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  1. Went out for a few drinks with an old uni friend for drinks in Clarkston. He lives in East Kilbride and declared on arriving home that there was much more snow in East Kilbride so I said send me a photo. This is the perfect example of someone who doesn't appreciate weather.
  2. Noticed that feature in the last hour. Just assumed (hoped) it was a low that would drive the showers in a more westerly direction for the Glasgow area. Feel free post in the Scottish thread more often! We are a friendly bunch.😁
  3. I have to say there has been some stunning photos posted in the last week. Keep up the good work everyone!🙂 What I'm about to post are not photos but images taken from my commute via a recently purchased GoPro camera. Bought after 15 years of commuting and the increasing amount of shocking driving have brought me to this decision. Personally I look at other cyclists who mount cameras on their helmet and I think (apologies if anyone does this...) it doesn't look great and probably gets drivers back up a bit. Decided to mount it on my handlebars which is which is less conspicuous. Sometimes I think motorists see a cyclist and assume that is there one mode of transport. I also own a car, motorbike and drive Mercedes Splitter vans as part of my job. Funnily enough when on the motorbike I receive no abuse from motorists as they assume we are all bonkers!😂 Rant over! Thankfully I wasn't cycling on Tuesday when the snow hit but Wednesday and more so Thursday were hairy to see the least. First photo (Thursday) is from The White Bridge in Linn Park which was so icy I could have skated over it. Walked and held the railings. Next one is from the new the Fernhill bypass road. I usually cycle uphill on the pavement but it was treacherous! Last one was from the Glasgow Road on the outskirts of East Kilbride when I noticed the inversion over Glasgow. If you squint you can see the Campsies above clouds. Looking forward to an interesting week weather wise for all of us. If I don't see some snow then it probably means somewhere else is getting it so enjoy if you get some. Please don't give me anymore black ice!
  4. Got about 1cm here. It was quite heavy just after 9am. Glad I wasn’t cycling today. Everything has iced over. Tomorrow’s commute should be interesting.😯
  5. Just back from my brothers where my wife was playing the board game Twilight Struggle with my sister in-law. Took a photo 4 hours after we thought we thought we would get home. Not staying up for the lunar eclipse. I think the cat has happy to see us and angry with us at the same time.
  6. Overnight at Seamill Hydro last night with the wife, dad & his wife. Got us rooms with ‘views over Arran’ which didn’t materialise. Still lovely to be by the coast despite the lack of views. Before breakfast this morning myself & the wife went for a walk on the beach in between heavy squally showers. Dry sand was shifting at a pace along the coastal wall like a stream in front of the hotel. Took the coastal road home and snapped a rainbow from the car in Largs. I wasn’t driving!
  7. I know you have mentioned Mogwai in the past and I’m a huge fan. I work for Chemikal Underground Records and we released their first two albums. Managed to see Suede at The Plaza (now gone and luxury flats are in their place) in 1992. Born in 1973 so that gives you an indication of music tastes. Last nights music was heavily influenced by my wife who loves 80’s music. Hope I kept the volume to a reasonable level last night but hoping my neighbour didn’t notice as he works in a printing press for The Herald so is pretty hard of hearing! Down to 1.1C here and frost forming on the cars.
  8. Our cat Florence has a hangover of sorts. Lack of sleep caused by us staying up to 3am listening to records. She has been under the throw on the couch all day. Woke up to see our playlist for the night. Spot any you know? Sorry @Hairy Celt no Mogwai was played.
  9. I'm guessing based on your name that you were born in 1990 so you may have missed the freezing rain (or extremely severe icing) in Motherwell that happened on New years Day 1991. I was at a party in house near The Bently Hotel and awoke with a hangover which wasn't about to help me home. I was staying at the bottom of Ladywell Road. Basically it was all downhill from the party to a home. It was early so there were no cars about. Myself and my friend slid down the road as it was safer than the pavement. I had a look at some archive weather charts but couldn't work out if it was freezing rain or not! Help? Thankfully @Hairy Celt I've have never had the pleasure of riding any of my motorbikes on black ice. I have quite a few times cycling and one minute you are upright and the next your head is hitting the ground. I have took the motorbike out in snow on the odd occasion. Mostly by accident though none thankfully happened. In February 2013 I went to Elgin from Glasgow. I thought I'd take the scenic route via Glenshee Ski Centre and it was snow free until I started to climb to the resort. It wasn't so bad at the summit but as I picked my way through skiers crossing the road. It was then I clocked a police 4x4 with one of the officers with his head in his hands and gesticulating towards me like I was a mad man. To be fair he was right. The conditions to the north got worse. I had a few sketchy moments but thankfully never came off. Photo was taken somewhere outside Dufftown while I was taking a breather and gathering my thoughts. Stay safe out there tomorrow whatever mode of transport you choose!
  10. Afternoon walk with my sister & her mad dog Ripley who dives into anything holding water and that includes mud puddles. Photos taken from the Catkin Braes looking north west towards Glasgow. Frost was holding on in the shade. I should really go for more walks there as it is only a few miles from my house.
  11. Lots of twigs and small branches in the garden. Had to turn of the motion sensor motorbike alarm off as it was blasting 110 decibels at regular intervals! Neighbour two doors down not so lucky. A dead tree that is covered in ivy is currently sitting at 45 degrees. The only reason it hasn't come down is that the telephone wires are holding it up. When the wind gets up it bounces on the wires. If it does come down the four neighbours will be without a phone line/internet and the next door neighbour will have a flattened shed. Someone is coming out to look at it later today.
  12. Looks like it will hit me and @Stormeh Seems to loosing some intensity but still looks potent.
  13. Managed to get out on the motorbike to work on Thursday via the Cathkin Braes. It was cold but not as cold or miserable as Friday when I went to pick up bike parts and tools from Braehead. I was getting moved by the wind while at traffic lights with a 200kg bike! Went for a walk with the wife, sister & husband in Linn Park today with their mad dog Ripley. Before we went out our 'nutter' (the nickname given by the neighbours) cat decided to stop my wife from going to the post office. He loves going on top and inside cars, vans & motorbikes. We get a lot of deliveries at home so when a delivery driver turns up an leaves the van open I have to ask them to make sure a cat hasn't hitched a ride. Had to stop mid post to stop him polishing off my left over chicken pakora. Almost got the box open...bloody cat! Finished resurrecting my old Cube Aim 2010 mountain bike which I'm passing onto my nephew. I think if I had went beyond Sunday using the living room as a workshop my wife might have killed me.
  14. Get checking those Snowdrops they could be worth a small fortune... https://www.thompson-morgan.com/worlds-highest-price-paid-for-snowdrop-bulb
  15. Anything to get out of Easter snow predictions.😁❄️