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  1. Similar scenes here. I measured 1cm last night , most was still here this morning although had melted from the paths and road. Starting to thaw now where the sun is getting it. Hills to the SW Haworth/Burnley area look very white .
  2. Bit of a frustrating day like others but decent shower now.
  3. 1.5cm on all surfaces overnight. Just caught the southern edge of some of the heavier showers. Looks lovely but really want to build on this and get some deep snow today.
  4. Patience is needed. The Monday during the beast from the east 2018 was exactly like today, then look what happened.
  5. Might be wishful thinking but the radar seems to be filling a little with light precipitation over us , hopefully this can pep up like further north. My concern is why is it warmer than forecast. It is ok here at -0.2c (Met office automated said it should be -2c now earlier) but in the Vale of York Linton on Ooze is 1.8c. Any light showers will not be accumulating there now even though it is after dark.
  6. Difficult to say, but tomorrow evening into Tuesday morning might be the best chance , Euro 4 shows more showers around then and Met Office automated is generally better then too. Early hours tomorrow morning perhaps too, to a lesser extent.
  7. I am hoping for a mass of showers across the region, really angry looking ones , like 2018, but I am a bit worried we may miss anything heavy here. Euro 4 does look good though. Currently a dusting from a shower this evening , light snow most of the day but didn't amount to much other than a bit on high level surfaces
  8. Is ESE all that bad though for us though? As long as its easterly enough for showers to stream north of the wash/East Anglia, we should be ok? Sure I can recall decent snow with an ESE wind before, at least there is no significant high ground , sometimes the NYM block us a bit with NE winds. Anyway UKMO looks a bit of an outlier wind direction wise .
  9. There might be an area with less convection initially as the front over the SE will kill shower development just to the North of it. Still too early to know exactly where though and it will disappear as the front moves away
  10. Would be nice to get a few cm's Saturday night to build a nice base. Would also avoid the impatience you feel at the start of a cold spell waiting for snow. Then relax as it gets topped up by showers throughout next week. The Beast from the East 2018 was a slow start with loads of light snow showers on the Sun and Mon which didn't settle. Hope we get straight in with it this time and why Saturday night could be just what we need. ECM 240 snow depth is insane, granted most of it is from a snowy low at the end which may not happen. Probably underestimates showers/streamers for some too.
  11. Yes I remember how South Yorks and North Nottinghamshire got absolutely buried. Seemed like you were under the streamer for days, I was waiting for it to move North which it did eventually but was so slow!
  12. Stunning output for our region, almost nailed on now. Think we should all see snow even snow starved easterners , although I would guess the biggest falls will likely be in areas which have already seen plenty, eastern exposed hills always do well, e.g Feb 91 Bingley hit 50cm . Not suggesting it will be that much but you never know, if it goes on for days perhaps. Having said that anyone could hit the jackpot with a persistent streamer like 2010.
  13. 12.5cm measured here, fantastic event yet again. Drizzle and ice pellets for the last hour or so but not any drip drip yet, can't be far off though . 0.3c 50cm snowfall this winter so far .
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