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  1. Yes the birds were going crazy here earlier, they've calmed down a bit now. A lone Wagtail strutting it's stuff amongst the madness! Had to go out and brush off all the snow covering their feeders and sort out the bird baths. No sign of our squirrels yet though, i expect they are also having a snow day! Starting to thaw on the rooftops around here now but i wouldn't have believed anyone who said we'd have this much snow, well chuffed!
  2. It's very weird, wasn't like that when i checked it at tea time, BBC app is saying the same but until 11 am
  3. That's more like it! Expecting the same sleety mix after my shower but no, it's properly snowing now!
  4. I'll just be glad to see some snow falling, a lovely frosty morning here, nearly perfect! Was looking at my photos from Feb/March last year, oh the memories
  5. I see we're now under a yellow warning for Sunday. Typical the only day i didn't want any rain/wind, was supposed to be going down to the Helicopter Museum to watch my brother go on his flight (birthday present), don't think there's any chance of that now!
  6. Compared to two weeks ago the amount of snow isn't as much but i'm enjoying this event a lot more, my expectations were pretty low so this is a pleasant surprise! Just had a yellow warning pop up for snow and ice for 10.05 - 23.55 (Sunday)
  7. Settling quite nicely up on the hill here, just been lamp post watching and the flakes are the biggest they've been all day.
  8. And it's cancelled - http://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/weston-super-half-marathon-cancelled-after-met-office-snow-warning-1-5439378 ‘Devastated’ organisers have pulled the plug on tomorrow’s (Sunday) race after the Met Office issued an amber warning for snow and sub-zero temperatures across the South West.
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