arrive mid-afternoon which isn't ideal. Personally here I think it will be light sleet/snow, with it just too warm and not heavy enough to accumulate with those to the east and west doing better. E Yorks might be a better bet with it arriving later when its gone dark and also re-intensifying. Hope I am wrong though and there is always Thursday. But if it goes wrong for us, its not really a massive fail given its kind of predicted as I have outlined above. Met Office are right to put out a big warning and many areas will see snow but not everywhere, I just hope Leeds/Sheffield aren't the unlucky spots.
  7. 2cm wet snow in NW Leeds from that last shower. At 190m.
  8. Snowing here in NW Leeds (190m asl) with a slushy covering on surfaces.
  9. Much more than that. Just stopped now. 6cm on hard surfaces and over 8cm on grass. My location is wrong, I live in Cookridge at 190masl
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