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  1. Of course the GFS 18z after day 8 shunts a seriously strong high pressure cell with a tiny little low pressure system diving south against all the odds. Outlook in general is very good, mostly warm with possibilities of showers in places, sounds fine to me.
  2. I’m guessing 216-240 is going to be the classic NW/SE divide
  3. Very messy, could end up with a trough stalled over us from this.
  4. Icon leading the way? I hope ? Pretty consistent from its 0z run as well.
  5. Scandinavian heights, they are almost always much stronger than modelled against Low pressure systems, I can see this low ending up squeezed to death by what is a very powerful high pressure cell.
  6. Happy with the dry spell being projected, but long way to cold if we end up with this horrendous pattern.
  7. From a cold perspective things do look to be in dire straights, the 18z from last night was clearly on all kinds of sauce. That being said I’m actually happy with the output this morning, give me a solid dry high with temperatures mostly warm enough for the heating bill to be kept down and I’ll more than happily take that as second prize, it’s been utterly horrific down here with the amount of rain we’ve had rarely seen anything like it so this will be a welcome break whilst we wait for our next chance.
  8. The pub run has well and truly been on the Christmas sherries tonight hasn’t it! Crikey I was almost not believing what I was seeing when i was watching the evolution between 120-144 Still it’s the cannon fodder 18z.... remember........ ?
  9. Pretty horrific GFS 6z, if it can’t even call day 5 right to this degree it shows why I said FI is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. 120 0z 114 6z
  10. Day 14 means are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, the low res just won’t be picking up the usual spoilers that stop heights building too our north. One thing that is remaining strong is that PV around eastern canada and IMO whilst that is there it’s going to be very difficult. Happy that heights appear to be building over us over the festive period, some nice dry days over Christmas will be very welcome!
  11. Poor ECM for the longer term, way too much energy in the Atlantic. Not too much credence but in a 240 chart but would have been nice to see the trend from this mornings run continue. Some nasty lows around on both the GFS and ECM
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