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  1. Completely agree, I for one think that interesting things will all of a sudden crop up rather than count down from that place called fantasy land. theres to many that see poor charts crop up and get excited at the thought of posting on here saying that’s it until the new year etc etc. When in reality there’s More chance of a sudden change Than it all working like clockwork. keep up the good posts mate
  2. I admire you looking for positives there but to me that really is like polishing a turd. I really hope things start to improve because in reality it’s not looking great atm. Thankfully these models change more than my underpants so there’s plenty of small things that could change and lead to much better outcomes.
  3. I have absolutely no words for this..... the models flip from a mild outlook to a cold outlook and visa versa all the time, who knows in a few days we could be looking at a coming winter wonderland! I’m not saying we will by any means but you just never no.
  4. Don’t think they have a clue atm tbh so should all be taken with a massive pinch of salt, let’s see how the next few days unfold and we will have a better idea how the weekend will be shaping up fwiw I quite like the look of the ukmo 120
  5. The question I have is why are we all looking into deep fi for changes etc when we all no that small changes early on will completely change the run, very little if any fi actually turn out to be correct. All a complete waste of time if you ask me. Also saying looking towards new year or feb for cold... I mean come on man it’s early December for crying out loud. We may not get lovely northern blocking at all this winter but that doesn’t mean we won’t get cold snaps with snow. things chop and change hourly let alone in 300 odd hours
  6. I’m actually liking the look of the latest charts, as SM says above it’s a Cheshire gap special in the making and that can give some jolly good dumpings to places in the firing line.
  7. Lol that is terrible think I’d rather have this boring c**p of late, anyway back to the models we go and getting ready for the mother of upgrades on yet another gfs run and I can’t blooming wait
  8. Are you sure that’s not a sharp frost lol. That’s about the best we managed here last winter too from what I can remember. At least next week should be interesting and you never no a very small tweak here and there and more will have a chance of snaw
  9. Tbh I don’t no whether it’s just me but I’m actually looking forward to some lively weather again weather it’s wind rain sleet or even s**w, I get kind of bored of this still nothing stuff, I no flooding and that is really bad but I just find this calm stuff a tad boring
  10. There will be many upgrades and unfortunately downgraded run to run. You must be mad to take every run as gospel. I for one couldn’t take the stress lol it’s bad enough as it is. although the 06 gfs is better so I guess it’s back on for a few hours at least
  11. You have to laugh at some comments on here. so I get up as usual and go on the model output to read.....it’s all over!! Then as actually have a look at the models and think this if far from over. Yes ok it’s not as good as yesterday but in general we are pretty much on the same page, few small tweaks here and there and it’s back to stunning. its still a week away and was never going to be the same every day, there will be ups and downs along the way people but we all know that!
  12. Yes I kind of think along the same lines of repeated pattens etc, it could well be quite a memorable winter but I certainly don’t want to be rushing the winter off before it’s started so once we get to next week let’s not look for the end straight away lol. Big question is will it all countdown like clockwork without the spoilers and will ukmo be on the same page come tomorrow. right ready for yet another gfs run
  13. Think looking at this output there’s only one thing left to do...... change your name back to frosty!! can you imagine the buzz in this place come this time next week if all models are all in agreement and we are staring down the barrel of a freeze with lots of white suprises around
  14. Not that it matters at this point as it’s a while off but I’m pretty sure if we get to this point as the models are showing there’s no way that south of Leeds will be dry lol. Wind coming in from the north east with low pressure in the south east there will be showers pushing well in land at the very least. id just be happy to get to this point first and then see where the surprises come from as I’m sure there will be many
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