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  1. Liking the improvements to Wetterzentrale website :-)

    1. Mapantz


      Yep! A much improved chart viewer. 

    2. karyo


      Better than net weather?

  2. Interesting as the CFS majority of the time has been going for a below average October, T2M wise.
  3. autumn

    Yesterday's CFS run was another stonker. Basically below average temps right through October to Feb and plenty of blocking. If only it were to play out like this, ho hum......
  4. autumn

    The Met office don't round up or round down offical figures. 33.5c will be just that.
  5. autumn

    Looks like being quite cloudy across the SE tomorrow afternoon, especially when reaching the peak heat of the day. This is according to latest GFS run. Any potential record could well fail due to cloud cover.
  6. New winter jacket ordered from Berghaus. Roll on the colder weather :-)

    1. karyo


      I haven't worn one since March 2013! I hope we need one this year.

    2. weirpig


      Yep snow tyres prepared 

  7. autumn

    Nice :-)
  8. autumn

    What website did you get the table from?
  9. It was a lawn mower that triggered Aurora red alert the other day lol.

  10. autumn

    That would be my perfect Autumn :-)
  11. Some of us like pigs lol :-). Personally looking forward to some autumnal rain and gales.