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  1. Mod thread now reads like the old bbc snow watch page - I remember a guy on that forum called crazysnowfan - think he'd feel right at home there now
  2. So for the south - rain clearing by Thurs next week to be replaced by some chilly weather and dry at least away from coastal regions for the rest of the GFS 12z run....zzz
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Looks like I picked the right day to arrive in IOM - should get v interesting later on and good opportunity for some decent pics by the promenade !
  4. The band should be about here around 945 - and met app just updated to show light snow around that time
  5. Quite an impressive update from the metoffice - if you Ike cold of course ! Pretty much below avg thru Jan
  6. I think most peoples expectations were low pre winter but then all the signals around the PV being shredded and this winter is going to be so different to 2015 etc etc and we still end up with the same old rubbish . Early days I know..but
  7. Looks like December will end on a dull/mild note as usual for the UK. No sign of any cold on the ensembles so thankfully off somewhere warm pre Xmas and leave this tedious weather behind. All these positive signs pre winter not surprisingly way off the mark as usual. Yeah I know only 9 days into winter but cant help but feel this isn't going to be a noteworthy winter
  8. Aren't we supposed to be at the start of a coldish period - been out without jacket and it was glorious and looking at the ensembles the temp doesn't look like dropping too much from today for the foreseeable. Hoping for a bit more interesting winter weather to come but hedging my bets that this will be Dec at the earliest
  9. Should never have been a warning in the first place - was never warranted imho
  10. not wishing to be pedantic but it does display the snow symbol - thats the bit I was referring to....there is a separate warning for ice. Anyway gripe over ..
  11. Must be one of the daftest warnings i'v seen - 1-2cm above 200m is just embarrassing. I think even those estimates are overcooked as cant really see too much settling going on
  12. Ok thanks - will be gone by the 12z then !
  13. Well this shows a snow event but no idea which model this based on (assume GFS) so bound to be totally misleading ! http://www.myweather2.com/synop/player.aspx?synop=2
  14. ah well it appears the MOD thread is now regressing to the rather uninteresting - shame as has always kept me amused over the last few months. The last few winter diehards still on there remind me of the band still playing on the Titanic as it edged closer to its watery end