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  1. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Well temps outside here in a tropical East of Swansea are showing 0 to 1 degree ATM well according to car anyway. As far as tomorrow we all know after last few years it's going to rain here in Swansea But we still dream and hope that's what I keep telling myself anyway to close to the sea. Ah well that's my thoughts.
  2. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Little dusting of snow on top of car had to go and look at it to remember what it looks like. Oh yea in Llansamlet Swansea.
  3. Wales - Weather Chat

    Snow grouple hail mix here in Swansea at height stopped now. Nice to see.
  4. Wales - Weather Chat

    Wintery mix here trying to turn to snow as there are a few white flakes mixed in.
  5. Wales - Weather Chat

    Thunderhail here to cat came flying in lol just sat here in shock.
  6. Wales - Weather Chat

    Hail here now in east swansea temps dipping to
  7. Wales - Weather Chat

    Yep snow in llansamlet area of Swansea wet snow but its a start.
  8. Wales (Cymru) Winter Regional Discussion 07/01/14

    Well tonight will be our 4 th night in a hotel due to this damn tree here till Monday when they are going to review what to do. Looks like they are going to have to use cranes to get to it over the tops of the houses glade we sent paying it.
  9. Wales (Cymru) Winter Regional Discussion 07/01/14

    We have had to leave our home as have our neighbour under the advice of the firebrigade.Our neighbours have got a large tree in the back garden and by the looks of it will be over soon. May have to spend the night out not sure yet when the council can chop it down.
  10. Snowing here in Ravenhill Swansea. Started as grouple /hail then got quiet blustery heavy with big flakes. Stopped now great to see it again. All like big kids in the house when seeing it. Even our new kitten was in and out trying to chase the flakes lol.