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  1. Good 5cm overnight in Haddenham, Bucks. Was a bit worried at 9pm last night when I saw the precip dying before it got to me, but then saw it moving quite rapidly North just after 10pm and thought this is it game on
  2. He is gonna think wtf when all a sudden a load of nutters start messaging him about UK snow chances Think he trades in wind
  3. Had 2 cms of snow last week, took me 2.5 hours to get home, which is normally a 1 hour journey at most. So trust me it needs a warning
  4. Love this easy guide to the MJO that Marco Petagna put up on Twitter a few weeks ago. Got it saved on my phone so can refer to it easily.
  5. Yes, you are correct. Was just going to post this myself. Here is the rest of them.
  6. Did someone mention Dyer Getting a bit fractious in here. Think we need Danny to sort some of you lot out
  7. None of these awful runs have actually verified yet though. There is too much negativity and stress in here for my liking at times likes this. I find that if you spend too much time in a negative environment others follow on the downward spiral into negativity. Best to look at the model runs then say to one's self, sod that ain't going into the mod thread this evening
  8. Like the fact that they say perhaps snow further South too. I wonder if that is after yesterday's snow in Northern home counties
  9. Good inch of snow at home (Haddenham, Bucks) made the 2 half hours stuck on m40 worth it (kind of )
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