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  1. I keep waking up every morning expecting the models to have downgraded, and an uncle Barty to be showing, but nope they just keep getting better and better. This really is the stuff weather dreams are made of. GFS, UKMO, ECM you are legends (at least whilst you are showing what I want )
  2. The crazy thing is that these charts are actually within the semi-reliable time frame. And BREATHE........
  3. Surely if all these crazy charts verify it will make 2010 look like a damp squib?
  4. Only ever rated the Arprege when it is showing 2ft of snow
  5. Pure Bonkers Surely I am going to be woken up in a minute to be told I got hit by a bus a few weeks ago and have been dreaming lol.
  6. Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I must admit I love reading the mod thread when it kicks off in there. It brings so many laughs.
  7. To be fair an Easterly has pretty much most of the time been only beneficial for the South/SE, just like a Northerly is only really beneficial for the North! In the UK it is difficult to get the whole country in on the act most of the time.
  8. Just had my firewood supplier deliver me 350 odd logs. Should be enough to get me through the Beast. 

    1. lassie23


      is it coming for sure

  9. I really really really really don't get the cold has been delayed malarky. It has always been progged to come Sunday/Monday! Perhaps some people are starting to crack under the pressure, which is fine, each to their own. The MET have even been showing videos on Twitter for a while now showing the cold moving in at the end of the weekend/early next week.
  10. That will be June then , once it finally warms up.
  11. Crikey you are hard to please. better than a Northerly Toppler
  12. Here come the snow showers Mostly light to start off with.