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  1. yep some flooding - not too unusual for this country though. Thought peeps on here were expecting severe thunderstorms
  2. oh come on - am amber warming was required today ? please read what it signifies and yes maybe warn of some localised flooding but leave it at that. No need for this apocalyptic nonsense
  3. Just one incident of a localised downpour (which are not uncommon at this time of year) still didn't warrant the over exaggerated forecasts - its a bust
  4. What a bust from the Metoffice - laughable really
  5. Beast mk3 - Easter Sunday ! followed by on 4th Apr Long way off but fascinating to see - what a remarkable end to winter this is proving to be
  6. Wow - mean uppers around -5 from the 29th onwards !
  7. cobbett

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    majority of the population then
  8. Low confidence but it has been consistent recently in showing similar synoptics. IMO way too early to worry them - I'm sure they have enough to worry about lol
  9. cobbett

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    luvvly jubbly - nice cold and snowy Easter to look forwad to - wood burner on, glass of red and easter eggs..heaven
  10. lol 6z brings a nationwide snow event
  11. Certainly doesn't look like it will be a mild easter according to GEFS 0z
  12. North West France firing up quite nicely - could be an interesting eve coming up
  13. Yep bit odd as metoffice still showing some heavy snow for this area later this eve
  14. Took this footage whilst driving home along the A303 last Thursday eve - Queue carried on for much longer than shown but just filled with stranded lorries
  15. From my perspective certainly not a classic winter - 2 to 3 days of any meaningful snowfall coming at the end saved it from being a complete bust but in the years to come it will of course always be remembered for the impact on Ireland especially - lucky blighters !
  16. Still coming down here in farnham and heavier
  17. Yep that band approaching Brighton should be heading this way
  18. heavier burst of snow now in Farnham
  19. Agree with Seb above re HIRLAM- looks like an interesting afternoon coming up
  20. Steady light snow here in Farnham - could be in a decent spot checking the radar
  21. As i mentioned earlier when you have haulage firms sending out these huge articulated lorries in the conditions yesterday was utter madness. I counted 10 all in a row on the a303 at a standstill. Maybe hefty fines for these firms could be the answer if driving under red warnings
  22. Anyone near Bathampton ? Got a friend who’s deciding whether to travel there via m4 this morning
  23. Drove from Devon to Surrey last eve via A303 and a major cause of the problems was the number of lorries stranded and on the single carriage way sections when that happens you’re stuffed so why were the haulage firms sending these out yesterday - madness. Parts of the road just became a lorry Park
  24. Drove from Devon to Surrey this afternoon - carnage on the a303 - basically became a lorry Park for long stretches and feel for the poor sods stranded in their cars
  25. blimey cant count the flakes here in Farnham - too bloody many