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  1. Unbelievable, massive flakes and white over....love it!!
  2. Snow slightly heavier from my pervious post and wind up so snow dancing around......love it.
  3. Snowing in Hinstock, light flakes but coming down quite fast and road covered.
  4. I'm sure many will see a snow day tomorrow, the met office tend to be on the money in these situations so everyone needs to chill out and watch the white stuff falling from the sky.
  5. Heavy rain now turning to wet snow, nice surprise:-)
  6. I am lamp post watching......how sad I'm I :-)
  7. Tiny flakes falling so excited!!
  8. We could possibly see a few flakes of snow in the next few days and so what if there's talk of mild next week. Still feel we will enjoy a good snow fall in the next 6 weeks :-)
  9. Looking forward to this cold spell and hopefully a little bit of the white stuff falling from the sky will suit me just fine :-)
  10. Light snow falling and so quiet outside, wasn't expecting that.
  11. I'd say a "snow moon" but if it gets cold enough for wolfs them I won't mind. Snow stopped now, fingers crossed for a little more later and a possibility of snow tomorrow.
  12. Snowing again with the full moon shining through a gap in the clouds, incredible sight. :-)
  13. 10 minute heavy snow shower and light covering.
  14. Sorry if you feel I have offended that was not my intention, I do get frustrated when for all the millions spent on super computers and the human input when it comes to the possibility of cold weather they rarely get it right. My question would be why bother?