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  1. ooh what have we here - 2cm !! won't verify of course..
  2. Very decent indeed - quite a significant number packed around -10
  3. They always seem to be decent but for the south the fun stuff never reaches the 'further outlook' so lala land hmm wonder what the 7 Feb 2019 to Wednesday 21 Feb 2019 will say..... UK Outlook for Saturday 2 Feb 2019 to Saturday 16 Feb 2019 but in the south there is a chance of weather fronts approaching which bring a risk of rain, sleet and perhaps significant snow at times. UK Outlook for Sunday 3 Feb 2019 to Sunday 17 Feb 2019: and this would bring an associated risk of significant snow and ice at times. UK Outlook for Monday 4 Feb 2019 to Monday 18 Feb 2019: most likely across southern parts of the British Isles, and this would bring a risk of significant snow and ice at times. UK Outlook for Tuesday 5 Feb 2019 to Tuesday 19 Feb 2019: whilst the south could see wetter and occasionally milder interludes, bringing a risk of more significant snow. UK Outlook for Wednesday 6 Feb 2019 to Wednesday 20 Feb 2019: whilst the south could see wetter and occasionally milder spells, and these will bring a risk of some significant snow, but only if very cold air becomes established across much of the UK.
  4. True in a way but think what was meant was the average joe is not currently stepping outside and shouting out "Stone me its brass monkeys - must be to do with this stratosphere thingy ! ". Currently just bog standard UK winter weather
  5. Just needed an update.. Early Dec Mid Dec Late Dec Early Jan Mid Jan Late Jan ? Early Feb Mid Feb Late Feb Early March Plenty of time yet for winter to start !* * for us down south
  6. Those handful of -10 to-15 members are disproportionately skewing the mean though
  7. I'd have been better off consulting Bill Foggitt about the weather
  8. pretty uneventful update - only thing likely is it'll be mostly cold
  9. Will keep an eye out on the next update re the word 'significant'. Can't get much better than that surely in metoffice speak
  10. Based on MP's analysis above there will indeed be a major storm nearby - wow
  11. spare a thought for our NE american cousins - as one poster summed up the next few days.. So it's going to rain all day Sunday, then be 4 f'n degrees Monday and Tuesday, then rain again Thursday and Friday. We're living the dream
  12. Wow a rare tweet from Liam not media bashing re big freeze scare stories, so cold must now definitely be on its way
  13. Winter has finally arrived - could be awhile before it departs
  14. I'll believe snow is on its way when Liam Dutton suddenly stops posting daily tweets about 'excreting scaremongering and nonsensical weather stories'
  15. Aha well that’s a little bit more realistic - if your right I’ll doff my cap - if not ..er give up on posting predictions
  16. Wow thought I was one of the more sceptical about next week but even I’m pretty confident there will be snow - how much and location to be determined of course