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  1. Small flakes settling on the velux windows . No street lights here so too dark to see outside yet. Nice to read that Cornwall and IOW are getting a little coating ☃️☃️
  2. No it's not sizzling, bloody prescriptive text, must learn to read before posting
  3. Good morning nice to see some of you got a bit of a dusting. Light sizzle just started here.
  4. Yep costs a fortune in bird feed. That's a make shift one so my husband's got something to stare at when he glazes over working from home. I'm way too soft, I let the big boys have their feed and when they fly off, I top it up for the little ones. In all honesty the big birds only bother when it's really cold. Unfortunately we never get squirells in our garden. Fingers crossed for something heavier but if it's not to be, I'm still happy with the icy cold wind
  5. Rubbish photo but I guess even the bigger birds get hungry in the cold. Still a few snow grains blowing around here
  6. Yep we have sizzle this side of Dartmoor too. Hope it keeps going for the next 2 weeks then I'll be able to make a snowball 😬❄😬
  7. St Ives is gorgeous in any weather but I've never seen it in the snow. Beautiful
  8. I'm on South Dartmoor, not a flake here. Even the washing on the line dried today in the sun 😬😬
  9. I'm Dartmoor too. Maybe we'll be lucky, fingers crossed. Although my area did get a couple of inches just after New Year. It'll be pretty sad if people in the far SW get next to nothing again whilst watching most of the rest of the country turn white.
  10. Oh no our power has gone off and my phone is about to die. Fingers crossed for you all
  11. Yep me too. Keep getting out of bed to watch it fall on the deluxe window but no need now as I can just hear it 😥😥
  12. Happy New Year guys. Here's some early morning pics from our walk around Burrator Reservoir and Sharpitor. It was sooo icy ❄❄❄, probably softened up a bit by now. Sorry need to click on pics for clarity
  13. Lovely heavy snow showers at Princetown Dartmoor. Laying well. Couldn't resist a drive up. This could be it for the winter!
  14. My daughter plays rugby, which is hardly ever cancelled due to the weather but tomorrow's match has been cancelled.
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