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  1. Every time I look in here it’s either doom n gloom or overly ex static about things that will change nearer the time. This is the uk and the weather looking at the models for the next week or so could be a whole lot worse. It’s nothing exceptional but it’s not all that bad, just standard uk summer weather imo. Obviously the further nw you go the more unsettled but again that’s pretty normal. We rarely get uk wide settled hot weather for long so just make the most of what we do get, good useable weather in the main
  2. But in reality are they going to come true?? I doubt it somehow, one thing I certainly won’t be doing is writing off a month on the 6th of the month lol, too much taking charts and runs as gospel here...
  3. Yes but it hasn’t happened yet. I fully expect ukmo to be on the right path but as it hasn’t happened it could still go the other way or any other way
  4. Non of them are right or wrong as it’s not happened yet, they are just computer models predicting what will happen but generally as far as I’m concerned the ukmo is pretty much on the money imo. More often than not the others slowly come into line with it, yes it’s a bit poo early on but later on it will bring warm humid thundery weather which for me gets a big ?. we shall see.....
  5. So we spend all winter predicting a cold northerly only for it to get shunted east and we end up with a really poor effort, so why is everyone panicking about a change towards the end of the week? We can’t have sunny warm weather all summer so it’s inevitable there will be some wet and cooler days.. so let’s relax and get out in the sun and enjoy it! Worry about later next week on Wednesday and see if it really is all that bad. Mmm I expect not but what do I know
  6. There’s definitely something developing Just south of Birmingham
  7. Just had a few big spots of rain from that earlier developing cloud that’s still overhead and getting bigger, along with the washing line lol
  8. Lol check the date that he posted that! Way back to the 24th March so no I’d say pretty much all are searching for something warm now. Well I no I am and most of this week is looking pretty nice I’d say
  9. It’s so nice to see some decent warm and sunny weather for next week, even if the warmth don’t help with the virus at least it will make people feel better, better than wet and cool anyway. If you can get out in a garden or something I suggest we should try and enjoy it. Keep up the good work folks and stay safe
  10. I love the cold and snow but now all I want is some warmth and sun tbh, will make everyone feel better if nothing else and hopefully help clear up this bloody virus. maybe then we could look forward to next winter and maybe it will resemble winter unlike this we have just endured, like months and months of autumn. back to the models before I get sent to the naughty step. At least it’s looking dry and relatively sunny for this weekend and into next week. hope everyone is ok ?
  11. Wet snow again here now. It’s just not quite cold enough in this crap winter
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