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  1. Roll on the weekend, looking forward to some warm sunny weather, may even get the barbie out again
  2. These lighter mornings and evenings are nice all we need now is more sun and some warmth. Winter can wait until November now imo
  3. Straight through Birmingham
  4. It’s getting heavier now
  5. Scrap that just looked at my local lamppost to see it already started
  6. Bout 10 mins until it hits my house I think
  7. I think about Walsall maybe it’s northen extent but who knows
  8. I think if the main batch makes it here we could be in for quite a surprise tbh
  9. No it isn’t you, think it’s all heading our way for another big dump!
  10. So basically when it thaws it will be wet again lol
  11. Well this is what I awoke to this morning, way more than what we had 2weeks ago. No thaw at all today just some has gone from the road due to the strength of the wind. Question is... is there more on the way this evening?
  12. No one more so than you Shaun
  13. I’m suprised by reports of a thaw certainly no thaw here, it’s just like a desert all the powder blowing around
  14. Well me night out happened but it was a real struggle to get home this morning, fair play to the taxi driver. They say mini beast.... this is far worse than the first one. Absolute whiteout out there unless I’m too drunk
  15. Awoke to a dusting on the roof tops, my planned night...so far so good lol