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  1. Oh sh**t yep u are right. Saw them come up blue on Meteociel and thought it was today's DOH.
  2. It's a poor UKMO 120 & 144 chart, with the HP not very far North and very much centered over UK :-(
  3. I live at the foot of the Chilterns, Hoping any snow comes after I get home from work this evening as I have to drive up m40 from Heathrow, and I want to enjoy any snow, rather than be sitting in traffic for hours on end.
  4. Still looking very good. And this run has colder 850's from mid range.
  5. ECM ENS 500HPA 28 day height anomaly updated yesterday.
  6. Probability maps updated today from METEO. Covers Jan/Feb/Mar
  7. Some rain for the South tomorrow. First bit of decent rain since December begun.
  8. Considering we are already 8 days into Dec, and the update is still highlighting a -NAO in erm...Dec Lol, I think it needs a Mount Everest size pinch of salt.
  9. Popcorn and tin hat for the model thread currently :-)

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    2. D.V.R


      you've had someĀ frost already

    3. Seasonality
    4. Mapantz


      Better off watching how they makes plumbuses ..

  10. And relax................ and SMILE. A Santa surprise perhaps.
  11. WSI now going for a colder winter in Europe. They have for the UK. Dec: Slightly warmer than Normal Jan: Slightly colder than normal Feb: Colder than normal
  12. ECM Week 4 cluster analysis.