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  1. Some really wild squally showers pushing though just now after a wet windy day. Autumn is well and truly here now.
  2. Yep barely stopped all day, wind still howling. 94mm now for the past 48hrs. Not helping all the bridge repairs that are still going on around here after Desmond
  3. Autumn has arrived in Cumbria, gusty wind and horizontal rain lashing the windows. 21mm of rain since midnight on top of the 50mm from yesterday. Turning into a very wet month. Standard august!
  4. That was impressive! Constant thunder and lightning, all elevated though. Torential rain with hail and crazy downdrafts. Dropped 20mm in no time, approaching 50mm since midnight now.
  5. Can hear it approaching, constant rumbling. Should be a good one if it maintains
  6. Our first autumnal storm on Fri, looking very wet for these parts. Roll on September when summer usually returns!
  7. Keeping an eye on the storm south of Lancaster, hoping it maintains and doesn't drift too far east. Boom! Big rumble that rolled across the fells for a good 10 seconds
  8. Just had some short intense rainfall, now a couple of rumbles of thunder
  9. Had a few rumbles and very intense rainfall around 6 o'clock. Didn't last long though. First thunder of the year.
  10. Woke by thunder around 6 o'clock. Also some very intense rainfall but all passed though quickly
  11. Maxed out at 10*C, rain most of the day. Woodburner belting out like we're approaching winter solstice not summer. Got to love our perpetual autumn climate.
  12. Our preferences are exactly the same! May/June is my favourite time of the year, all that fresh green growth, birds singing and lambs skipping in the fields. It's also the time when most plants and trees flower and there's that knowledge of potentially many more months of warm weather. Last May was possibly the best May I can remember. August on the other hand is the worst month, sometimes get nice days but it's usually either warm, damp and muggy, the air filled with midges or it's cool and wet with the first taste of autumn.
  13. Come back summery weather! Barely been above 10*C today, strong winds and heavy rain this afternoon. Looks even colder tomorrow. Oh well we did need some rain.
  14. Heavy snow this morning with a couple cm cover. Typical after such a poor winter, it's come a month too late in my book, I'm after warm sunny conditions now.
  15. Sat in hill fog today, doesn't look like it's going to budge. Itching for warm sunny weather now.
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