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  1. I’m staying near Avignon and it’s around 45c which is the hottest I’ve ever been in. You could get a sun tan from the hot air by standing in the breeze. Sightseeing confined to small amounts of time outside and drinking loads of water. Not particularly pleasant to be honest.
  2. I’m currently on holiday near Avignon in France and the temperature today is 45c! Seriously hot and dangerous if you’re out in it for too long.
  3. Looking at the Radar 7 the rain is due to hit London quite soon but if you run on the Radar 8 it misses London completely.
  4. I was going to take the A249 over $etling Hill to get to the M20 but so glad I didn’t. I would think large chunks of Kent are getting pretty bad now on the roads so if you have to drive take a blanket etc just in case. All sounds a bit dramatic for us in the UK but it’s no joke breaking down or stuck in traffic in these conditions.
  5. Just drove back from Whitstable to Lee, SE12, up the M2/A2 and it was an interesting drive to say the least. Usual idiots going past me at 70mph in Fiestas and similar and it was snowing quite heavy plus icy and slippery. I’m driving a 4x4 Landrover but you can’t defy the laws of physics! Snowing quite heavily in SE12 and I’m happy to be home as the M2/A2 must be a dangerous road by now.
  6. Forecast for Where I am now, Whitstable, is heavy snow from 9pm tonight right through till tomorrow morning. That can’t be true - could it?
  7. Just started - a few flags fluttering past the lamppost outside in Whitstable.
  8. I left south east London for Whitstable an hour ago. Nothing in SE12 , anothing down the M2 and nothing in Whitstable as yet.
  9. That was a wonderful rain event here in SE12. Never really got going so onward and upward until the next time.....
  10. Our boiler packed up a week ago so we’ve been pretty cold since then with only borrowed oil radiators to keep warm. New boiler gets installed today and can’t wait. Why do boilers never break down in the summer?
  11. Heavy rain and rolling thunder in Greenwich Park just as I’m walking the dog.
  12. Well, that was fun for about the last hour! Quite a show for South East London and even now it’s just rolling away into the North East distance with rolling thunder and the odd flash of lightening.
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