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  1. Any month that is hot and dry is the dullest for me. I much prefer wet and windy over wet and dry.
  2. They are only cannon fodder when showing above average ??
  3. This is very good news indeed as it means winter will be the complete opposite ?
  4. Looks like a new UK record after all. Met Office just received a provisional recording of 38.7c. 

    1. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      With all this crazy global warming going on, it was only a matter of time.:oldsad:

  5. Looks like the UK Record has gone after all. Met office just tweeted that they have received a provisional recording of 38.7c @ Cambridge Botanical gardens. Still needs to be verified but looking good.
  6. Cambridge 38.1c at 1600 hrs met office just tweeted. Sadly I do not think the all time record will be broken.
  7. I have always been under the impression that decimal points are rounded up.
  8. Ive got a feeling the all time record isn't going to be broken. To much cloud around in the all important places ?
  9. Paris has just set a new record of 40.6c. My nearest met office site @ RAF Benson has also just broken its all time record of 35.6c set in Aug 1990. It is currently 36c there.
  10. Trouble is there looks like another area of cloud not far behind this one. Still the cloud seems to be staying West of London for now. So still good for E.Anglia
  11. Hmmm quite a lot of cloud at Heathrow now. I have a feeling that if the record is going to go it’s going to be somewhere in the Cambridge area.
  12. 33.7c at Heathrow 12 Noon. I believe Bedford is 34.3c Cambridge is now hottest at 35c.
  13. My Davis Vantage Pro 2 was showing 34c at 11.15. I had to ask the wife to go and check for me as she is at home. She thinks I am nuts ?
  14. Even if cloud scuppers Heathrow's chance, Cambridge is currently neck and neck, so hopefully any cloud would hold off longer there.
  15. I spy a couple of 40c on the latest ARPEGE run. The naughty 40's ? And omg a 41c ?
  16. I could understand half a degree c, even maybe 1c above the highest official recording, but nearly 2 half degrees c is a bit suspicious imo.
  17. I don't want to burst your bubble but the accuracy of that Faversham weather station is questionable. It shows a recorded high yesterday of 36.1c. If it's not an official meto site it's not worth the paper it is written on I am afraid.
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