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  1. To be fair, IMBY the met app hasn't been far off today.
  2. Decent start to things in CF3. It definitely came in at the right time
  3. The latest METO video forecast has settled my concerns a wee bit
  4. Feels a bit like Christmas. In that, you spend so much time looking forward to it that sometimes you forget to actually take the time to enjoy it. No amount of refreshing the forum or radar watching is going to change a thing now, so I'm just gonna enjoy the show. Doesn't feel particularly heavy in Cardiff, but this fine snow doesn't half build up quickly!
  5. First time I've felt compelled to post in 9+ winters of lurking. Living in Cardiff, 2010 was the best I can remember, but it came right out of the blue. Hopefully we're on the brink of something special (but safe). Best of luck to everyone tomorrow and thanks for the entertainment over the years.
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