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  1. Winter is over for us down here in terms of lying snow and deep cold, I speak as someone who lives on the south coast and even the other day it was -2 outside and the sun coming out STILL melted the snow. it depends what you define as ‘winter over’ for me I define the potential for long deep freezes being over as true winter, as snow that melts as soon as it’s daylight doesn’t do anything for me. Nearly 2 months after the equinox and the days are getting longer and the sun stronger. It probably depends on your location as well. ROLL ON SUNSHINE ☀️
  2. I’d be extremely happy with the U.K. high set up and some nice dry sunny weather, been quite clear down here last couple of days - very cold but nice to see the sun! Roll on spring!
  3. Pathetic event here in Brighton, sun even came out earlier 😂 Went out for my daily jog and didn’t even feel that cold, certainly didn’t feel the apparent -5 it’s meant to ‘feel like’ outside. snizzled for a few hours, zero settled.
  4. Pathetic isn’t it, light snow with medium sized flakes and it might as well be raining out there! Much as I love snow, non settling snow just infuriates me.
  5. Five hours progress (or lack of between 6.15 and 11. It does appear now that there is some more westward movement.
  6. Perhaps later, unfortunately we’ve been stuck right on the edge of the first band of snow for hours now. Not that it’s cold enough right now to lay anyway, got a friend in Eastbourne who says it’s been pelting with snow at times mixed with sleet when it gets lighter and nothing aside from slush on cars and roofs
  7. Indeed, so bloody annoying watching the radar, I guess someone somewhere had to be unlucky, I’m not bitter at all that it’s us....
  8. So strange to see how much reports are varying from all over the region, even localised differences and then those of us more towards the western extent of the region who are stuck with nothing.
  9. If anything the front is now shearing more and not moving west, so unlucky! Enjoy your snow those who get it! ❄️
  10. Doesn’t look like making it to us here in Brighton, shearing pretty much right over us. I guess someone had to be unlucky...
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