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  1. Gee give it chance mate, pretty much everything Iv heard is for after midnight into the early hours.
  2. Although i don’t expect much this far west you just never no as the night gets going. I’m waiting patiently for the usual comments of its a bust before it gets going, already slight hints of that in some comments lol. Anyway the night is young and ready to go bang later on tonight
  3. I don’t normally look in here much in the summer let alone post but blimey what on earth are people panicking about? It was only days ago I saw people saying about potential hot weather, plumes etc now all moaning about a cool down next week, at the end of the day whether it’s summer or winter the models are one giant rollercoaster, very small changes early on make big changes later down the line. What gets me it’s people that have been on here for years that still get sucked in. Get a grip it’s only the weather. Anyway enough moaning from me I’m going to enjoy the next few days and weekends w
  4. Tbh I’m actually looking forward to something a bit milder, I love the cold and snow but working in a garage in this weather is almost unbearable, let’s have a mild few days and then back to cold and snow again.
  5. Working in this weather is a killer, I love the snow but sometimes I think...if only it was summer
  6. Come on people you can’t write off the cold coming back with a vengeance just yet, it’s Tuesday morning unless I’m mistaken? And yet we are saying it’s all over for the weekend! That’s 4-5 days away, a lot can change in the next day or two. I expect the milder air to try and push in over the weekend but will probably only make it into the west before slowly the cold in the east will beat it back again. At least there’s a chance of snow coming in from the west
  7. Well unless there’s a slight wind direction change then the streamers will just carry on effecting the same arrears so we will just get the odd flakes blowing about in the wind
  8. Had pretty much zilch here today few light flurries which has done nothing, very disappointed so far, seem to be missing all the streamer action so far, just hope they align a bit different later otherwise will be a complete bust for this area
  9. Looking at radar I’d say Birmingham area could get some today they do seem to be spreading a bit further west now
  10. Just dandruff blowing into the cracks here, very poor so far lol, looks quite good further east though
  11. The radar is definitely starting to look a lot more interesting now so you just never know
  12. Blooming heck people there’s nothing really forcast here until much later tonight, give it chance for goodness sake
  13. There’s no hills from wales to the east right across the Midlands so I’d expect quite a lot of showers to push right across to wales tbh, there’s going to be a lot of shocked people come the morning I feel
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