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  1. Pretty good storm just past over Peterborough plenty of lightning and rumbles but wasted in daylight
  2. Not had a rumble, flash or drop of rain so far this week, east of Peterborough but looks promising to the se
  3. Hearing rumbles to north of Peterborough could do with a downpour in the dust bowl
  4. It rained most of Saturday morning here made no difference, dry as bone again by teatime
  5. Depressing almost daily very heavy rain since last week of September, at least with the recent wind and stronger sun the moisture is being rapidly sucked out of the wet ground.
  6. Nice and bright now after a chilly start and how nice to be windless almost forgot what a calm day felt like.
  7. Wind really picking up in Peterborough now, if the car rocks anymore might get seasick lol, just watched two ducks try to fly over at times they were going backwards
  8. Wind becoming very fierce east of Peterborough, stronger gusts very loud you can hear them coming
  9. Early frost but now lovely under the ever strengthening sun, one of the best days so far this year
  10. Never mind the upcoming storms I'm just glad my area is back to normal rainfall over the last couple of weeks after day after day of virtually thundery downpours since October
  11. No snow no sleet not even had cold rain frosts can be counted on one hand, thou dampness and lack of sun at times as made it feel colder than it is
  12. Interesting to see brickyard chimneys smoke is only reaching a very low height before being deflected back down
  13. Feels absolutely great in this afternoons sunshine, feels much warmer than the actual temperature, smoke from whittlesea brick yard chimneys and the wind turbines saying dead calm, all the birds seem to be singing lovely roll on summer
  14. Rather a ferocious little storm just passed through Peterborough thunder lightning horizontal rain and very windy back to sunshine now
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