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  1. Afternoon walk with my sister & her mad dog Ripley who dives into anything holding water and that includes mud puddles. Photos taken from the Catkin Braes looking north west towards Glasgow. Frost was holding on in the shade. I should really go for more walks there as it is only a few miles from my house.
  2. Lots of twigs and small branches in the garden. Had to turn of the motion sensor motorbike alarm off as it was blasting 110 decibels at regular intervals! Neighbour two doors down not so lucky. A dead tree that is covered in ivy is currently sitting at 45 degrees. The only reason it hasn't come down is that the telephone wires are holding it up. When the wind gets up it bounces on the wires. If it does come down the four neighbours will be without a phone line/internet and the next door neighbour will have a flattened shed. Someone is coming out to look at it later today.
  3. Looks like it will hit me and @Stormeh Seems to loosing some intensity but still looks potent.
  4. Managed to get out on the motorbike to work on Thursday via the Cathkin Braes. It was cold but not as cold or miserable as Friday when I went to pick up bike parts and tools from Braehead. I was getting moved by the wind while at traffic lights with a 200kg bike! Went for a walk with the wife, sister & husband in Linn Park today with their mad dog Ripley. Before we went out our 'nutter' (the nickname given by the neighbours) cat decided to stop my wife from going to the post office. He loves going on top and inside cars, vans & motorbikes. We get a lot of deliveries at home so when a delivery driver turns up an leaves the van open I have to ask them to make sure a cat hasn't hitched a ride. Had to stop mid post to stop him polishing off my left over chicken pakora. Almost got the box open...bloody cat! Finished resurrecting my old Cube Aim 2010 mountain bike which I'm passing onto my nephew. I think if I had went beyond Sunday using the living room as a workshop my wife might have killed me.
  5. Get checking those Snowdrops they could be worth a small fortune... https://www.thompson-morgan.com/worlds-highest-price-paid-for-snowdrop-bulb
  6. Anything to get out of Easter snow predictions.
  7. Snow here at 70m a.s.l. Off to panic buy milk & bread.
  8. I feel your pain. In this setup if you don’t get snow then I don’t get snow and then @Stormeh doesn’t get anything. Still been a great couple of days.
  9. I hope so! I'm probably a mile west of you as the crow flies. One of my work cycle routes takes me via Croftwood Road. The incline up from Fernhill Road is a b*stard.
  10. View from the pub. Sorry I meant work.
  11. I've had an east & west perspective today. Was through in Edinburgh for an overnight with my dad and wife for a joint 70th. It was an amazing day yesterday. Goldilocks it round some bars for food & drinks interspersed by some cold walks.Took some photos down by the Water of Leith yesterday. Walked to Waverley station via Leith Walk this morning and it was snowing very lightly and was very cold. Train journey to Clarkston via Glasgow Central was very picturesque. Got off the train at Clarkston to be greeted with light snow which followed us eastwards. Nice to see and hopefully a sign of things to come this week. Bearing in mind the recent upgrades in warnings... Am I going to need a bigger shovel? .
  12. Last weekend I mentioned experiencing some rare snow when I was living in California in the early 80's. These photos were from Highway 5 just outside Los Angeles. The way the photos have been dated by my dad I assume they are from January 1982. I'm the one in the stripy top. My older brother who is on the left of both photos has had some interesting school friends. Before we left for the US he was best friends with Craig Whyte the ex owner of Rangers at primary school in Motherwell. When we went to elementary he was in the same class as Winona Ryder in Petaluma. Both went onto become familiar with the courts. Last week we had Steve Albini in the studio working with him on an album. One for those who like their music. He has been lucky to have met a few celebs over the years.
  13. January 1987 gave me 3 days off school in the west end of Glasgow. I thank you I was actually outside at 6am in December 1995 during the -19.8C trying to start the Caledonian Uni van to take the snowboarding club to Glencoe. Battery was dead and we had to go back inside after 5 minutes to warm up. Never experienced cold like that before or since. Jump started the van and got to Glencoe and I remember having lunch at the top of the mountain and thinking how much warmer it was than Glasgow.
  14. March can deliver serious snow even to very low levels in Glasgow. 11th/12th in 2006 being one of the best. Only beaten by January 1987 when I lived in Scotstoun, Glasgow. Can't complain about 2009 or 2010. First photo is of Sasha (rip) watching the snow come down. Next photo is when enroute to Garnethill as my wife's dad (rip) said he was going out for a packet of fags. He was in his late 70's. Former Batman during the war. Look it up. We said no and went into the city centre and went via the newsagents to get him the fags. Since we were there he took advantage of the crutch of us and we went to watch the football. I remember it being a game from Edinburgh at being struck that 1. The game was on. 2. How little snow was there while we were buried. Sorry @101_North