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  1. The wife & I have been ‘Covid Nesting’ since summer. Top of my expensive wish list* which hasn’t happened is a log burner. @Mair Snaw you are a lucky man. New couch, rug, curtains, Sonos Move & infrared heater for the decking. My friend who is a doctor in Manchester called the 2nd wave back in July and he has been bang on. Think what you can do to make the next 6 months better for you, friends & family. Don’t procrastinate! *Yamaha Tenere 700
  2. I’d say it has been a standard wet day here in the west. The rain has been moderate but never heavy since this morning. Not much in the way of wind. That said the rain has been constant. I’ve now got this song looping in my head as I look at the rainfall radar over Scotland. Aimee Mann - Wise Up (It’s Not Going To Stop)
  3. After a very nice week we had a mainly cloudy day. Was getting quite fond of the cloudy starts and sunny endings. I was inside anyway watching the Moto GP so wasn’t missing any sun on the decking. Watched a horrendous crash in the Moto 2 race. Rider hurt but is ok. Thought that was the worst one I had ever seen but no. Within an hour one in the main race was worse. Both riders involved eventually walked away so are lucky. It is what happens to their bikes after the crash that is nuts. Thankfully they are ok but it was so close to being so much worse. I’ve been a motorbike rider f
  4. Some nuts photos on Twitter. This is my favourite nuts one. Not sure who took the photo but it will be well used by the morning! Edit! Photo by @KitCarruthers. I was too busy looking at what looked like Edinburgh under attack.
  5. Was out about 15 minutes ago and there was constant flashes. It looks like the strikes are bouncing off the higher based clouds and not the lower which makes sense. Prefer this storm to the one that leaves my garage in ankle deep water. Hope the damage is minimal @101_North
  6. Playlist for rain & storms. Apologies if you don't use Spotify! spotify:playlist:3K4qaAk4bxO78FNeEshqZa Marie likes the challenge of being thrown a subject and forming a playlist. The most random one was 'Animal Husbandry'. It was delivered.
  7. Same here. Got much darker in the last 5 minutes.
  8. The storm did produce a few flashes and bangs which was a nice way to end a day in the garden. Coming in for thunder & lightning is much better than just plain rain.⚡️🌧 My wife has been DJing via Spotify with storm & rain songs which has been entertaining. Might ask her to compile it on a playlist and send it to you for those on Spotify. First photo is the birds waiting for us to depart the garden so they can access the feeders. Last photo is of the storm clearing. It looks like the lights have been turned back on here.
  9. Possibly heading to the Clarkston/Croftfoot area.🙂⚡️
  10. Sunset was pretty spectacular tonight. Must have been taking photos at the same time as @Mr Frost
  11. Not the best lockdown weather we have had in the last two months! Quite enjoyed it on the walk to the local shop for supplies (mainly liquid based) as it has been quite a while since we actually had proper wind & rain. Half an hour ago a flock of Starlings descended in the garden. Never seen so many in the garden at onetime. The parents were digging for worms and feeding the young ones. Some were at the bird feeder and some drinking from the water dish. My wife said ‘Alfred Hitchcock’ which alerted me to the bird frenzy. Nice to see some blue sky after the grey.
  12. A military plane was doing laps over the house today. Local news reporting it was a training exercise.
  13. Usually commute about 100 miles a week and realised I had not been out in two weeks.? Decided to do something about it and cycled to the Cathkin Braes mountain bike course. Blew the cobwebs away but my next visit won’t be on a fully ridged bike! Avoided the red routes but going to take the full suspension bike next time. I was chased by a dog and the owner was really apologetic. I stopped to chat (at a safe distance) and said not to worry and thanked them for bringing a smile to my face and reminding of my daily commute as I get chased daily in Linn Park! The views over the cit
  14. I know what you mean for different reasons. It is depressing that a beautiful place is limited to those who play because they like golf and can pay the annual fees. If it wasn’t a golf course then it would have been taken up by housing which is worse. That is crap if groundsmen remove birds nests but it wouldn’t surprise me. In Williamwood I saw birds that I’d never seen near my house. Anyone care to let me know what this one is? I also inadvertently intervened in nature by saving a baby grey squirrel from being picked off as it scurried to dense trees and being chased by a crow. Ran towar
  15. Posted this before but @Mr Frost asked for snow below 200m in Scotland in May. Photo is from 1995 (Thanks @CatchMyDrift for reminding me of the actual year) and it is probably 25 years ago to the day. Snow and trees in full leaf does look odd! Might look at the archive charts to confirm the date. Decided to have a wander round the local golf courses while we still can. Amazing views from them all. First is from Linn Park Golf Course looking north. Photo from the same position a few days later is of my sister in Queens Park waving at me from over two miles away. Next is Williamwood G
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