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  1. How is it hard to see them flip back? The models are chopping and changing every run and as there’s still 10 days to go I’d say they will flip loads between now and then. There is no consistency at all. too much doom in here today tbh
  2. markw2680

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Around this time last year this was the back garden
  3. markw2680

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Can’t wait for the cold wet miserable day on Saturday.
  4. Hope I’m wrong in saying this but just starting to get the feeling of loads of excellent background signals etc but we seem to keep landing just on the wrong side of it and have this horrible feeling this could be the story of the winter, thankfully we have time on our side for a change so let’s hope all these signals come together right in the middle of winter
  5. Tbh come the day I actually think that front would be much further west, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if it only made it as far as west wales and start to push back west
  6. That much chopping and changing going on you can’t say it’s mild by the weekend because we all no that could quite easily all change. Even the experts haven’t a clue atm so don’t right off the block just yet
  7. Still waiting for u to get posting !!

    chop chop sis

  8. I’m still seeing westward corrections as said here, I have a feeling the Atlantic won’t make it very far at all before been pushed back again. Just my thoughts so will see
  9. One thing we no is that the models will not be showing what they are now for net week come Sunday so plenty of time for westward corrections or not? I find quite often when we have good charts for like the following week there always seems to be a few days where they start to look crap before they slowly start to upgrade nearer the time. You just never no still plenty of time left yet
  10. Providing the block dosnt just hold it right over the uk. If we can’t get the block far enough west for us to enjoy they can then start to become a problem imo just holding the lows right over us
  11. This place wouldn’t be the same without you mate. Keep it up
  12. Well I’m not saying wait for the beast like it WILL happen just going by what the experts say there is a pretty good chance of it! All I’m saying is if we look at the models in far reaches of fi we will pretty much all be disappointed all of the time
  13. The trouble is people are constantly looking too far ahead that’s why the disappointment, if you constantly look for stunning charts right in fi then the dates will just keep getting pushed back or it just changes as if it was never there, remember small changes early on end up been pretty big by the end of the run. there will be some sort of cold next week before just maybe the proper cold beast just around xmas