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  1. The conditions have been exactly as I described. Here are the sun totals since the 9th which are taken from own sunshine recorder mounted on my roof: 9th: 0.5hrs 10th: 0.8hrs 11th:0.5hrs 12th: 0.1hrs 13th: 4.5hrs 14th: 11.1hrs 15th: 0.2hrs 16th: 0.0hrs 17th: 0.7hrs 18th: 0.7hrs 19th: 0.1hrs 20th: 3.5hrs Total = 22.7hrs = 46% of average for that period. As I said yesterday, the first week was sunny with 37.0hrs plus 4.3hrs on the 8th makes a grand total of 64.0hrs for the first 20 days = 81% of average. Total for 2013 was 74.0hrs so without the first week the month would undoubtedly be worse than that which was the dullest so far this century.
  2. The high pressure has brought a horrific period of weather even worse than the majority of winter. It has been dire since the 9th with day in day out of grey skies, drizzle and generally damp and unpleasant conditions. Had it not been for the sunny first week then this month would be on course to be even duller than March 2013. It has been an awful month. Just 22.7 hours sun in the past 12 days and 11 hours of that was on just one day Today was meant to be sunnier but was after dawning bright just saw more overcast filth move in by 11am that stuck around the rest of the day. Absolutely sick fed up of it. March is neither a spring nor winter month this year but an autumn month like pretty much the rest of the year is now
  3. The two heaviest April snowfalls I can recall were in recent years. 6cm on 3rd April 2012 and last year was even more remarkable when around 5-6cm accumulated during the late afternoon and evening of the 26th. One of the deepest snowfalls on record for so late in the year. It may have been the latest date since 1967 that as much as 5cm lay. There was still a complete cover by the observation hour at 10am on the 27th though it had thawed to 1cm in the sun. Both occurred following prolonged periods of very warm and sunny weather with temperatures reaching over 18-20C. I truly despair when I read rubbish about the Arctic being too warm for northerlies to deliver in winter nowadays
  4. First half was utterly revolting. Unbelievably horrible, disgusting and depressing. Only two air frosts up to 12th Jan and ridiculous amounts of rain and flooding over Christmas and New Year. Almost the whole seasonal average rainfall fell between 26th Dec and 12th Jan with the first week of January being the most repellent week of weather I have ever endured at any time of year. Rest of winter was better for being drier and sunnier but still rubbish for proper winter weather. A few snow events, all pathetic, and some moderate frosts. February was 0.5C below average but the max snow depth was only 2cm and the lowest reading -2.4C which is just dire. The northerlies in late-February were incredulous for the lack of precipitation. A few flurries and 7 hours of sun is just a joke from a set-up that should produce frequent heavy snow showers. Certainly not as bad as 2013/14 but we have not had any meaningful snow for 3 years. Very few days have had a lasting 100% cover since 14th March 2013 and max depth only 6cm, which is even worse than between 1988 and 1990 which managed 7cm. We have not had any hard frost (below -5C) since mid-January 2013. This is preposterous given that the very mild March of 2009 managed -5.3C and March 2010, which was certainly not cold, managed -6.1C.
  5. This is far far worse which is unreal given how horrific 13/14 was. December 2013 was drier than average here. This month has been wetter than average. I managed to record 17 air frosts in winter 13/14 plus seven in the preceding November. I have had a grand total of one this month and one last month. Numerous days with temperatures in the 10-13C range. Totally dire and tedious - temperatures you can get at any time of the year. Have lost count of the sleepless nights due to the wind rattling away incessantly and today is the second day in less than a week in which it hasn't stopped raining all day. Utterly revolting and can't see January being any better. Just an unmitigated horror show
  6. Haven't seen any sun here all month and can't remember the last time there was light winds. I was in Glasgow on Sunday and there was a bit of sun but it was raining on the way back when I stopped at Castle Cary. Lots of flooded fields and surface water down there which is why a dry spell is needed urgently.
  7. It's not average stuff it's the worst December weather since 2002. Not even 2013 was this bad. It was over 60mph last week which is about as strong ever gets and the rattling certainly kept me awake for several hours. My other hobbies are photography and walking which are both weather dependent. Absolutely nothing worth photographing at this time of year except frost, snow and sunrise/sunsets none of which look like happening. Was hoping to take a trip to Edinburgh at the weekend to see the Christmas lights but what a surprise the rainband is being modelled to be further and further north so probably a washout on the cards. Really getting hacked off with this incessant unsettled weather.
  8. Absolutely vile day. 4th sunless day of the month and the most repulsive of them all. Drizzly filth with barely any daylight. 9.7C now and rising. Yet again the disgusting wind that never lets up is rattling away preparing to give me a third sleepless night in less than a week. Never felt so hacked off and disinterested in the weather. This is just total garbage. The worst first week of winter since 2002 and no end in sight. Just day after day of soul-destroying dross
  9. Absolutely awful autumn. Horrible cold, grey rubbish for most of September then an anticyclonic spell in which it was gloriously sunny during the week but grey and miserable at the weekend, followed by mild muck for most of the second half of the season. Just one sunny Saturday the whole season which as dire as I can ever remember. Two disastrous cold spells in November that saw the temperature fail to go below freezing even with clear skies and snow on the ground. Still green leaves on some trees which bears testimony as to how dreadful it has been
  10. This has gone beyond incredulous now. Woke up today to clear skies with a thin covering of snow to find the temperature still failed to go below zero Diabolical at a time of year when frost used to be routine enough not to even warrant a comment. 30 years ago it went down to -15C at Dyce at the end of November 1985. Speaks volumes about how lame, pathetic and 10th rate our climate has become when cold spells at this time of year no longer even result in sub-zero minima. Tonight it's just the same garbage yet again. Clear skies but the same vile disgusting nagging wind that never let up the whole of the past two winters delivering the same static temperatures as anticyclonic gloom I'd offer odds-on that this coming winter will see a record low number of frosts. Certainly the first week is looking absolutely awful with no end in sight to this ridiculous nonsense.
  11. Appalling excuse for a cold snap. Barely managed to get below freezing at all which is just shocking. -0.8C low compare with -1.9C achieved in May. Looks like this horrific month will have the, now customary, one air frost rather than seven that you used to expect from November The fact that this month had an Arctic blast unlike 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2014 yet still managed the same solitary, barely below freezing, frost makes it all the worse. Just disgusting the lack of cold nights. Had it not been for this pitiful arctic whimper the lowest would be only 1.6C this month and over a fortnight passed without it even dropping below 3C Never felt more despondent going into winter with the ridiculous lack of cold nights, and the inability for the temperature to drop at night regardless of the set-up, making me think the coming winter will be so bad that we may even get a completely frost free month.
  12. Should finally drop below zero at the weekend which will be the second latest date in my 11 year records. Only 2011 was later when it didn't happen until 2 December. Even then it had been down to 0.8C twice by now. The current low of 1.6C is just incredulous. Absolutely awful and only 0.3C cooler than June managed
  13. 47.4 hours here which is actually above average and 5 hours more than the ghastly first 16 days of September 2015 managed. However over half of that was recorded in the first three days and a further 7.2 hours today leaving only 16.3 hours in the 12 days from the 4th to 15th with a very gloomy five days spell between the 4th and 8th. Certainly nowhere near as bad as last year's horror show which was the dullest month for over a decade. Just 41.6 hours total last November with only 8.3 hours in 19 days between the 11th and 29th. Worst aspect of this month has been the ridiculous lack of low minima/frost. Very tedious.
  14. Another dire autumn with nothing going for it. Horrendous just like 2011 and 2014. Nothing lower than 1.6C all season, lots of gloomy dull days, with no sunny days for over a week, and maxes of 9-14C which are not noteworthy at all for the time of year. Only 3 dry days this month so far and rain likely most days for the forseeable emulating last years horror show November which clocked up 25 rain days. It is as mind-numbingly tedious and unpleasant as it's possible to get. Even in my 11 years of records, covering the most disgusting frost-free autumns in history, the temperature has always got lower than 1.6C by now - even in 2011 and 2014 despite having even less in the way of clear skies, 1.2C in 2005 being the previous highest low by this stage. This just says it all. Lowest Autumn temp by 12th Nov with number of air frosts and sub-2C minima in brackets: 2005: 1.2 (0/1) 2006: 0.0 (0/2) 2007: 1.1 (0/2) 2008: -1.1 (3/9) 2009: -1.4 (1/7) 2010: -1.5 (2/9) 2011: 0.8 (0/2) 2012: -2.5 (6/17) 2013: -1.4 (4/8) 2014: -0.1 (1/4) 2015: 1.6 (0/1) Worst of the lot for seasonable weather and only one year in 11 (2012) where there has been more colder weather than the long term average. Autumns like 2008 and 2010 (excluding last week of Nov) are what we should be seeing most years not this trash
  15. Don't like much at all about this time of year but November 2008 would be as good as it gets. Westerly dominated weather with plenty sunshine, variable temperatures, a good northerly bringing a decent early snowfall and some high pressure delivering frost. November 2012 and 2013 were also decent with plenty of crisp bright weather. The absolute worst is what we are enduring now as well as last November and 2011. Awful, good for nothing, depressing filth with S/SE winds bringing day after day of gloom, drizzle, static temperatures, ridiculously mild minima and a lack of anything that any normal person would consider desirable.
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