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  1. Define ‘Wintry conditions’ because what I see on the charts doesn’t really look like wintry conditions to me, more autumnal! I may be incorrect in my memory but March is quite often a month that is Atlantic dominated from what I can remember.
  2. Looking uninspired amongst the models this morning, not much aside from cool muck on the horizon, the worst type of weather where it’s not cold enough for snow but unsettled with cold rain utterly depressing given the spell we’ve just had! Just to clarify: as spring begins I’m assuming this thread is no longer full of cold hunters, can we now hunt for beautiful spring days like we’ve seen for the last week or are we still posting day 46 CFS charts?
  3. Even on high ground in the north they are pretty crap ensembles, cold rain for 99% and dire weather, my least favourite weather! I’ll be honest I’m hoping this conveyor belt of heights keeps control of our weather at this point.
  4. I know it’s not current model discussion but just had this pop up in my memories from exactly a year ago, quite painful viewing
  5. Unrealistic cold crossing the Atlantic there, I find it strange we were sold the fact the GFSp was going to be considerably superior to the current GFS, it’s cold bias has been dreadful all winter, it’s been on par with the CFS imo absolutely useless.
  6. Scatter on the Reykjavik ensembles says it all, total bedlam. To be honest unless it’s similar depth of cold to last year I’m really not overly interested in a cold spell, down here(South coast) March can deliver snow but not long lasting snow that I desire.
  7. Blame the 100 million odd square KM of Atlantic Ocean to our west. However these huge pivoting high pressure cells seem to be becoming more common in recent years. I’m not someone who fully understands the phases the world goes through weather wise but we do seem to be in a phase where it’s more likely to have these monstrous heights, been dominating for months now after dominating for much of summer.
  8. I can only imagine how happy these charts make you SS, this must be your equivalent to the beast from the east
  9. What a stonking summer chart this would be, no doubt we’ll have our huge greenie high in the middle of July
  10. I wouldn’t, if it sinks we will be stuck under the zonal train, fair better to have this HP cell over us than that load of rubbish, the conveyor of HP doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon and it’s deflecting and disrupting the lows out west keeping us predominantly dry.
  11. They are almost as exceptional or unusual as the pattern and uppers that we had last March, so although not what most of us want it’s interesting to see such remarkable warmth at this time of the year. Obviously most of us are here for the cold hunt but in absence of that at the moment it will be interesting to see just how warm it will get, oh and the bonus of a nice low heating bill
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