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  1. I think if we make it to Wednesday with the trend still pretty much the same I reckon we will get locked into this pattern for quite sometime
  2. I’d say there’s definitely that risk of shortwave hell, it’s happened before many times but this just feels right I think. We will no in a few days if this is here for the long haul
  3. if those charts actually make it to 48 hours I’d advise to all buy a thick coat and a snow shovel and brace ourselves 🤓
  4. I think we may be starting to get sick of the cold and snow by then. I’d like to find out though....#BRINGITON
  5. What we need to remember is that not every run and every model will have it the same there will be some very good and some less so it’s just the way it is, even if it was within 48 hours there will still be variances. It’s all looking good people atm. It could end up a dry one or it could be a white one, those things won’t be painted out for ages yet. Just enjoy the countdown sorry not sure why it’s quoting you tbh lol
  6. If we can get those building blocks in place and get to that start position I’d think we would be locked in for some time, we will all be buying sledges and very very thick coats
  7. I feel sick, up down up down , do you think we might actually get some consistency across the board at all..... soon?
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 18z gfs climb on board tbh but then who knows what will happen in the morning, all up and down again I’d expect 😂
  9. Probably have my post removed from the model thred as iv moaned again. Bloody flip flop crappy models
  10. As I said the other day these models are a joke tbh we waste so much time chasing the cold that pretty much always gets put back and the minute you post anything like this you get shot down but the reality is just that. It’s always at least 7 days away or if the cold makes it to under 5 days it gradually gets watered down. Sorry for moaning but we never learn. Just wait for the stonking runs that start from the 28th or so!! anyway I’m sure I’ll be checking in here again later as I’m stupid
  11. I’m looking forward to heat and thunderstorms but not just yet thanks. Bring on the bitter easterly with loads of disruptive snow to cause chaos. Can’t beat it
  12. I actually don’t think the gfs run was that bad. The theme is pretty much the same and tbh it was never going to be plain sailing. it would be far to easy to have all the models agreeing on the outcome and counting it down. we will have ups and downs for few more days yet I’m sure. As long as the theme is there it could become very exciting