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  1. What I have noticed in the last half hour or so is the clouds are now starting to go up, towers are forming nicely
  2. Some pretty rapid developments here atm don’t expect much until after dark though
  3. If you think it’s a flop you wana try living in the West Midlands, you see all the hope of storms like a week away or so and you no that it will all change as it gets closer. If you live in that middle strip it’s pretty poo in my opinion, I mean we have to travel at least 1 and half hours just to see the sea and even then you’d be lucky lol. anyway on the next slight chance
  4. Lol I certainly didn’t have any snow either in fact it was probably one of the crapest winters iv ever known here tbh despite all the background signals etc etc, so anybody panicking about what the summers going to be like would be better to just wait and see there will I’m sure be some decent weather along with the usual breakdowns..time will tell but there imo is absolutely no point in looking further than 7 days at the most
  5. Whilst it looks encouraging for a cold blast with snow chances atm as we all know with how this so called winter has gone it could all quite easily go Pete tong and be the wrong side of marginal for most. I/we live in hope for one last chance but I think if this does go tits up that will be the end of my cold hunt and will flip as quick as the models for the hunt for heat and storms. bring on the ️
  6. So I have a look at the models with a glimmer of hope only to see it all sinking again. This winter is a joke end of and tbh I don’t think any decent charts will actually make it into the reliable this winter or spring for that matter. Anyway no more moaning from me I’d just rather there was no more teases at all. Roll on summer
  7. No bring on the heat with severe storms to follow that lovely sun
  8. Well after an awful display of so called football I was hoping not to be greeted to charts
  9. Somehow thing there will be big changes between now and that 22nd feb chart lol. Remember very small early changes make massive changes later on
  10. Lol anybody else think that all the deep oranges are a little extreme? I mean we are talking temperatures of between like 7-11c but looking at them you would think we are about to get some summer weather
  11. I wouldn’t bother throwing the towel in just yet as changes can happen and happen pretty quick, plus I’d rather find a villa towel to burn
  12. Was thinking we could open a hunt for mild thread but then again we don’t need to hunt for that do we, it’s on our doorstep 99% of the time
  13. Yeah but it’s all by the end. The end never seems to make it to the start that’s the problem. At some point they will and I suppose you just never no tonight could be the trend setter but I doubt it
  14. At the end of the day the computer models are just that. Computers they predict what the weather will be like (or try too) so no one model is king or boss or whatever they are all the same and all try and do the same job but like humans will get it wrong especially when looking to far in advance. Yes this winter (so far) has been pretty dump tbh but it’s just luck really as to where pattens set up, yes there obviously is more to it than that but I genuinely believe that we have just been very unlucky this winter. nobody can rule out a real cold blast before the middle of March despite the models not looking great atm the will change dramatically within the next week for better or worse. Not really sure why iv posted this waffle but just some comments tonight have interrupted my match of the day for me to post this. anyway I’ll be back on here tomorrow to see if there’s any changes. Why? Because I’m sad and an addict lol
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