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    Nr glossop(work) - Marple(stockport-home)
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  1. Don’t post often but just had a weekend in Reykjavik. Some blizzard conditions yesterday- will try and post some pics. Hopefully might have our name on next couple of days 🙂
  2. Cats, dogs and now thunder and lightening. Flooding looks quite possible
  3. Moderately heavy snow over here between Hyde and Glossop. Starting to stick. Radar suggests may continue for a while. :-)
  4. Yep , about 2" lying here in Marple Stockport and getting heavier again. Gridlock trying to get out of the town - one of the two roads out closed by the Police earlier ( normally due to cars sliding down the hill!)
  5. North West England - Weather Chat

    From Stockport there's sheet lightening every few seconds with near continuous rubblesof thunder. Amazing light show
  6. North West Regional Weather Discussion 10/02/14

    Wintry mix with some flakes here near Glossop
  7. North West Regional Weather Discussion 07/01/14

    Thunder and lightening as squall line goes through. Heavy hail
  8. North West Regional Weather Discussion 07/01/14

    Wet snow after hail here in Marple - elevation only about 200 ft.