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  1. Yep I noticed that too Festival. Not too much hope for Yelverton me thinks, but hopefully it won't be too far to travel to find a few flakes. Although there is nothing I love more than watching falling snow through the lounge windows. That was the main reason I moved to Dartmoor over 20 years ago. My husband is desperate to move by the sea, I might have to cave soon if we get some goog results soon.
  2. Thunder, lightning and rain here on and off for the past hour. Electric circuit breaker been tripping since about 4pm. Had to go out to eat because the oven wasn't working!!!!
  3. Morning all. Really sharp hail showers here. White gathering on windscreens and rooftops.
  4. Yes Rich cars are coming down off the high moor with snow on. It does look pretty wet, but snow is snow when we're desperate!!
  5. Does anybody know what's happend to Knocker? I haven't seen him post in a while.
  6. This came up on FB page today. It was 2 years ago today. Thought I'd share it with you. No such luck this year!!! Rubbish photo but you get the idea
  7. Stunning morning here this morning. I haven't got a weather station (Santa didn't come this year ) but the car is still at -3C. The thickest frost I think we've had so far this winter. Glorious sunshine now. if we can't have snow, I'll take this any day over rain and drizzle.
  8. I had to chuckle this morning. A non snow loving friend of mine sent me this on Facebook, as reports of snow were being posted.
  9. Hi folks this was spotted over Dartmoor late yesterday afternoon. I did see it in the distance but someone else took a photo and was asking what it was. It's not from a fire apparently or do think they were mistaken?!!! Any ideas?
  10. Cox's Tor on Dartmoor at 10.00am this morning. Rubbish photo but you get the idea!!!
  11. Having read all of the above, I can see nothing that suggests or implies that people have forgotten about our fellow country men that have been affected by the terrible floods this winter, I know I haven't, and in Knocker's defence, he regularly shows compassion on the regional thread for anyone who's lives have been disrupted by weather events. We are members of this site because we are passionate about weather and it's unpredictable nature but I would like to think that when it comes to people's lives being endangered or severely affected by these events, that we are able to express compassion, no matter where in the world these events occur and without the judgement and blame that sometimes seems to follow. Surely it is not a competition to see who's lives are most affected or who has the least disruption from the biggest storm. Yes we have no control of the weather and yes some people could perhaps make different choices when it comes to how they deal with these weather events, but without knowing the detail surrounding each life lost, I for one, would not feel comfortable implying that any of these poor souls have themselves to blame and I sure as hell wouldn't have the guts to intimate such thoughts to their loved ones, would you?
  12. This is on Plymouth Breakwater in Plymouth Sound, taken on Sunday morning. You can just about see my husband's blue kayak.
  13. So glad to hear some of you Cornish guys have at last seen a few flakes, you sure deserve it. You often don't have the same frustrated tone as the rest of us during the winter months, perhaps your expectations are lower!!! Anyway hope you get some settling snow before the winter is out. Happy Birthday to Nights King. Hope you have a great day and if you can't get snow today, I wish you a thick frost for this evening. Stunning day here after a light frost. Some Cars coming off the moor with 1-2cm of snow on them this morning. Guess someone got lucky.
  14. A fine layer of icing sugar here. Nothing showing on the Webcam at Postbridge but looking good in the background on the top of the moor. Have fun Festivalking.
  15. Hi Rosieposie and welcome to the forum. I have tried searching a webcam for you but the only one I've found is down, maybe not active anymore. I'm afraid I can't help you with Exmoor but good luck with your search for snow this weekend.
  16. Yes BB, an unexpected snow shower between Tavistock and Yelverton, which is on the south side of Dartmoor. Quite surprising as Tavistock is well known for it's rain!!!
  17. Whether or not you agree with Mr M's analysis, his posts earn him respect and admiration. I wonder if the same can be said of you Windseeker?!!!!
  18. Well I've no idea of the what the gusts are measuring down here but have just been outside to remove our 14" trampoline off the top of the car. We considered moving it before but it has full netting and takes 3 men to lift and the bolts are rusted together, so we decided to risk it!!! It travelled over 20m but lifted over the top of our 6" fence without damaging it and ended up in the drive. Could have been a lot worse. Hope you're all fairing ok out there. Winds seem to easing at the mo.
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