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  1. Rather a ferocious little storm just passed through Peterborough thunder lightning horizontal rain and very windy back to sunshine now
  2. Lot's of thunder and very dark sky's approaching to the south of Peterborough
  3. No figures to hand but that's got to be the wettest 24 hour period in this area for a long long time
  4. Brief scare in Peterborough clouded over with big rain spots but sun back out and temperature climbing again
  5. Like the look of the high level cloud totally un scientific but from past experience means dry hot weather in a few days time
  6. Nice and warm when the sun's out at least the breeze is warm now next week looking much nicer than last week's heat wave failure
  7. Winds gone SE now not a cloud in the sky temperature increasing slowly, the sun seems very strong think people who burn easy will be rather red today
  8. Nearly 10oclock and sun has now broken through the crud in Peterborough temperature starting to rise and with a more favourable wind direction I'm hoping for a warm afternoon
  9. Wow thick low clouds gone, sky's blue, north winds gone, (swinging to east) not particularly warm yet but feels tropical after last couple of days.
  10. Send some of the warmth to north of region please had to reach for sweat top heavy cloud misty and a brisk north wind all in all rather chilly
  11. Must say current weather conditions definitely giving me an headache today in my neck of the woods we have a brisk north wind yet rain has been quite easily heading up from the south but storms, sunshine and heat can't make it. hopefully Friday things will change for the better
  12. Feels colder this morning than its been all June, what a total mess weather forecasting is in at the moment
  13. Normal service seems to have returned this morning, over the last fortnight or so we've had summers going to be a write-off/washout followed by we're getting mega heat, eventually ending up with standard British summer weather as in winter what shows 10 days down the line is pure la la land
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