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  1. markw2680

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Pretty windy here and very wet. Hope my conservatoy don’t blow down lol as it’s taking a right battering
  2. If only we could have a storm like that
  3. Will rubery get a thunderstorm soon? Lol what is with some people asking if such places will get storms, nobody knows if and where will get any just if there’s a chance and I’d say no chance unless it’s towards the se in the next few days, pretty much how it’s been lately. Anyway gota say it’s nice not to be wet from sweat today
  4. Considering we have had so much heat this summer I can only actually count one storm that’s even worth mentioning around here and typically I was not even home when it arrived and totally missed it, so not even one storm for me
  5. To much Negativity on here saying it’s not happening etc, give it chance, we have seen plenty of times before nothing happening then all of a sudden it kicks of and goes mental not long after. I’d say I’m too far west but there maybe some distant lightening. You never no but anywhere east of here has a pretty good chance imo
  6. markw2680

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Unfortunately I think we are going to be too far west for any storms, hoping I’m wrong though as they could be pretty decent
  7. Clearly you have done this for a reaction because as far as I can see there certainly isn’t a big pattern change coming at all in the near future, in fact I can’t even see much in the way of rain for the next couple of weeks at least either sooo....
  8. markw2680

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Much that iv loves this hot sunny weather you can’t beat a good thunderstorm so let’s hope we get some right beasts tomorrow. Roll on the 🌩
  9. markw2680

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Let’s get that low stuck to the sw, you no what that means, heat and plenty of storms to get excited about. After last night I definitely need cheering up so let’s get some good old humdingers going
  10. markw2680

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Just feels like we have been on holiday abroad for the last few weeks and looks set to continue for the foreseeable, every break down seems to get pushed back day after day not that I’m complaining although is a bit hot for working in. Let’s hope for a real good thunderstorm in the not to distant future. In the meantime let’s look forward to the cool weather on Wednesday if you can call it cool
  11. markw2680

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    It really wouldn’t surprise me to see this become the outcome as we do seem to be quite settled generally and with a continental flow. So maybe a brief Atlantic blast then back to the usual of late but maybe warmer
  12. markw2680

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    The only times I don’t mind an easterly of sorts is mid winter bringing snow and drifting and a hot south easterly in summer! Other than that I’d have a westerly over it any day
  13. Torrential downpour here but no thunder or lightening
  14. Certainly feels a lot more likely to happen today than yesterday, more sun= more heat and much better looking sky compared to this time yesterday, time will tell of course
  15. You never no it may pep up again, be good to see a good night time storm