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  1. met radar showing intensity easing and no pivot happening not really seeing much chance of any real heavy snow from this system tonight
  2. well still looks like the band is narrowing and slipping towards the east of the country not much of a pivot seems to be happening. snow stopped here now according to the met i should be having heavy snow so much for that is this turning to another over hyped event ?
  3. very light snow here nothing much at the moment hoping it gets heavier
  4. been watching the radar for a couple of hours seems to be stalling and fragmenting i feel a big damp squib coming on at this rate
  5. snowing heavily here in cwmbran now why couldn't we had it like this yesterday as was forecast
  6. well i have been reading the south west and southern england thread for hours and nobody are really having any proper heavy big flake snow just this crappy snizzle like us will anybody have the proper heavy snow that was forecast prompting the red warning.this snozzle stuff is just boring and annoying
  7. well thats a bummer the metoffice update has the main event not arriving here until 5pm it was 3pm and on heavy until 2am so quite a few hours less heavy snow
  8. i work in pontypool got sent home at 10 because of the snow and now its stopped just sat here now waiting for the main event to start
  9. snow then rain and winds coming from the south west bye bye cold snap
  10. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcjvg1v51#?date=2018-02-24 now this looks interesting SNOW DAY !!!!!
  11. woo hoo just seen the weather on bbc news channel and the presenter said after sunday things turning colder again as winds swing around from an easterly direction.this is what we have been waiting for all winter,all we need now is some decent snow to go with the easterly and it will be a proper winter at last.
  12. this was the snow we had in cwmbran in jan 2013 from the red warning would love to see more like this
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