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  1. Have been looking at the data and am thinking about doing a LRF.


    It's looking very interesting, the developing super strong El-Nino has added to the interest and mainly but not only this has got me to take a closer look at data to write a winter forecast.


    Very briefly my early thoughts: 


    Before Nov are input some data and info, but early indications are of a very cold spell possibly a big freeze by December and throughout the month.


    November could be cold and snowy - widespread.


    On the FAX charts / BBC weather I look out for increasing number of occluded fronts and cold fronts. Indicating more cold air, rather then mild sectors.


    Flocks of birds (seagull type shape wide wing span slow wing thrusting) in theirs masses have been flying from the northeast over inland south east Eng (seen over my area) recently. I and sure many others noticed this during Oct 2010, before the big freeze of late Nov/Dec. They could be migrating/moving from the cold or developing cold / or sea temps, over Scandinavia.


    Watching for blocking of Atlantic lows, this create more warmer air if they arrive to many early winter.


    Looking out for strong high pressure over Scandinavia (scandi high)


    (both already starting)


    Sea/ocean temperatures around the south seas of Greenland (north Atl) (the low maker)


    Sea/ocean temperatures in the Northsea of coast from Britain. (the snow maker)


    North / East Europe snow cover, heavy snow is due to affect there this week, the more snow there the more the cold here. snow cover build up creates more cold pools making any easterly colder over Britain, the colder air and warmer north seas creates more snow, the snow cover also reflects sunlight.


    Very few Atlantic lows (less warmth) plus above average east europe snow cover creates alot of cold air.

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  2. I have done analysis of the plane in the jungle satellite image and have added some information as text, chances are I'm wrong with this but have carefully looked at the image and if things appear to look like something then are indicate this.




    Zoomed in to image for you:







  3. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1002982/pg1


    Been looking at the image posted on ATS not read the article yet (The original image of a plane over jungle came from someone using the tomnod satellite search)


    Reposting the link to go with images here - 


    Here's the image from above link:



    Did a little processing on the image hope you can notice any difference but I can see more detail now after doing this:



    Looks like a plane in flight that was imaged while the satellite was photographing, can't see any notable disrupted trees?? unless it can land vertically like a harrier jump jet then would expect trees/ground damage behind the plane.. What appears to be vapour/heat around the plane is just visible, planes give this off during flight. No trails at rear visible but this depends on height and air conditions and other factors I would expect, and so are not always produced, as far as I know.



    (note have removed the red from highlight circle.. other zoomed images without this are lower reso)


    Tobor, on 18 Mar 2014 - 19:46, said:

    Posted Image

    A map to show where the Maldives is:

    Posted ImageMaldives - map.jpg

    That's nowhere near the two arcs of corridor they reckon the plane was based on that last ping.

    I know just posting it as was some info(possible sighting) included in the search/reports, for those that don't know were Maldives are posted map. Think this report has now been thrown out.


    "While it's true that MH370 did turn toward 

    Langkawi and wound up overflying it, whoever 
    was at the controls continued to maneuver after 
    that point as well, turning sharply right at VAMPI 
    waypoint, then left again at GIVAL,"

    Didn't see this one before?? where is this can't see these locations on the map be useful to know what is after "left again at GIVAL" maybe not on land/sea map as is airspace map??


    Maybe this was someone speaking their theory but need to know if actual piece of info. Are find the link.


    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-echochambers-26640114 - quote taken from here


    Just seen link been posted, going to read back the posts now.

  6. I think you are looking into things just a wee bit too much. Reading input from pilots, saying "all right, good night" or variations is a perfectly normal thing to say when a plane leaves a ATC domain. Just a friendly 'bye!' to the controllers as the plane leaves their airspace.

    Need to look at every angle every tiny little thing that might not seem obvious but without getting into paranoia of conspiracy's, although cover ups are possible and are a lower level of conspiracy. 


    Back in the 80s when I was a kid the radio (think was LW) had chatter as aircraft went over, would interupt the music or other, you would hear the height changes and other tecy words, not the usual everyday words anyone uses as to why I asked about this, do UK pilots use this type of talk with the ground?


    Things are done differently in other countries so I don't know.


    To add, what a cover-up is to others is normal to some.. 

  7. OMFG the penny has just dropped. It's not India or Iran its only actually god dam N.A.R.N.I.A.Quick someone alert the authorities.

    Only that in this word Narnia the only N in the sentence " All right, good night" is used twice but only once in each of the two county names.. and each other letter of the sentence is used once too..

  8. I don't know what we should be paying really for a GB worth of data on a mobile. Maybe 50p?


    I use easily 200GB of data a month, sometimes 300GB or more - not on my phone, but home use.

    Blimey how do you manage that! but this adds to my point that Gigs use up quite quickly when doing anything other than the usual browsing. 


    @CC, I have the PAYG broadband dongle there are only set amounts ££/data example £10 / 1G there is no "all you can eat" data plan with this. Looking at a broadband contract for home use.. are keep the dongy for transportable internet though.

  9. What is a Gigabyte of data worth?


    Data - 1G = 1000MB (megabytes)


    I feel that the pay as you go broadband companies should re-access what 1 G is worth these days, it goes far quicker than it used to doing pretty much the same thing (my own experience) all though this would vary a bit each time. I can't really play videos this takes the credit to quick, depends on how much I've topped up, but that's just the point I need to put quite a lot on to feel relaxed and play the YouTube vids (for example) with out credit worries compared to those on unlimited pay monthly broadband for the same amounts of cost(££..) per month - I am moving over to this at some point, but a laptop dongle is portable and can take the lappy anywhere and have a connection (mostly...) not only this you can load a dongles software program into any computer and run it on there, we pay more for the extra conveniences of that I feel.


    A lot of web pages are larger these days although chat forums do a good job to minimize this problem. But my point and question is should we get more Gigabytes per £1?



    A tip from me here to lower data usage on PAYG for those on a computer/bigger device:


    Example - When on a news site home page open each story as a new tab, close the tap after, this way the home page is staying open to go back to after closing a page, this way you're not reloading the home page every time you read a new page by usually pressing the back button to go back to home page, this is costing you credit. Opening new tabs from a website can save credit. ( I don't do this on https/padlock sites though )


    "All right, good night"  - pilot on flight MH370


    "All right, good night" - last words to be said to control from one of the pilots.
    Are these words the standard chat from pilot to control? this would make a difference to my thoughts here.
    I ask myself these questions:
    Q1 - Are these coded words is there a code in what words the pilot used?
    Q2 - What was said before the "last words"
    A1 - They turned of communications why would they want to code word a place/area, but the code words if they are could mean something else.
    A2 - ??? before last words??
    Have come up with a few things a few possible decodes on this if it is a coded sentence:
    Mixed up words - 
    right night.
    all night.
    night all.
    (could be more word mixs there)
    Letters in order taken from each word from the first of each, and so on..
    a, r, g, n (first letters of words foward)
    n, g, r, a (backwards)
    l, i, o, i / i, o, i, l (2nd)
    l, g, o, g / g, o, g, l   (3rd)
    h, d, h. (4th)
    t, t, (5th)
    Two great country names come up from letters within the sentence "All right, good night" and these are:
    Very much unlikely just a coincidence those letters are in those words but looking at things like this is a need, because it does happen-coded words, also what was the tone of the voices from the pilots during the communication?? and was it the normal tone from them as from other radio communication with them??
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  11. I have drawn on 2 maps here:


    The first is to zoom in to the last known track to the west, my line is the yellow dotted:



    The second map below may interest you more as it is after looking at the area via Google maps satellite my idea of a possible route taken by the missing plane:


    My line white dotted line with arrows.


    The reason for the dotted line along this particular track is the theory that hijackers want to keep the plane for a reason and to so avoid crashing, going to far south they would run out of fuel, my guess here is simply that to avoid radar coverage they would travel over open sea and head towards land, I would expect the zones the arrows point to at the end of my drawn line are quite flat and deserts, so they could land there OK I would imagine (unlike the forest areas in other places) I do not know if radar covers the line I have drawn just less chance it does than others routes I could have placed on map. 


    I have been thinking about the pilots simulator and whether or not if it was him then had he taken/tested the route on the simulator program??


    I like to think and hope that the pilots not to do with the missing plane I feel that someone else on board has/had taken control of things and it is not the pilots or flight staff or the usual passengers that are involved.

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  12. It's fanciful and unhelpful for the relatives to raise hopes it maybe flew on and landed somewhere.It's very unlikely to have been able to avoid radar and where is there a suitable 'secret' landing site for a large plane like this?If they were effectively stealing it they would likely want to be able to take off again so some bit  grass or desert won't do.It will have come down but for whatever reason well outside the original search area.There is always a chance of some survivors though, even weeks after the crash it can't be ruled out if came down on or near land. 

    Correct it is not good to expect any less than the worst case, but a feeling of hope is still there at least. 

  13. the plane has been hijacked..stuff turned off..landed somewhere..and now the kidnappers have a plane full of people and they are 


    Things everyone needs are:


    1 - fresh drinking water, and food

    2 - sleep


    A lone hijacker would need to sleep by now, I would expect..

    two of them would take turns..


    For the fresh water I would not imagine there be enough to go round for long (on the plane), if they have landed somewhere remote maybe the destination was planned out and there is supplies there, at least for the hijackers anyway(which is not certain there are yet)

  14. Have read through this list of plane hijackings and made some notes:



    List in no particular order:


    Plane hijackers:

    ---Money/payment)Ransom demands / threats to passengers.
    ---Prisoner release demands.
    ---Planes diverted to other airports or country (force/threats).
    ---Political reasons/protesters.
    ---Usually ends in a stand-off/siege.
    ---Hijacker(s) refusing to let pilot land and refuel the plane
    ---Hijacker(s) holding hostage flight crew.
    ---Usually the need to make communication for many a reason, demands/other.
    ---Hijacker parachuting from the aircraft.
    ---To seek asylum/political asylum.
    ---For attack on land / other
    ---Suicide hijackers or flight staff
  15. Some classic favorites, these games I played a lot in the 90's and were pretty much quite violent but without the bld/gore.. although mortal kombat was quite nasty for this.



    Final fight/Streetfighter(right side image) Arcades/console


    Final fight Arcades/console and was also accessible to everyone






    The fighting games 2D were very good graphics then even looking now they still look very good and were top end 2D, you could move left/right, and move character from bottom of the background and up the scene too. Looks at the weapons even back then! Road rash has good graphics and you could use weapons to hit other of their bike, it was quite a rough game!


    So games have had violence of some form for many years, but the increase is the horrid extras these days, and in my view not needed for exciting game play, but shooting at fuel cans for example that explode with fire/other obviously makes for a higher action scene, and the for the feel of it too.

  16. Interesting theories Bobby.





    (please read my bit of analysis below and also a new idea I have on the flight number and the calender date...)


    How do the pilots go to the loo?




    boeing 747s have bathrooms in the cockpit. extremely small though





    On our little Air*** *****'s, they come out and use the same toilet as the passengers. Its great to see the passengers faces when one of the pilots comes out and into the toilet ....

    Only wondered if plane was hijacked through an open door while one goes to the loo or at least threatened the pilot on entry to or from the toilets/other. 


    Quotes: Source of information not posting but looks like from general chat on the web (have starred out the number for good reason)




    Have been looking at a real animation of radar from flight radar posted on this news site:



    What I looked at was the last few frames from the flight radar as shown on the news site:


    The image here is the last 2 frames 1/2 and 2/2. what I looked at was the Longitude (east/west) the last frame seems to have a slightly lower number than the previous frame, I could be wrong with my tiny analysis here but could indicate slight westerly veer..

    Actual data:
    Longitude -
    102 . 981
    103 . 096
    103 . 154
    103 . 328
    103 . 512 this to - (frame 1/2)
    --this----- 103 . 57 (last data.) (frame 2/2)
    The other small . numbers continue to go up indicating a east movement but adding the Latitude numbers going up this would indicate northeast as per images. here the last recorded radar data image (as a frame in the video) the number reduces down slightly indicating a northwest movement, possibly.
    Latitude - last two frames
    1 - 6.78333 (frame 1/2)
    2 - 6.90314  (frame 2/2) - (last data) plane continued north as indicated here but adding the last frame of Longitude numbers this number reduces slightly possibly indicating a slight west veer, northwest adding the Latitude numbers here.
    Something else that I looked into was the flight number v date:
    MH370 . . . . .  3(march)   7(march 7 Friday)  plane took of Saturday 21 mins after midnight (have read) this could mean boarding was on the 7 March? or a departure delay, did the flight leave on the expected departure time or was it delayed? I do look at hidden codes after events and any possible connections with dates and things. something to think about.. 
  17. Two new theory's I have now are:


    1 - meteorite/ space material


    2 - Radar dispute over whether the plane did go west.. my view is what was really on that radar if it is true and what did it (if it did) have to do with MH370..

  18. ...


    I think what primarily struck a nerve with me was the suggestion that if I enjoy playing games with violent content then I am not an "adult", and I have grown very tired over the years of being stigmatised by association with the minority that abuse things.  I have got to know a fair number of people over the years, especially females, who refrain from playing games at least partly as a result of those stigmas and not wanting to be associated with foul-mouthed teenage lads who allow violent games to take over their lives.

    (bolded bit)This was not a view by myself I think I know the post you are talking about though.


    Enjoying playing games with violence content = the player is not an "adult" is silly who ever thinks that way, the games 18+ are very much for adults for the reason of graphic content/sex/violence as to why the cert is 18!

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