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  1. Unfortunately the updated app still crashes on my iPad Air 2, now running 8.1.3.
  2. Turned on Location Services for the app in Settings - the app still crashes on my iPad running 8.1.2. Interestingly the app works on my iPhone 6 Plus running 8.1.3...
  3. I was quite excited to see this app. Sadly it seems the problem isn't restricted to iOS7 - the app crashes on my iPad 2 Air running 8.1.2.
  4. Atlantic Storms 2013

    Yep, Met Office is forecasting 60mph gusts for Rochdale on Thursday, not something we see every day, or even every year...
  5. Yep, yellow warnings from 12:00 on Friday until 06:00 on Saturday but before people get too excited they are for rain and not wind.
  6. Whats after death?

    We may not be able to feel or know 'nothing' but it exists…what can you remember from before you were born?
  7. Whats after death?

    Nothing. We have awareness, consciousness etc because of our brains and the brain dies when we do. So there's nothing after death, that's it, sorry..