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  1. Ludicrous. -12 uppers in the first week of April?
  2. Final tally from this year's beast. Snow just petering out with about 7 level cms, on top of Wednesday's inch. Drifts of 8". To recap: December '17 = 1x 3inch snowfall, 1x 1inch snowfall January '18 = 1x 1inch snowfall February '18= 1x 1inch snowfall March '18= 1x 3inch snowfall, 1x 1inch snowfall After the last three winters I'd have bitten your hand off for that. Can't upload pics sadly (haven't figured out my new phone) but a decent evening!
  3. I agree. I think we could get another inch or two yet. This is turning into the heaviest fall of the winter! I doubt we’ll get there but we are headong towards the magic 10cms. Expecting to max out about 8!
  4. 5-6cms now. Potential for another 2cms as well. On top of what we had, great scenes! Central area of the garden where the wind has blown the weeks snow around the level is over 15cms. Considering we’re one of the least affected counties, what a week.
  5. Super evening of snow tonight. 1-2inches widely, on top of the inch or two already on the ground. Really hard snow - treacherous roads. Drifts of 5/6 inches in the wind. Didn’t expect that! Very happy. At last!
  6. Proper moderate snow falling Cambridge now. Question is how long will it last!
  7. This is my fear all along. It will pep up but substantially south of Cambridge - stalling somewhere north of london but south of Duxford and stretching westward to Wales
  8. I have a nasty feeling that the ppn will wear itself out south of Cambridge and give somewhere a good 2 or 3 inches before the evening is done. Would typify the spell if so. (Yes, I'm experimenting with reverse psychology here).
  9. It's meant to develop over Southern counties and the channel during the late morning and early afternoon and slowly migrate northwards as an organised (but fairly weak) front over late afternoon and early evening. Don't waste your time looking out for organised fronts moving up from France - if the warning and latest model updates are to be believed, it will almost develop upon us. (Please also don't expect inches and inches. 3-6cms would be the uppermost limit I imagine).
  10. Here here. An inch fell on Monday and again this morning. Given the set up that is very disappointing. An inch tonight and tomorrow, however, would really make a difference...
  11. Expect things to get tantalisingly close and then pivot West about 7ish...
  12. Expectations should be low for almost all on here, at least if you live North of Greater London. The front should start to pivot North Westward and then west ward, before ultimately tracking north east as a far weaker (and occluded) frontal system tomorrow, bringing a few cms here or there. If some subtle factors in wind direction etc change then parts of central and western East Anglia could flirt with the periphery of Emma's pivot, again bringing no more than a few cms in places. Interestingly enough, as I type, light snow has started to descend on Cambridge once again...Expect nothing and some could be surprised. Tonight though I expect will be patchy for us at best. Apologies for being flaky. Do not take away though from the incredible sight of the radar. Tonight's snow for the South and SW will be a 2 or 3 times in a lifetime event. Probably the only time you'll hear forecasts for lowland England in meters!
  13. Very interesting. Likewise, Cambourne is now progged for Heavy Snow between 4 and 6, with light snow either side. Lets see how East we can get...
  14. Wondering whether Emma could spin off some moisture into central and Eastern areas this evening - a bit like this morning. Most models still looking good for a secondary burst of snow across the central swathe of England tomorrow, probably nothing spectacular but a top up of an inch or two. Even if you're not in the SW, model watching and radar watching tonight will be amazing. Alpine levels of snow on its way!