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  1. Main site home page here -http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/ - some interesting stuff on there, including some strange Mars object findings. That cctv of the 'teleporting superhuman or alien' amazing!
  2. http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2012/09/alien-saves-mans-life-in-china-car.html
  3. NW/BBC/MO have mentioned the risk of thunder in the south UK, anytime is interesting for convective but it's January and is not really chatted about as much as when it's the usual convective seasonal months. Usually it's only a few rumbles anyway but there can be thunderstorms any month. Looking at the GFS I see the lifted index is negative or yellow indicating an unstable air-mass after the rain fronts move through today, bringing heavy downpours of a convective nature later today, overnight and Monday particularly over the SW and South coast possibly moving inland at times. Low pressure is in charge today. My barometer has dropped at least 5 mb since a few hours, it's heading left of the centre as the low heads up. Just had a look around UKWW has chat on the potential. Estofex have some lightning risk SW UK.
  4. Recent radar image from weatheronline, heavy rainband moving east and north east across the UK. Heavy thundery downpours following across the SW and later South. Heavy rain developing over Central and Eastern Scotland.
  5. Thanks for this but the structures are above the surface seem like small rocks in image I posted above are check out the link. It does look simular to the image in the link provided although to a tinier version of the effect.
  6. I searched for a thread on passwords not one so here one is. The question I would like to ask, is there an easy remembering but secure hard to guess password technique? I've used a few ideas I've come up with myself over the years but still can't remember them, unless it's simple words or numbers. Sometimes I use pass numbers as passwords, this can be a selection of dates or random numbers like a new mobile number when you buy a new sim card, for example: 91885673. Also random mixed like, example Hh3O=at-2W=, I have to note them types, usually hidden note pads without the website name and user-these are remembered or noted separately. Maybe I could make up a sentence of a story? example "1wentupthestairs2Cmycat" One could remember numbers from various occasions and put together in a password? maybe mixed with words, example, "my bedroom is 59 steps in my socks,:mbdR00m59sPs... I have 2 toothbrushes, my favourite number is 1... There are computer programs that run through the dictionary and also number generators, to find passwords, "1wentupthestairs2Cmycat" would be harder to find then "went up the stairs" some off the best passwords cannot be remembered by ourselves, but I do believe there is a technique to get around this, and as so for the question!
  7. Rain Watch Hi everyone, have decided to start up a separate topic to look more closely at expected rainfall accumulations in the days ahead. It's a concern that more new floods are possible if not likely through this weekend and into next week, this coming from several large scale weather systems and possible Atlantic storms hitting the UK and ROI over the next 7 days at least, it's likely that some breaks in the rain will occur at times though. I'm not going to hide the fact that severe floods in new areas are possibly on the way I say possibly even if I think likely, which I do. Below I've put on a rain alert map created from precipitation data models of which the one's I have access, please use my map as a general guide of where the heaviest rain could be accumulated over the next 48hrs or so, please do allow for some small adjustments do not take the map as 100 percent set in stone, usually the expected accumulations of rainfall may be more or less in any one area and exact locations can change, I might not be able to update map. (Map can be shared where you like) Map expires MON 0300hrs - January 4 W = on the map this means that I am watching for upgrades of 30mm or more. Light yellow + W =30mm - rainfall may get accumulated up to 30mm but may upgrade to 40mm for a level 1 so is under a watch zone. Yellow = 40mm - 50mm accm rain Orange = 50mm - 80mm accm rain Red = 80mm - 100mm accm rain Dark red = 100+ accm rain. Many areas seeing rain this heavy at times some very heavy and prolonged, expect 10mm-25mm generally. Some of the largest rainfalls likely to occur over higher ground. For the winds associated with these weather systems/storms likely gale or severe gale at times please see other threads and warnings. Please post anything related to rainfall forecasting, model ppn data, alerts and warnings, your own rain maps and forecasts. ZONE51.
  8. I have been taking a closer look at the images of Mars surface taken by Curiosity Rover sent by NASA to do scientific experiences and analysis. Not looked closely at many as have recently started doing this, (I have looked generally at the images over the years but not zoomed to look in more detail) this image here revealed 2 unusual things, I am looking for things that could be non-naturally created, on earth this would be called manmade, apart from my general fascination with this alien landscape that's what I am looking for, things that are standing out or not blending in. I have been scooting around some sites mainly UFO/Alien type sites, and viewed all kinds of lumps and bumps on the Mars surface that people have picked out, some that do look unusual and out of place to the surface generally, but then it is an unknown planet, formations that look 'alienmade' if you like could well be just Mar's natural productions! Unusual lines of small stones - fig2 Slabs/slates flat rounded and jagged, sitting on medium size stones - fig1, how did these get to sit on the rocks..?? - fig1 - would imagine they most likely arrived there from falling higher up, anyone thoughts on this?? My thoughts are life could be living under the surface now, or did and is gone now. How do we know what ancient alien civilization could have lived on the planets surface, maybe they do somewhere, maybe they went underground.. isn't that what we would do if our surface become to difficult to live on??..
  9. Arrived here in Stanwell (next to Heathrow AP south side) .. rain becoming very heavy some very strong winds be getting up soon
  10. Radar map 1530hrs: On this active front some outbreaks of lightning/thunder, very heavy rain, hail, sleet and snowfall risk, gusty 40-50mph gust of wind (on and also around the front), also some active showers after the front too, as seen also on the radar here. Turning cold even very cold feeling. (Image 2 parts joined) (front moving from the west to the east) Radar image used: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/
  11. BBC, just watched incredible night tornado lit up by lightning!

  12. I found a satellite image of a recent UK storm while looking through a slide show of photos on the Daily Express online, I could not but notice what appears to be a face. Below is an image copy drawn on to indicate / show viewers the storm face, although it should spring out at you though not to obvious as why highlighted (top left of photo near to Scotland) For the article and satellite the image: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/629617/floods-north-england-weather-climate-change-natural-disaster (photo slideshow near bottom of page it's in there)
  13. I have been thinking about flood defence and have thought of a few ideas that could possibly be looked at more closely. Some of the most ridiculous ideas that people have come out with over the decades have been developed into projects and then inventions that are very useful today. Here are 2 flood easing systems I have thought of, they can be used separately or combined depending on the local geography of the land, they would be used together with general flood defence walls. 1 - Water absorbing sponges 2 - Drains in mountains What ideas do you have? Never scrap an idea to quickly, science is in need of new thinking, new ideas for now and the future. Our world's changing climate is in fast mode, it is changing patterns and swapping climates very quickly and intensely. Those that were not to sure before probably are now. We only need to look at the UK flood/storm events over the last few years to believe the change.
  14. I think we need to form a new defence system, the usual flood defences can and do work but water is channelled faster and deeper if it's blocked from spreading out, naturally the water wants to spread out as it does over farm fields, or flood plains, where it's blocked is where it affects someone else further down river. There's not much one can do to stop all floods the power of water is incredible and new ideas on how to block the rivers waters from getting into towns and cities are always welcome. Concerning images of that huge 'dartboard' storm developing for mid week this week (or before can change time scale)
  15. Looks like a little rocket should have been in star warz! they full or empty cans? (never know lol I watch tricked so never know!)
  16. The game here requires you to view and guess a location hidden behind a colour blanked out image, only a few blocks of the image are available to see. The idea is simply guess and then post what the location is that snowman has gone to visit for a holiday.. There are 5 images to view, you may need to zoom into the 'unlocked' blocks especially if on smaller devices. The unlocked photos should be posted on here at the weekend. More games might follow maybe create your own! I used program called Phoxo , it's a draw/paint application it's like the Microsoft paint. Please state the image game number (game 1 / Location 1) with your guess. (I might do a point system for this if so would be on with the full image.) GAME IMAGES BELOW:
  17. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/insider/forum/insider_wintp-insider_devices/windows-10-audio-and-stereo-mix/b099a4d7-249e-4345-9726-4c939b822c29?auth=1
  18. What are you recording from? Have you used a program called Audacity? I use this to record music from hardware, it's a free and very good application. http://audacityteam.org/ Might not be a version for W10, just yet but is on the way they say..
  19. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/ - can load on your computers if main site (lappys / deskies version ..) slow to load

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  20. Merry Christmas! have a good day everyone

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