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  1. Yep wetter than an otter's pocket out there, not far off 50mm of rain today. Classic autumn/ winter Lakeland weather.... persistent driving rain.
  2. I'd describe the summer as being pretty decent / good, only the lack of thunderstorms preventing it from being very good. It was remarkably dry throughout, plenty of warm sunny days and that long spell of hot weather in July. August only had a short damp, humid spell which usually lasts all month and is why I normally rank it as my worst month. Had to spend the past two evenings watering pots and veg plot, very unusual, normally August has plenty of rain. Only heard one rubble of thunder which is very disappointing but then we were spoilt last year.
  3. Such awful news, wildfires are truly scary things. I spent a good chunk of summer 2006 in BC, it was hot enough then, temps in the high 30s, the couple I was staying with lived out in the sticks and would get nervous when we had thunderstorms incase they sparked wildfires. Not a lot you can do to protect a timber house surrounded by bone dry forest.
  4. Was a lovely day yesterday, damp and cloudy today but looking great for the weekend. Finally some seasonal weather!
  5. A grim day indeed, the fire has been on for most of the day, terrible for the time of year. Keep thinking back to last year's perfect spring...
  6. Was a lovely late afternoon / evening yesterday, warm sunshine a rare beast this year. It's now 8.2*C and raining and windy. Will it ever warm up this year?!
  7. It's 4*C, heavy rain, snow on fells, yet another frost forecast for tonight. Will this winter ever end?
  8. Low of - 4.6C last night,very cold for the time of year
  9. Just had some heavy snow on a strong wind, stuck for a while but now gone. Temperature dropped to freezing, now at 3.3*C. Very wintery day.
  10. It'll be interesting to see the totals from Seathwaite /Honister etc. 62mm here, rain has been lashing the windows for the entire day.
  11. Absolutely hammering it down, has been for pretty much 24hrs. 45mm now and still coming down in sheets. Hopefully the dry season will arrive soon, April and May often dry and sunny.
  12. Not far off 50mm of rain today, a thoroughly wet day. Quickly made up for that short dry spell! Now blowing a hoolie.
  13. Dropped to -5.7*C, thought it would have gone lower as it was -5*C when I went to bed. This winter will be remembered as the winter of light dustings, bored of it now, kind of wishing for an early spring.
  14. Thin cover here. Nice to know these showers can make it over the Dales. -1*C
  15. Only had a sprinkle of snow this morning but grass still has snow on it from Wednesday. A still foggy day, just missed out on an ice day, max of 0.3*C
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