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  1. Here in Epsom thunder and lightning with torrential rain and flooding everywhere,cars stuck under bridges and roads impassable.
  2. It’s snowing quite hard in Epsom and looks like a little bit more next hour. las throw of the dice
  3. Would be great but sitting at work in my rear drive BMW so if all day could be a night at the office
  4. Finally some snow in Epsom coming g down quite heavy and giving about 3cm,about time
  5. Long walks on the Downs and Dembies in the spring can’t beat it.went Saturday was muddy as hell,horrendous
  6. Not really a lot of point having freezing weather without snow might as well have it mild (saves on the heating) humbug
  7. I know always a hard place to get snow as a long reach from Ipswich to us in Epsom.but we did do very well a couple of weeks ago while people in Norwich/Ipswich got nothing so shouldn’t complain.
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