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  1. Even though it's not overhead I'm getting a stunning light show looking north. Brother in Clevedon said it's pouring down, lot's of hail.
  2. Hey everyone 🙂 Took this about 15 minutes ago of my view looking out towards Bristol, totally different now though. Hope we get something here later.
  3. Yes the birds were going crazy here earlier, they've calmed down a bit now. A lone Wagtail strutting it's stuff amongst the madness! Had to go out and brush off all the snow covering their feeders and sort out the bird baths. No sign of our squirrels yet though, i expect they are also having a snow day! Starting to thaw on the rooftops around here now but i wouldn't have believed anyone who said we'd have this much snow, well chuffed! ? ❄️
  4. It's very weird, wasn't like that when i checked it at tea time, BBC app is saying the same but until 11 am ?
  5. That's more like it! Expecting the same sleety mix after my shower but no, it's properly snowing now! ?
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