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  1. Woke at 2:30 to the sound of rain lashing the window and the wind howling, really wild night. We've lost a slate off the roof and a bush in the garden has fallen over, seems we've escaped the worst of it.
  2. Got down to -8.3*C in the early hours, now at -6*C. Just shows how low it can get with a decent snow cover, plus yesterday only maxed at 0.2*C. Reasonable cold snap for this location.
  3. Just an extra cm here to top up yesterday's snow. A bone chilling -4.9*C out there though. Proper winters day.
  4. Been snowing constantly for about six hours now but due to it being so wet only amounted to two inches. Was belting it down an hour ago though! 20190129_113900_1280x720.mp4
  5. Snow's eased off now, about an inch on the ground. Very wet though, stuck to everything! Temp 0.7*C, dew -1.4*C
  6. Snowing hard here, temp 0.8*C. Have recorded 4mm of rain since midnight so I think it is melting, only a couple of cms on the ground.
  7. Had a low of -4*C, rising now the sun's up over the fell. Didn't think i'd have to wait this long for the first proper wintery morning. It has been a boring winter so far, not even had any notable storms or heavy rain since autumn.
  8. Had this mornings cover reduced to 50% but a decent heavy shower this last 10 mins has started to fill the gaps back in. Temp dropping back towards freezing.
  9. Woke to a couple of cms here, dry with mostly blue sky now, temp hovering around freezing.
  10. Snow falling here. It's been a long old wait this winter, hopefully it'll more than make up for it over the next month or so!
  11. Mountain Snow

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    It was 2010 after the driest first 6 months on record. The ban was bound to be cancelled as we enter August, when was the last time we had a hot, dry August in the North?
  12. Classic Lakeland August weather now, low cloud, heavy showers, drizzle, warm and muggy. It has been a very good summer so far and with May being so nice I'm more than satisfied this year. Constant sunshine in May, prolonged heat in June and drought in July. Fingers crossed we can do the equivalent in winter in the coming years!
  13. Mountain Snow

    June 2012 worst ever summer month?

    Which idiot tarmaced over the plaque? ! Yes summer 2012 as a whole was awful, hope we never see the likes of it again.
  14. Mountain Snow

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Feels very warm outside 21.4C. This summer just keeps going
  15. Mountain Snow

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Is now a good time to start buying shares in snow shovels?