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  1. Zilch in Peterborough apart from one or two flakes in the wind this morning
  2. Foggy start in Peterborough but pleasantly warm now the sun's out
  3. Band of heavy hail just passed over Peterborough, stung the face and lowered temperature quite a lot
  4. Very windy now seems to have increased, but very warm, we missed most of the rain earlier in Peterborough petered out just to the west but what did fall left lots of dust I wonder where that originated from
  5. Rather warm in Peterborough this afternoon sunny and back to shorts and t-shirt. Cloud formation was interesting as well
  6. That spooky low lying fog tonight with frost on car roof first time this autumn seems a bit early in season for that brrr
  7. Rain has passed through we have blue sky and sun it's rather warm and pleasant now
  8. At last a change in wind direction to southerly, it's been stuck in the north east for what seems forever holding back the temperature expect this to ratchet up several degrees now down the eastern side
  9. Still dry in Peterborough but very very windy
  10. Only a temporary break down I feel just as the beast from the east managed to reach us I think the scorchio from the east /southeast will have no problems reaching us this year
  11. Goodbye continental heat Atlantic just about to reclaim Peterborough still warm but now rapidly clouding over from west
  12. Lots of lightening flashes visible to the south west of Peterborough from storm's which must be at least 80 miles away
  13. Amazing turn round in ground conditions since the mini beast passed, tracks that were impassable mud baths Sunday are now firm and hard, moisture is being sucked out at a tremendous rate.
  14. What a difference a week makes last Friday everything frozen and preparing for that evenings snowfall, today out in the t-shirt and birds singing in all directions
  15. Agree BBC graphics worst ever almost like watching in black and white on a side note Emma has brought up some nice temperatures to northern Spain/south west France 15-20c can she bring some of that this way please.