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  1. Yes it's obviously the extra height. I went down to a milder Cornwall today but there was still some snow piled up on a few of the roadsides, not something I've seen in mid Cornwall for a while. As much as I'd like us all to get some of the white stuff, I'm always extra pleased for our Cornish neighbours.
  2. The roads to the moor will be closed again for the third day today. These are the cars that have driven past the road closure signs ???
  3. They've certainly had a good coating up there. All roads are closed going up to the moor. Cars abandoned as usual causing problems.
  4. It has only just started snowing properly here on South Dartmoor after rain all day so don't give up hope
  5. Send it this way please. Rain/sleet here and I'm definitely worrying. Ooops we have a few flakes now??
  6. Still just rain here on South Dartmoor. It's taking it's time, doesn't the weather realise we're all holding our breath? ??
  7. Thanks kumquat, really wish I had my proper camera with me, but maybe there'll be a second chance in the next few days. ??
  8. Here in South Dartmoor we have sleet showers on and off with some larger flakes mixed in, but not a white out yet ??
  9. Didn't manage much sleep last night, strong gusts and relentless rain. A couple of times I really did wonder if the window was coming in.. If this carries on as forecast, the rain totals will be huge, it does sound pretty wild out there. Drive safely today folks and watch out for any fallen trees and branches. Let's hope we don't get any power cuts.
  10. Wind has picked up well here in the last half an hour. Heavy thundery rain has just started. Hoping for a good light show, I slept through the last one ??? First flash and rumble here as I type. ??
  11. Do what we did when the children were small. We kept a miniature snowman in the freezer for nearly four years. Well you never know when you're going to see another one do you ?
  12. So am I the only one feeling down now the snow has almost gone? A lot of us seem to be looking forward to spring now. I love to see the sun but it doesn't love me. Due to illness I am really UV sensitive. We are talking protective gloves when driving, Long sleeves, Hats, factor50 and UV umbrellas. It's not a good look ???. I've been so happy today and yesterday, snow and beautiful blue skies but low UV levels. Fresh air without the burn. Pity it didnt last long. Not looking forward to summer but a few good thunderstorms would make it more bearable. Personally I'd love round 3 but I'm not greedy. It's been great.
  13. I just love your posts David. So informative. Fantastic explanations of where we are, how we got there and where we are headed. I love to delve into the MAD thread but come away more confused than when I went in, so your clear input is very much appreciated I looked forward to your updates each day whilst the beasts were at our door. Come back soon.
  14. Can't believe I just heard that ??. Just come back from the back of Burrator. Beautiful. Sun, snow and drifts. Perfect ?
  15. Well the security light shows me it's still snowing moderately well, so that's roughly 20hrs of snow, some light, some heavy. What it's also showing me is the colour of the gravel on the driveway ?? . 2 weeks ago the snow was dry and didn't settle well because of the wind, this time perhaps it's too wet. I'll investigate later but I'm not complaining, it's been fantastic. I know the kids school buses aren't running and hubby can work from home. I've got the obligatory bread and milk so we're all set. Don't you just love spring? ?❄?❄?
  16. Really glad you did so well on the coast. I'm on Dartmoor, so always in with a shout if snow is heading our way but Torquay is the land of the palm trees for goodness sake. Happy Snow Day ?❄?❄?❄
  17. I'm using Google search. When I click on show new replies at the bottom nothing happens. ?
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