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  1. Yep Sperrin I'm in the same boat. Nothin here either. Sickening to watch the radar
  2. Snowing lightly here and ground is a bit white but its a slush fest
  3. Go on Sperrin tell us your thoughts on B. I called a no deal from the start and unfortunately is looks like it could really happen. Weather wise i was outside just now and its spittin up here where i am and doesn't really feel like snow at all.
  4. It is bitter out there at the minute. Ground is drying up a bit now after today rain. Hope we get a decent snow day this week
  5. Went for a 4 mile run this morning. Jesus it was cold. Legs only gettin heat back into them now.
  6. I think the Atlantic will come in a lot quicker than what the models are showing. Alot of energy sitting out there which just want to go across into Europe
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