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  1. After 2/3 hours of rain it is now snowing, the projective radar was showing the change over would be about 1.45pm unbelievable.
  2. Watching snow fall I love the most, yes snow on the ground is lovely but really all this...it's north it's south drives you potty!! If it snows great if it doesn't well I'm sure there be another time. Just chill being the operative word!!!
  3. At least the gardens happy, forecast now looks better for Saturday not so good Sunday and drying out Monday. Enjoy the BH everyone.
  4. The Fax charts show a trough over the West Midlands which I hope is wrong and agree thunderstorms can pop up locally.
  5. Its disappointing and that's putting it lightly, heavy rain here in Hinstock. Only 2 days ago the met office tweeted a lovely warm sunny weekend and have now issused warnings for heavy rain from 0600 Saturday until 23.59 Sunday night. I understand they cannot control the weather, but don't get peoples hopes up of a sunny and increasingly warm bank holiday.
  6. Non-event so far in Hinstock Shropshire, the last easterly was the same. Still just over12 hours to go in the amber zone, never mind.
  7. Very little snow in Hinstock just south of Market Drayton, looking forward to spring now. Enjoy any snow you have over the weekend.
  8. Snowing in Shropshire. Starting off sleety but now good size flakes.
  9. Heavy snow in Hinstock north east Shropshire, lovely big flakes.
  10. Snow slightly heavier from my pervious post and wind up so snow dancing around......love it.
  11. Snowing in Hinstock, light flakes but coming down quite fast and road covered.
  12. I'm sure many will see a snow day tomorrow, the met office tend to be on the money in these situations so everyone needs to chill out and watch the white stuff falling from the sky.
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