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  1. Last day of the snow here sadly. About 10cm in shaded areas Nearby webcam: http://buxton.viewnetcam.com/CgiStart?page=Single&Language=0
  2. Covering of snow just a few miles away Biddulph way
  3. Still a few flakes here in the Peak District. Nothing special though
  4. Snowing across the Staffordshire Moorlands and north up towards buxton area. Snow has been on the ground since Saturday. Not a bad winter here
  5. 6cm of snow here in Buxton. We have done well this winter. Loving the cold zonal pattern!
  6. Snowing in the Peak District ( South Buxton)
  7. 5c here in Buxton. To mild for snow to stick
  8. A generally very unsettled spell of weather over the next 10 days. Sadly still no sign of any snow for the majority of England for Wales away from higher ground. The 0Z ECM ensembles show the cooling trend.
  9. Not so sure about how wintry next week will be. The ensembles for this area (Buxton) suggest a mean of around -6c uppers over the coming week. The hills above 200m Peak District North should be ok for sticking snow but I will be surprised to see anything lower down. My usual rule of thumb is when the wind comes from the Atlantic, uppers need to be around -8c or lower to get widespread snow
  10. Both the GFSP 6z and the ECM control run are going for a proper cold spell from mid month. Worth keeping an eye on developments
  11. If you are south of the Peak District, cool/cold zonal does not mean much. I have yet to see London suffering from snow in a cool zonal flow.
  12. Snow now thawing in Buxton. This has been the best cold spell for over 12 months. Current temperature: 2.8c
  13. Buxton that is further south is far better for snow than the Lake District. People should visit the Peak District in winter if they want snow
  14. All roads blocked with blowing snow around Buxton! What a winter Www.buxtonweather.co.uk
  15. 8cm of snow near Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands
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