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  1. 9am to 12pm tomoz better than a kick in the teeth? but in reality maybe only the Wrekin getting a covering round by me :)
  2. i'm willing that flow from the arctic that's just clipping northern Scotland, southwards https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/overlay=temp/orthographic=-356.51,54.23,1886/loc=25.453,57.697 3 hours later and it's moving south fairly quickly https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-351.71,59.92,1886
  3. Rained passed through really quickly here about an hour of lightish rain then an almighty deluge for about 15-20 mins now its all passed through and you wouldn't know we'd had anything lol!.
  4. Grass and roofs, still white with hard frost here in my part of Telford' although signs of melt as the sun slowly moves the shade on I think the weather is is purposely being awkward for us regarding Christmas day lol! Relatively cool up to and after again but a silly 12-13c on the day itself? Sense of of humour our weather has Might be nice to have a good storm go through though
  5. Heavy snow and sticking fast Lol! Excellent
  6. Snowing here now sticking to shed roofs only though But at least it's snow :O)
  7. Snow holding firm in scandi just need a north easter now for some cold i reckon Ice on the Alaskan, Canadian side finally shutting up shop. Also the gfs projection of snow cover possibility for today. Immediately around us http://www.wetterpoo...gnosekarten.php
  8. Edit: Wrote something that didn't make sense, can i start the day again?
  9. Welcome guys I was just randomly googling weather sites and found this graph on the side panel of the site linked lots of other headings to play with over there as well WetterPool - Prognosekarten (GFS) / Wetterkarten und Animation Could be a dusting left in the mountains? from the snow we had not long ago? Because i notice cumbria and scotland is showing snow as well, all be it not much?
  10. Here's a map of the areas immediately around us with snow and what i think is depth measurement figures. WetterPool - Prognosekarten (GFS) / Wetterkarten und Animation
  11. Nice to see the anoms still ahead of 2010 snow-wise make me feel more positive Could we have another Dec this year like back then i wonder? Lol! Nice to see some at last though and mighty cold Did i read right it doesn't normally ice over till December on average anyway?
  12. http://uk.weather.co...Barrow-USAK0025 I'm currently pointing at barrow because of the anomalous warmth in that area recently.-23 is the current temp there now After being so stupidly mild for so long,that's more like it surely? Snow has receded somewhat by the looks of it but i'm hoping only a temporary lull Current northern hemisphere snow and ice from NOAA as of yesterday. http://satepsanone.n...ultisensor.html
  13. Think we might need several hot water bottles this winter if 2010 is used as a comparison
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