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  1. Next Thunderstorm for the City of London incoming.....getting darker by the minute and can hear the thunder booming in the distance. Batten down the hatches everyone, could be an interesting afternoon. EDIT: Torrential Rain now and roads starting to flood
  2. Well. Cutting the long story short....... Was out walking in a storm & lightning hit the ground in front of me, making a hole the size of a Table tennis ball!!If I am feeling brave enough, I can watch from the back door but most of the time I hide away in the corner & turn all electrical things off. Am trying to get over this fear by watching storms as much as I can. Sorry if off topic everyone.
  3. Am in Corringham. Has been going for the past half an hour & rain is really bad - thunderbolt just now. How I hate thunderstorms - bad experience with one when I was younger.
  4. Torrential rain & lights keep flashing on & off - time to get candles out! Getting really really humid now.
  5. Rumbles of thunder and big flashes of lightning over Basildon/ Corringham. It doesn't look like it is moving at all. Might be a big one. No rain as yet.
  6. Woken up at 03.30 to a huge thunderstorm, and the next one is incoming. And I don't like them. Wow bright flash & shotgun thunder. Sky to the front of the house dark and horrible, but at the back the sky is a vivid red colour. Strange. And now someone's house/car alarm has been set off! Fun day ahead!
  7. Wow, that clap was directly overhead & made the whole house shudder. Sounded like canon fire! And now my head is really banging - always get bad headache when it's stormy!
  8. Getting Darker in the City of London again, and rain starting too. We now have blue sky and even a bit of sunshine......how quickly it changes.
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