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  1. The two heaviest April snowfalls I can recall were in recent years. 6cm on 3rd April 2012 and last year was even more remarkable when around 5-6cm accumulated during the late afternoon and evening of the 26th. One of the deepest snowfalls on record for so late in the year. It may have been the latest date since 1967 that as much as 5cm lay. There was still a complete cover by the observation hour at 10am on the 27th though it had thawed to 1cm in the sun. Both occurred following prolonged periods of very warm and sunny weather with temperatures reaching over 18-20C. I truly despair when I read rubbish about the Arctic being too warm for northerlies to deliver in winter nowadays
  2. It's a long term decline here. Average dropped from 12 days in the mid-19th century to 6 in the mid-20th century then to 3 in the late-20th century. Now it's as good as nothing at all which is incredulous given the wet summers. Not just thunder that's declined but heavy/convective rain in general. The very wet summers of the 1950s had average sunshine generally and lots of thunder/heavy downpours. Complete contrast to the horror shows of the last 8 years where the similar rain totals are made up from persistent frontal winter type light rain and drizzle and sunshine levels horrendous compared to the 50s summers. Just a warmer version of the Faeroes climate.
  3. 2006 the snowiest by far followed by 2001. These two stick out a mile way ahead of anything else. After that 2004 had good snow and hard frost at the start but nothing falling apart from sleet. 2010 had good snow inland at the start of the month but nothing on the coast but did have the latest date I can recall for a 10cm snowfall on the last day of the month. 2008 had a potent northerly at easter but at that time most of the snow melted during the day. Still managed a colder min than anything since January 2013 though. 2013 had a good snowfall lasting from the 10th to 13th but the rest of the month was awful. The run of Marches from 2001 to 2008 were the snowiest since the 1960s in contrast to the 1990s which had very little. I struggle to recall any March snowfall in the 90s apart from 13th March 1996 and the beginning of March 1998. 1993 had a 20cm snowfall on 27th February but I don't recall much of it lasting into March. The 2010s have been dire as well. It is looking increasingly likely that this will be the 4th March in 5 years with no lying snow which is more evidence of how this decade is turning out even worse for snowfall than the 90s. Up to 2010 we only had four snowless Marches in 15 years (1997, 1999, 2003 and 2009). I had 35 days of lying snow in March between 2001 and 2008 but have only recorded 10 days since 2009, all but one of which was in 2013.
  4. Best example I can think of is February 1969. Exceptionally snowy northerly month following on from an awful December and January. Only other years I can think of since then were 1978, 1991 and 2009. The latter though did have a good northerly in November then December and January were both dire. As for February 1983 it was an atrocious month. Just the type of vile easterly month I detest more than anything. Very cold and dull with only 53 hours sun but produced no more than 2cm of lying snow and that was it for the winter so a really poor season. Not until 2006/07 did we have another winter that failed to exceed 2cm. February 2001 does not qualify as there had already been a decent amount of snow over Christmas and New Year.
  5. Best years were 1995, 2001 and 2009 followed by 1993 and 2000. These were years with a White Christmas and the snow remained on the ground into the New Year (except 1993). 2010 had the best Christmas Day with 18cm on the ground but after Boxing Day it was dire with four sunless days, no frost, rain and a thaw. 2006 was very good and frosty with ice floes on the River Dee but it turned much milder after the 27th. 2003, 2004, 2005 all managed short-lived snowfalls at some point over the period while 2007 had a very frosty Christmas Day. Worst years: 1997, 2002, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013. Absolutely atrocious the lot of them with barely even a frost. 1997 and 2002 in particular were horrifically wet and sunless.
  6. Atrocious season with no redeeming features whatsoever. Relentlessly dull and gloomy with an unbelievable lack of fine days. Just dire with almost unceasing wind from either S or SE making it the dullest Autumn locally since 1968 with less sunshine than the winters of 2006/07, 2007/08 and 2011/12. As has been the case throughout the year low diurnal ranges and an extreme lack of temperature variation were evident. No high temperatures worthy of comment and only one pathetic frost of -0.1C on the 10th November. Countless nights where minima were as mild as the long term average maxima. Mean Max: 12.97C (+0.97C) Mean Min: 8.03C (+2.03C) Rainfall: 280.2mm (126%) Rain days: 52 Wet days: 43 Sunshine: 224.2 hours (73%) Sunless days: 25 Rating: 0/10
  7. Execrable month that, as far as I’m concerned, is the worst November in recorded history. Wind almost constantly from the SE yet again delivering extremely low diurnal ranges and a lack of extremes. No high temperatures at all during the month with only November 2010 having a lower maximum since the start of the century. 11 minimum temperatures were above the long term average max of 8.3C. Exceptionally dull, wet and miserable with no day managing 6 hours sun for the first time since 1995. The dullest of any month since December 2002 and the dullest November since 1997, rounding off the dullest Autumn since 1968. The majority of the sunshine was recorded in the first third of the month with only 12.9 hours between the 11th and 30th. This vile period recorded a mean max of 9.7C and a mean min of 7.2C with nothing lower than 2.6C or higher than 11.5C. The number of wet days was the highest for any month in my records since 2005 with October 2006 the only other month to record more than 20 wet days. Mean Max: 9.7C (+1.4C) Mean Min: 6.2C (+2.9C) Highest Max: 12.7C (1st) Lowest Max: 6.9C (26th) Highest Min: 10.7C (14th) Lowest Min: -0.1C (10th) Air Frosts: 1 Rainfall: 119.8mm (147%) Wettest day: 17.4mm (16th) Rain days(>=0.2mm): 25 Wet days (>=1mm): 22 Sunshine: 41.6 hours (57%) Sunniest Day: 5.9 hours (2nd) Sunless days: 13 Rating: 0/10
  8. It’s been horrific month here. In contrast to November 2013, which managed 117.9 hours sunshine, I've recorded just 28.7 hours so far this month. Aviemore has had only 12.4 hours so far. The past week has been putrid with only 0.2 hours sun, near constant rain and light levels akin to just after sunset all day long under gloomy SE'ly winds. The type of conditions that make you want to shut down completely. The mean for the month to date is 8.1C which is 1.7C above average but since the 12th the mean min has been higher than the long term mean max for this time of year at 9.0C (5.6C above average) and the mean max has been 10.6C (2.3C above average). Similar types of Novembers in the past like 1946, 1951, 1984 and 1997 did not see anything like this ridiculous lack of temperature range with nights nowhere near as mild. If the predictions of E/SE winds to the end of the month come off it could end up as the dullest month locally since December 2002 and the dullest Autumn since 1977 so yet another exceptionally poor season. I wish there were published data on light levels as well as sunshine because this year has seemed gloomier than anything I can recall even years like 1993 and 1998 which had lower sunshine totals.
  9. Last year had a variety of weather conditions and reasonable temperature range. A lot of snow, though none of the falls were impressive, and a very good summer. It was generally pleasant with persistently good weather from mid-April to late-September. This, combined with a record sunny November, helped make it the sunniest year since 2003. This year, by contrast, has been utterly vile like nothing ever recorded before. Snowless and frost free beyond the bounds of credulity with almost relentless wind from the SE quarter and on target to have the lowest average pressure in more than 150 years. The dullest year since 1998 and the gloomiest and murkiest I have ever experienced. One of the wettest too with persistent mild nights and low diurnal ranges. Damp even when not wet with a constant nagging wind. A revolting snowless wet winter followed by a dull foggy spring followed by a wet summer and now this disgusting abomination of an autumn that is even worse than 2006/2011. Only one month of 2014 better than it's 2013 equivalent and that was March. 2013 scores vastly superior for warmth, sunshine, snow, frost and general variety. 2014 has just been devoid of anything that could be considered desirable.
  10. This is the most dismal and depressing autumn I can ever recall. It is not remotely summerlike and hasn't been since early August. Just day in day out of vile gloom, unremarkable maxima and disgustingly mild minima combining to give the drabest colours I have ever seen - yes even worse than 2006 and 2011. Can’t even remember the last properly sunny day. Not one day in October managed 7 hours of sunshine - the first time this has happened since 1933. Today was supposed to be sunny but yet again the sky has filled up almost completely with horrid grey cloud. Total of just 183.3 hours sun for September and October makes it the dullest combination since 1992. That was a cold autumn - nowhere near as murky and gloomy as 2014. Also despite October 1992 being one of the coldest on record it still managed a warmer maximum than this pathetically dull and boring October managed. Lots of frost as well - something practically extinguished from October these days. Just 3/10 have had a frost now whereas before it would be more like 3/10 that didn't. At least 2006 and 2011, my previous most detested autumns, managed warm and sunny weather in September. I can't think of any redeeming features for Autumn 2014. It's been unrelentingly nasty and unpleasant pretty much like the year as a whole save for March, the middle third of April and July.
  11. Yet another vile exceptionally dull and wet month dominated by South and South Easterly winds. 7th month out of 11 with below average sunshine and the first October since 1933 when no day managed 7 hours sun. Dullest September/October combination since 1992 and 2nd dullest since 1977. As usual nowadays there was a much reduced diurnal range and a lack of extremes with 24/31 days having a max between 10.5C and 14.5C. No temperatures of note with the maximum lower than what many notably cold Octobers like 1992 managed to achieve. Mean Max: 12.9C (+0.9) Mean Min: 7.7C (+1.7) Highest: 17.3C (18th) Lowest Max: 9.6C (21st) Highest Min: 12.2C (1st, 18th) Lowest Min: 1.8C (29th) Rainfall: 133.8mm (162%) Wettest Day: 37.2mm (7th) Rain Days: 16 Wet Days: 14 Sunshine: 72.6 hours (70%) Sunniest Day: 6.9 hours (29th) Sunless days: 6
  12. Just looking at the snowfall stats here for the last 10 years and the extreme lack of snow for 2014 is unreal even compared with the unusually snowless years of 2007 and 2011. Days of snow or sleet falling/days with snow lying: 2005: 41/19 2006: 26/14 2007: 22/8 2008: 32/14 2009: 31/27 2010: 63/62 2011: 24/4 2012: 27/10 2013: 48/28 2014: 4/0 Surely December has to deliver something or this will go down as the most snowless year ever recorded here, not even comparable with the most snowless years of the 1910s, 20s, 30s and 90s.
  13. In the past 10 years these stand out as the worst for extremely monotonous and repetitive conditions: October 2004 March 2005 October 2005 January 2006 February 2006 June 2007 September 2008 December 2008 April 2009 September 2010 February 2011 May 2011 July 2011 August 2011 October 2011 November 2011 June 2012 July 2012 March 2013 October 2013 December 2013 January 2014 February 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 September 2014 Note that nearly every month in the past year makes it in there with October 2014 also a likely contender at the moment. Mostly easterly or southerly (outside summer) dominated horror shows with an extreme lack of variety. Just grey skies, lots of drizzle/light rain or fog and the most detested combination of mild nights and average days with little extremes. Only exception was May 2011 which had slightly above average sunshine but with an unbelievably low range of temperature - the lowest monthly max since 1983 despite the mean max being 1C above average. Historically the most boring period of weather must surely be September to December 1968. More or less 4 months of constant anticyclonic gloom with horrifically poor levels of sunshine that ensured 1968 went down as the dullest post-war year. Just 185 hours sun for the 4 months combined - less than the sunniest Septembers have managed alone - and below average rainfall. Low diurnal ranges as well with constant mild nights.
  14. Absolutely horrific here. I've had 92.8mm this month already - 112% of the full monthly average despite the 1st, 2nd and 5th all being bone dry. It's my second wettest week on record after 21st-27th October 2009 with 109mm. Only the Isle of Man has also exceeded their full month rainfall average. The stark difference between there and here is that they enjoyed a very sunny September as opposed to the disgusting gloom and fog fest endured here. Temperatures have been the typical post-1998 rubbish of average days combined with very mild nights. Still waiting for a colder temperature than was reached in August. Exactly 20 years ago we were enjoying ideal autumn conditions. Abundant sunshine with maxima of 16-19C and minima barely above freezing. As far removed from the present, and much of the past 15 autumns as it's possible to get. We rarely get any decent autumn conditions these days just endless southerly gloom. I loathed the autumns of 2001, 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011 plus last October. This one is worse than any of those. There is just no colour in the trees and following this weeks foul conditions many are becoming bare with piles of soggy green leaves clogging up the pavements 2014 will go down as my most detested year no matter what happens now. That is a certainty
  15. September was the driest month of the year here despite only having 85% of average sunshine while two of the four months to reach average sunshine (February and August) had over twice the average rainfall. What a grim year it's been. Total to end September: 603.8mm (123% of average). Last year had only 395.8mm up to the end of September. September total was 26.6mm will almost certainly be the lowest monthly total. It's already been beaten in October and unlikely that November or December will be drier. Since my records began in 2005 only 2009, my current wettest year, hasn't managed a drier month. April was the driest month that year with 28.8mm.
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