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  1. Looks like some 'action' in the weather evolving this week although this mostly reserved for the north. For the south you know although we are just over mid month there is still chance of snow, even April snow is possible.

    1. lindy2017


      ive to get snow this weekend we usually do

    2. matty007


      No way in hell it'll snow.

    3. karyo


      Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

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  2. I have drawn on 2 maps here: The first is to zoom in to the last known track to the west, my line is the yellow dotted: The second map below may interest you more as it is after looking at the area via Google maps satellite my idea of a possible route taken by the missing plane: My line white dotted line with arrows. The reason for the dotted line along this particular track is the theory that hijackers want to keep the plane for a reason and to so avoid crashing, going to far south they would run out of fuel, my guess here is simply that to avoid radar coverage they would tra
  3. Correct it is not good to expect any less than the worst case, but a feeling of hope is still there at least.
  4. I wish that on some online news paper sites that adverts did not follow me up and down the screen at both the left/right sides.. don't mind some ads but it's about where and how you show them not "in ya face"... the need to have ads is there yes but plz don't let um take the place over lol!! ..

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      I use flash ad blocker if gets annoying but to be fair on the advertisers I do not use it all the time might miss something interested in! there is a ad block removes things completely but that one I found slows loading for some reason!

    2. lassie23


      thanks for correcting the flight number.

  5. Things everyone needs are: 1 - fresh drinking water, and food 2 - sleep A lone hijacker would need to sleep by now, I would expect.. two of them would take turns.. For the fresh water I would not imagine there be enough to go round for long (on the plane), if they have landed somewhere remote maybe the destination was planned out and there is supplies there, at least for the hijackers anyway(which is not certain there are yet)
  6. Have read through this list of plane hijackings and made some notes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_hijackings List in no particular order: Plane hijackers: ---Money/payment)Ransom demands / threats to passengers. ---Prisoner release demands. ---Planes diverted to other airports or country (force/threats). ---Political reasons/protesters. ---Usually ends in a stand-off/siege. ---Hijacker(s) refusing to let pilot land and refuel the plane ---Hijacker(s) holding hostage flight crew. ---Usually the need to make communication for many a reason, demands/other. ---Hijacker parach
  7. Some classic favorites, these games I played a lot in the 90's and were pretty much quite violent but without the bld/gore.. although mortal kombat was quite nasty for this. Final fight/Streetfighter(right side image) Arcades/console Final fight Arcades/console and was also accessible to everyone The fighting games 2D were very good graphics then even looking now they still look very good and were top end 2D, you could move left/right, and move character from bottom of the background and up the scene too. Looks at the weapons even back then! Road rash has good graphics a
  8. Saying this early I am predicting a hot DROUGHT summer believe it or not we can still get a surface drought from the heatwaves I expect.. also a rather thundery one too..... not been through long range data yet.. but.. 1 - probability 2 - balance of nature and 3 ready for this.. long range signals... r u confused now?

    1. lindy2017


      I predict a wetter summer with short bursts of sun....

    2. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      I did not mention the plume elevated storms I expect more of this year!

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Hope so Tobor :)

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  9. Interesting theories Bobby. BREAKING NEWS: http://news.sky.com/story/1226362/missing-malaysia-plane-was-hijacked (please read my bit of analysis below and also a new idea I have on the flight number and the calender date...) How do the pilots go to the loo? Only wondered if plane was hijacked through an open door while one goes to the loo or at least threatened the pilot on entry to or from the toilets/other. Quotes: Source of information not posting but looks like from general chat on the web (have starred out the number for good reason) -- Have been lo
  10. If there was a bomb then need to wonder and worry how that was possible..
  11. Not read these yet Some news stories: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/hijacking-missing-plane-investigation/2014/03/13/id/559279/ http://www.itv.com/news/story/2014-03-08/missing-malaysia-airlines-flight/ http://news.sky.com/story/1225372/missing-malaysia-jet-one-of-great-mysteries http://news.sky.com/story/1225535/malaysia-flight-no-technical-data-was-sent
  12. Two new theory's I have now are: 1 - meteorite/ space material 2 - Radar dispute over whether the plane did go west.. my view is what was really on that radar if it is true and what did it (if it did) have to do with MH370..
  13. (bolded bit)This was not a view by myself I think I know the post you are talking about though. Enjoying playing games with violence content = the player is not an "adult" is silly who ever thinks that way, the games 18+ are very much for adults for the reason of graphic content/sex/violence as to why the cert is 18!
  14. A positive thing from playing computer games apart from the entertainment and enjoyment is that it keeps people off the street that could possibly due to boredom muck around and cause a nuisance, but it's important to make sure exercise and some fresh air is gained too and not just stuck on the games to many hours without a break.. Interesting post TWS and I agree that games these days still can cause the stress events depending on the type of games and the ideas developers have on how to win the particular game. Another problem these days is playing online games we need to keep a good con
  15. Some plane trails through cloud spotted, I know there not from the missing plane as image is quite a time after but just showing this: The imagery you see here is what you can view on the site posted in my previous post.. This image from a news site have done a bit of falsecolour/high contrast/gamma work, can see some more detail of the object. Original image found by someone using the Tomnod satellite site as in news.
  16. Not seen this posted: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2579064/Could-YOU-solve-mystery-missing-Malaysia-Airlines-flight-Satellite-images-public-help-locate-MH370-jet.html Took a look myself at the satellite photos. The site is here: http://www.tomnod.com/nod/challenge/malaysiaairsar2014/map/21894 It is DigitalGlobe imagery. Click sign in then put email and then click sign up to be member to enable use of functions/report objects (tomnod.com)
  17. It won't affect everyone in a bad way, but I feel certain people can be affected or be controlled by computer games they play. I don't know the science but it has been talked about. For example some people can watch the most violent horrid movies but won't be a bit changed from good to bad in personality, it doesn't mean their become violent.
  18. I remember the 90's games of great frustration, had to get cheats from the mags for extra lives to enable you to get further without restarting from the beginning, and extra ammo, games like Operation Wolf on the Commodore 64 was good but addictive it was a game tape system-took half hour to load games you had to like the game you put in for that reason lol, Alex Kid on the Master system 1 also addictive, some consoles had brought out the memory card which was useful! ..I had a Sega Saturn system, had the virtual fighter game it was a clean game compared to Mortal Kombat around the same time.
  19. It is nice to not be going through puddles feels unusually dry lol! Nature blooming out really enjoy this time of year new growth lookin pretty with the blossom

  20. Have been thinking about this. I imagine that all large objects in the air at least are shown on some radar somewhere, if something appeared very fast over a large ocean area that could be a terrorist heading inland I mean fast as a tornado jet at full whack what time would they have to stop it if not picked up then that would not be good would it... Don't forget to correct the title.
  21. MH370 The title of the thread appears to be slightly different from the flight number in the news.. simple typo I know but should be changed. Are read back the thread later. Never known anything like this really disturbing not knowing and a growing mystery, and I send my thoughts and prayers. A theory I have is plane flew low over jungle zones (remote areas) with no engines and so mostly no sound, and crashed, as it was at night-time it wouldn't be seen if lights were out, if crashed in remote forest then would not be heard, but the plane would have to of gone over the coastal areas wh
  22. It is part of a family of giant viruses discovered 10 years ago that are so big they can be seen under a microscope..

  23. Here is a selection of wild weather photos that I have collected from the web. The thread gallery here contains almost 70 incredible photos. Apart from an amazing gallery of photos the question is are these severe weather events around the world becoming more extreme, not only this but are they becoming more frequent? (Have placed each image onto a same size background to enable easy viewing without size changing) Gallery: === === === === ===
  24. **UPDATE** http://news.sky.com/story/1220477/ukraine-us-halts-russia-military-engagements Should add "crisis" to the title of this thread.. International crisis.
  25. A rather disturbing thought of someones thinking. How can anyone get used to violence? The violent movie I was on about that was a UK 12 on the case was a recent DVD (IRL 15) As you say Snowyowl9 some films from the past are now getting lower ratings than they had at release dates, example 1989 movie cert 18 reclassified at 15 for 2005. Doesn't this tell us something?
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