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  1. dr snow

    North west regional discussion

    Yep - those of us on the East side of the region think are doing very well. Here in Marple and toward Glssop we have 6" with more in drifts and sideways snow. Some raods are near impassable
  2. Snowing quite heavily in Marple
  3. Don’t post often but just had a weekend in Reykjavik. Some blizzard conditions yesterday- will try and post some pics. Hopefully might have our name on next couple of days
  4. Cats, dogs and now thunder and lightening. Flooding looks quite possible
  5. Moderately heavy snow over here between Hyde and Glossop. Starting to stick. Radar suggests may continue for a while. :-)
  6. Yep , about 2" lying here in Marple Stockport and getting heavier again. Gridlock trying to get out of the town - one of the two roads out closed by the Police earlier ( normally due to cars sliding down the hill!)
  7. dr snow

    North West England - Weather Chat

    From Stockport there's sheet lightening every few seconds with near continuous rubblesof thunder. Amazing light show
  8. dr snow

    North West Regional Weather Discussion 10/02/14

    Wintry mix with some flakes here near Glossop
  9. dr snow

    North West Regional Weather Discussion 07/01/14

    Thunder and lightening as squall line goes through. Heavy hail
  10. dr snow

    North West Regional Weather Discussion 07/01/14

    Wet snow after hail here in Marple - elevation only about 200 ft.