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  1. Scatter on the Reykjavik ensembles says it all, total bedlam. To be honest unless it’s similar depth of cold to last year I’m really not overly interested in a cold spell, down here(South coast) March can deliver snow but not long lasting snow that I desire.
  2. Blame the 100 million odd square KM of Atlantic Ocean to our west. However these huge pivoting high pressure cells seem to be becoming more common in recent years. I’m not someone who fully understands the phases the world goes through weather wise but we do seem to be in a phase where it’s more likely to have these monstrous heights, been dominating for months now after dominating for much of summer.
  3. I can only imagine how happy these charts make you SS, this must be your equivalent to the beast from the east 😂
  4. What a stonking summer chart this would be, no doubt we’ll have our huge greenie high in the middle of July 😂
  5. I wouldn’t, if it sinks we will be stuck under the zonal train, fair better to have this HP cell over us than that load of rubbish, the conveyor of HP doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon and it’s deflecting and disrupting the lows out west keeping us predominantly dry.
  6. They are almost as exceptional or unusual as the pattern and uppers that we had last March, so although not what most of us want it’s interesting to see such remarkable warmth at this time of the year. Obviously most of us are here for the cold hunt but in absence of that at the moment it will be interesting to see just how warm it will get, oh and the bonus of a nice low heating bill 👍
  7. Indeed, looking more ECM like. I have a funny feeling there could be a surprise in the 10-15 day period, that Atlantic trough is really digging south but we’d need a big chunk of luck, which has been scarce this winter.
  8. Perhaps it’s just me but winter doesn’t interest me once we get into March, down south we’ve had a few falls in March but such is the strength of the sun the chances of any snow sticking around is pretty much nil, down on the south coast that’s certainly the case anyway even in the extraordinary spell a year or so ago, I think for us in the far south to have a ‘proper’ winter freeze is now unrealistic. I still think the ECM evolution between day 7-10 could bring a final winter surge it’s been consistent in its outlook with very nearly creating cross polar heights, but as some have said after this winters over amplification failures in this time range it’s simply not trustworthy but if you take the day 8 chart from the ECM, if it was early January that would be a potentially exciting chart.
  9. Happy with the ECM between day 7-10 I feel there’s a lot more to be positive about tonight, the day 10 chart from the ECM is one that could deliver soon after. All things considered I think it’s a plausible evolution and eventually this high will migrate north, it’s just a matter of if it will be in time for one last bite of winter. I’m still only at a 6/10 but the to be honest it was more like 2/10 yesterday, positive moves today IMO
  10. In some ways, it’s comforting to know that despite the most powerful of computer systems and projections, nature just cannot be predicted. I would suggest the fact there’s so many known drivers/forecast and predictions that it seems like it’s unusual for things to be predicted so wrong when in fact things have advanced so much we don’t really know how reliable all these models/teleconnections ect actually are. That made sense in my head, not so sure now 😂
  11. Apart from the far reaches of FI where a few dive off they are pretty rubbish. Understand sypnotically they may be an upgrade but with that few members even anywhere near the -5 line it’s a poor set, I think more than anything it shows how bad things have got that those seem like an upgrade.