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  1. Same here harry..out to my se..altocumulus-cas..sure sign of our imports

  2. not again...it b 1yr soon , lets Ask Jeeves...

  3. ALTOCUMULUS over SUNSET floccus i think..

  4. storms0plz0plz0lightshow-tonight

  5. ok anyone with a cheaper mobile phone(20£ ish :example)with slow internet or cant load netweather should download browser - OPERA MINI (http://.www.opera.com) , search it online and look for mobile option or search on mobile (m.opera.com) since i installed this pages load quick and no phone memory problems, opera uses a clever compressing technology.
  6. what a humid night

  7. no storms club....some can join..my storms club by next wkend? :-)

  8. i still have a nice breeze..so hot tho ..must b unbearable for tho with no breeze in SE

  9. at least theres a breeze blowing through...so hot....want a thunderstorm

  10. weather is part of our lives

  11. whats in my mind :0

    1. Dorsetbred


      Probably by now it's gone anyway.

  12. deep long rumbling storm

  13. thanks for your reply.

    im happy with the site thankyou,its great to have all the recent/forcast data on one site.

  14. ZONE 51


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