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  1. North west regional discussion

    Eased off now just as it was turning to rain. Managed an inch of snow but has now turned very wet and slushy. Shaping up to be a reasonable winter now, each month has had some decent cold and frequent falling snow. On the ground it only tends to last a few days though, a week being the most and depth wise 3 inch being the best, accumulated over a few days. Lets see if we have a March to rival 2013, I want to see some big drifts!
  2. North west regional discussion

    Snowing heavily on a SE wind gusting 25/30 mph. Sticking readily to the frozen ground... how long will it last?!
  3. North west regional discussion

    Sleet here all morning, occasionally tries to snow and leaves a thin cover then back to sleet. Ground is sodden.
  4. North west regional discussion

    2in of fluffy snow here with the sun out!
  5. North west regional discussion

    Light snow with a patchy covering on the grass. Temp 1.1C
  6. North west regional discussion

    Just your bog standard rain here. Keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  7. 3cms now, still falling. Seems to be a big intense blob now passing through N Cumbria, will it hit here? ?
  8. Light snow falling though a pink sky, looks lovely! Only a cm on the ground. Temp -1.1C. Glad to see you guys on low ground getting snow
  9. Light snow this morning has now stopped, snowline seems to be around 300m. Still looks like a bitterly cold week coming up with the chance of some snow here and there, not quite the extremes that was being hyped up in the MOD thread the other day though!
  10. 2 cm of snow this morning, easing off now, has filled in any gaps from snowmelt yesterday. Will have to see how mild it gets tomorrow, if the snow survives till Tuesday then It'll be a full week of snow cover. Have to say it's not been a bad cold spell for here, consistently cold with frequent light/ moderate snow showers and only slight thaws during the day.
  11. Stayed pretty dry all day with a bit of a thaw but still 90% snow cover. Already dropped to -1C, cold night to follow. Chance of some snow tomorrow before the mild air really takes hold then back to normal for the new week.
  12. Typical, just a bit too far south for the beefy shower now hitting the Lakes. Still have a couple of inch cover though, seem to be just over the snowline around here, four days of snow cover now. Scottish Borders seem to be the ones who have hit jackpot this cold spell.
  13. Sounds like penrith did well, they usually miss out on good falls. Glad I decided not to attempt kirkstone pass this morning, imagine it's quite deep judging what shap had. Small snow shower just passed though, looks like a repeat of Tuesday today but with less wind, let's see if the snow killing Irish sea is at work again!
  14. Only had an inch overnight, topped up the two inches we had left from yesterday though. Seems like north cumbria has done better than here. Snow looks nice and clean again though!
  15. Moderate snow now, filling in the gaps from today's snow melt. Temp 1.9C