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  1. Snowy Allesley: Village on the outskirts of Coventry
  2. Allesley, West Midlands
  3. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Hi! Glad you like the pictures! We drove around roads near to Baslow, Little Longstone and Hathersage. It was all pretty, but we quickly realised that we could get stuck in the snow. We steered clear of some of the touristy towns.
  4. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    We drove to The Peak District to see snow: well worth it!
  5. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Snow tourists in Derbyshire! Got stuck and had to turn back.
  6. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Coventry snow shower
  7. Snow squall on the western edge of Coventry about an hour ago