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  1. Typical as I'm not there for a week! Been snowing here in Clevedon since this morning, the surrounding hills look quite nice with a light dusting. Is it suppose to freeze tonight? Could be lethal around here.
  2. Managed to get these gifs off my phones video footage, this was just after the really intense lightning. What a show it was though, amazing, our new cat was watching with me and then went absolutely bonkers running around the house!
  3. Claps of thunder starting again here in Weston, wind seems to have picked up.
  4. Rumbles again here and starting to get darker, sun was out for a short time but the rain has just started.
  5. Brightening up slightly here now, rumbles in the distance.
  6. Wasn't expecting it but i'll take what i can get after this summer. Just saw some impressive fork lightning.
  7. Wow, almost forgot what thunder sounded like! Quite a lot of thunder & lightning here now
  8. I'm on the hill in WsM and just saw a flash, thunder wasn't much but i do have the tv on.
  9. Sunshine, rainbow, thunder & lightning - i think that's a first for me! Better than the tiny storm we had here this morning.
  10. A few rumbles here in Weston.