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  1. Beast mk3 - Easter Sunday ! followed by on 4th Apr Long way off but fascinating to see - what a remarkable end to winter this is proving to be
  2. Low confidence but it has been consistent recently in showing similar synoptics. IMO way too early to worry them - I'm sure they have enough to worry about lol
  3. luvvly jubbly - nice cold and snowy Easter to look forwad to - wood burner on, glass of red and easter eggs..heaven
  4. lol 6z brings a nationwide snow event
  5. Certainly doesn't look like it will be a mild easter according to GEFS 0z
  6. North West France firing up quite nicely - could be an interesting eve coming up
  7. Yep bit odd as metoffice still showing some heavy snow for this area later this eve
  8. Took this footage whilst driving home along the A303 last Thursday eve - Queue carried on for much longer than shown but just filled with stranded lorries
  9. From my perspective certainly not a classic winter - 2 to 3 days of any meaningful snowfall coming at the end saved it from being a complete bust but in the years to come it will of course always be remembered for the impact on Ireland especially - lucky blighters !
  10. Still coming down here in farnham and heavier
  11. Yep that band approaching Brighton should be heading this way
  12. heavier burst of snow now in Farnham
  13. Agree with Seb above re HIRLAM- looks like an interesting afternoon coming up