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  1. Dont mean to sound childish (maybe I do) but that's now two days in a row where a line of thunderstorms has crossed over Cambridge while momentarily parting like the Red Sea. Surrounded by thunder while being buffered by...cold drizzle.
  2. Surface convection starting to kick in. Look at EA in last half an hour. Small storms propping up North of Ely, over Chelmsford, and somewhere around Harlow. Significant expansion of existing cell cluster of S/SE, along with those heading out of NW France. Really hope we get something here in Cambridge, it's been sweltering for months!
  3. TBH even if you take the GEFS 06z at face value (which I'd advise against), the Midlands southwards is looking at two weeks of sustained dry and variably sunny weather with temps into the mid 20s as a mininum, at least after Tuesday. (Conditions not too different even further North and West). Given how awful it has been to work and sleep this week with temps in the mid 30s (it is currently 33c in Cambridge), I would bite your hand off for this and very much see it as a continuation of the incredible summer until now. Even with Ydays thunder we've had less than 10mm of rain since the first week of June. Anyone complaining about downgrades, especially as plume scenarios still cannot be ruled out (see Tamaras usual outstanding post above, and SMs too), needs a health check from heat stroke.
  4. Some of the Ptbs are in silly season surely! +18 uppers reaching Shetland. Oh mama. Goodbye France
  5. Obviously am being facetious here and not taking this range literally, but how do you like 36c in East Anglia?
  6. The mean, low pressure WNW and high pressure ENE. Result? Op probably one of the hottest options but maybe not a complete outlier.
  7. Very rare that I post in here over the summer months, but this spell is absolutely sensational. It’s been at or above 25C by day for the last 8 days (including today), 3 over which were at or slightly over 30C. And we could have another 8+ days if the current charts are to be believed. Slightly iffy about the positioning of the low to the SW of Ireland towards the latter half of this week - get it right and you can woft in some very high temps for the weekend (widely 30-33 in S England). Get it wrong and it could disrupt the movement of HP up from the Azores for the weekend to come. Money seems to be on the first option which puts us back in the driving seat for another prolonged period of hot, settled, and sunny weather. Europe is showing us the high life before we part ways! FYI I’m 26 and this is the most prolonged spell of weather like this I can ever recall. (I recall hotter on several occasions but none have matched this for clear blue skies and duration).
  8. Ludicrous. -12 uppers in the first week of April?
  9. Final tally from this year's beast. Snow just petering out with about 7 level cms, on top of Wednesday's inch. Drifts of 8". To recap: December '17 = 1x 3inch snowfall, 1x 1inch snowfall January '18 = 1x 1inch snowfall February '18= 1x 1inch snowfall March '18= 1x 3inch snowfall, 1x 1inch snowfall After the last three winters I'd have bitten your hand off for that. Can't upload pics sadly (haven't figured out my new phone) but a decent evening!
  10. I agree. I think we could get another inch or two yet. This is turning into the heaviest fall of the winter! I doubt we’ll get there but we are headong towards the magic 10cms. Expecting to max out about 8!
  11. 5-6cms now. Potential for another 2cms as well. On top of what we had, great scenes! Central area of the garden where the wind has blown the weeks snow around the level is over 15cms. Considering we’re one of the least affected counties, what a week.
  12. Super evening of snow tonight. 1-2inches widely, on top of the inch or two already on the ground. Really hard snow - treacherous roads. Drifts of 5/6 inches in the wind. Didn’t expect that! Very happy. At last!
  13. Proper moderate snow falling Cambridge now. Question is how long will it last!
  14. This is my fear all along. It will pep up but substantially south of Cambridge - stalling somewhere north of london but south of Duxford and stretching westward to Wales