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  1. Interesting how it appeared there, I think the wheel flip theory is the only explanation for this that makes sense. A rock from space would create a hole. Not sure the height or angle of the lay of land on that bit but they would off said if it could of rolled down a slope I'd expect. Still think there's things living under the ground there, sounds a bit sci fi but has any robot found a hole or tunnel/cave? they have not covered the whole planet? [robots] so all possibility's are there that the life forms stay underground due to the conditions above ground...
  2. Thanks John. Good to mix in some colorful charts especially when there's nice deep blues on them!!
  3. At least widespread 10-15mm expected over the region up to this morning from the front moving east.
  4. The big freeeez or the big teeeeez? sure were find out!

  5. Just updated the rain watch thread (link in my sig bottom of post) Yes heavy fog here at Stanwell, next to Heathrow ap. lightens the plain noise a little too I think.
  6. Tuesday 21 January (Today) Band of heavy frontal rain moving from west to east through today slowly and not expected to get to the east side of UK until evening, possibly the night for far eastern areas, 00z NAE 1500-2100hrs: Some of the rain becoming heavy and prolonged, west/east and central Scotland most likely seeing the highest totals with some very large rainfall possible here, rain/ppn today and tonight (snow for some) becoming persistent. The southwest of Scotland, and also Cumbria possibly seeing some quite heavy rain totals. Other areas the rain moderate to heavy, 12-15mm
  7. And what was the18z like to be "almost" identical to the 00z? some viewers might have missed outputs. Certainly interesting is the BIG word today.
  8. I'm sure many of you have, at some point, waited to be seen by a doctor or nurse at a health center or hospital, what are your views on the waiting times? and do you feel anxious within the vicinity of many people? sometimes the length of time we wait I'm sure can actually cause the feeling of anxiety and stress but also being around so many people we do not know. Personally it affects me sometimes, not usually when it's quite though but with crowded rooms, especially small areas with everyone not knowing where to look, but some of us read a magazine we might use the mobile, and I think that
  9. Just looking at the ECM @192hrs (next Tue) low sitting over N.Sea with associated cold pool: SP Height 500hpa can see the cold pool 528dm. SP+850s ( -5 ) Interesting times ahead!
  10. Not going to mention east UK blizzards yet... Just a thought. What we are heading into is unusual territory, strikes me that all possibilities are open to what could happen. my take on this is a battleground snowfall more over this side, but word of caution only a potential scenario and this is not a ramp. I'm serious thinking here.
  11. Flood watch with the heavy rain eastern Scotland

  12. So the westerly flow would be picking up a colder than normal [airmass]in it's circulation then would usually be the case, bringing a higher risk of rain turning to snow. Interesting post makes for a more exciting model watch having some unusual elements added into the mix.
  13. Probably meant between now and up to February otherwise would have said up to March would have thought
  14. Couldn't find cold ramp so are stick it in here if ok. Did a quick paint job! Noting to do with any online paper was an ideal title for fantasy though.
  15. Just hope models aren't going to be playing games with us for the next 2 months!!!
  16. Yes worrying that floods could continue, things have slowed down(weather systems/fronts) not good for the flooding situation but at least the stormy winds are eliminated from the pattern at the moment it's the last thing people need enough problems trying to free up the rivers of blockages from the trees holding back waters. Jet winds now: Jet at +144 Very much striking up power again, but a large high developing mid/east Atlantic (Azores)
  17. Just read this, new out from Weatheronline it is interesting: http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/reports?LANG=en&MENU=205&DAY=20140117 (link should be long range forecast)
  18. Thought that the storms were off now? the Jet playing one more fling then..
  19. Very interesting. Such a subject as this is very much something I have been interested in since childhood. As someone that has been in the close vicinity of such phenomenon (near to other people seeing the BL at the time) I would like answers to how they form. It seems that the 1980s had quite an occurrence of these ball lightnings especially around my home county of Surrey, many reports back then but not at all now, even with the Internet age not heard of any ball lightning locally not really anywhere else either(UK) My thinking of a possible reason is the type of thunderstorms that occurred
  20. Sunday 19 January (Today) Latest radar analysis 0445: Latest radar suggests a line of rain from Kent (east) up through EA, stretching up the East coast to around the Humber area, heavy area of rain over northwest England, some rain over N.Wales, heavy rain affecting moslty NE/SE/S Scotland, all other areas patchy rain/showers around. Today: Rain affecting the east moving away and becoming confined to Scotland, this becoming heavy and prolonged some very heavy downpours over some eastern areas of Scotland, also some signals of heavy downpours affecting some other areas of Scotland, t
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