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  1. I see we're now under a yellow warning for Sunday. Typical the only day i didn't want any rain/wind, was supposed to be going down to the Helicopter Museum to watch my brother go on his flight (birthday present), don't think there's any chance of that now!
  2. Compared to two weeks ago the amount of snow isn't as much but i'm enjoying this event a lot more, my expectations were pretty low so this is a pleasant surprise! Just had a yellow warning pop up for snow and ice for 10.05 - 23.55 (Sunday)
  3. Yep amazing to see here, nice big flakes!
  4. Settling quite nicely up on the hill here, just been lamp post watching and the flakes are the biggest they've been all day.
  5. And it's cancelled - http://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/weston-super-half-marathon-cancelled-after-met-office-snow-warning-1-5439378 ‘Devastated’ organisers have pulled the plug on tomorrow’s (Sunday) race after the Met Office issued an amber warning for snow and sub-zero temperatures across the South West.
  6. Excitement building again? I don't know if i can take another week of "will it won't it". The end result was well worth it though! Whilst sorting out the many photos from the other week i found this one, two Redwing's and a Blackbird, first time we've had Redwing's in the garden for many a year, off into the distance there were at least forty in a couple of trees. Saw this article pop up on my news feed earlier today, for any bird lovers well worth a read - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-43349781 "Scientists are warning of the risks of wild birds spreading diseases when they gather at feeders in gardens. Experts led by Zoological Society of London say people should continue to feed birds, especially in winter, but should be aware of the risks." The RSPB shared this link to a more in-depth write up - http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/373/1745/20170091
  7. Just had two in the front garden, not seen any for a long time
  8. Chaos in the centre of Weston this morning! Seriously though i thought the roads would be in a better state in town, looks pretty bad.
  9. Slightly lighter but much bigger flakes, had a couple of cars in the last hour get stuck going up our road, one chap did have the sense to bring a shovel with him.
  10. Nothing in BS22 yet

  11. Snowing quite heavy here now, small flakes though.
  12. I use the RSPB site to identify any birds i'm not sure of - https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/identify-a-bird/ Had Blackcaps in the garden for the first time in years, used the above to identify them.
  13. Just been out for a walk around the neighbourhood, seen just one car this morning but the roads are bad up here, looks great though! Looks quite dark looking over to Cardiff, getting greedy now and hoping for more today
  14. Not ventured out yet! Hardly any sleep though with the wind battering the windows. Pleased to report the birds survived, starting to come in the garden looking for food
  15. Getting ice pellets mixed in now, with the wind it's a hell of a noise against the back windows.