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  1. There are flakes in the wind in Abergavenny at the moment 😊
  2. My daughters school have given us a warning to be prepared incase we need to collect children from school this was for llanfoist Monmouthshire
  3. Yes don't think I'll be making it from Abergavenny to Neath. A465 closed down near llandarcy due to serious accident.
  4. Thank you Andy, I won’t mind after the weekend I’ll even go out and do a snow dance
  5. I’ll be happy if snow can hold off until I’ve been to Snow Patrol on Friday in Birmingham,really don’t fancy the journey in the snow xx oh and Neath down the heads of the valley on Wednesday x
  6. Derek has been mentioning it on Twitter too this week, let’s hope it’s not the kiss of death.
  7. Nice to Andymusic posting, I’m off to see snow patrol in Birmingham on the 25th of January so I’ve been keeping an eye for signs of snow especially as Winter has been quiet so far.
  8. How’s the snow up there Simon, it’s not too bad in Abergavenny atm
  9. Yes I’m not far away in Abergavenny, could be the worst snow I’ve seen since moving here 15 years ago. I’m all stocked up and snow shovel by the front door.
  10. Ours is in the loft last time it saw daylight was January 2013,
  11. Andy I’ve just seen Dereks latest tweet so glad we’ve got our supplies in. Thursday Friday looks like snow amounts from a distant childhood memory. those snow amounts would be horrendous if they happen.
  12. So glad my surgery has been cancelled for next week, I. Had visions of being stuck in hospital,
  13. Not looking good for me with surgery booked I’m Morriston on the 27th, I love snow but can we delay a week. I’ve been waiting 15 months now. Will be a hairy drive down the heads of the valley
  14. That will be typical with the ground works being done for our summerhouse, can’t see Them being able to put a concrete base down,
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