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    Stanwell(south side of Heathrow Ap)
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    Weather watching and forecasting.
    Music production.
    Art and crafts / painting landscapes/seascapes/clouds.
    Photography/video production and editing, image design.
    Photo editing and digital/image design art. Webdesign.
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    Thunderstorms, squally fronts, snow, frost, very mild if no snow or frost

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About Me

I have been weather watching for 21yrs , i was about 11 when i really started studying the weather keeping

notes and diarys of local weather, i still have them!  weather that gets me excited, snowstorms,

wind/rain/thunderstorms (all storm!) watching thunderstorms grow develop,and i also like general

snow/hail(small/medium size marble being the biggest i have ever seen!), i only like sleet if its going to turn

to snow - (written in 2010 when became member)


After studying meteorology i have learnt how the weather works , like why its not snowing at 1c when

sometimes its snows at 1c with fluffy flakes or why that thunderstorm didnt develop.

Anyway i look fwd to posting..

Netweather is great!


2011 update - since reading netweather i have learnt so much more about weather (and other topics!) than

before i joined, its the place to be!!


(edited 2015)

May2011 - in the process of launching a video production/ editing  solo business and a photography site.


2012 - designed/developed website for selling music loops


New update...


Sept 2015 - due to ill health I cannot continue with a career path/ or normal work, at the moment, but am

continuing to study on the subjects I pursue and enjoy. Sometimes health problems can stop us from feeling

and being normal, to be able to do what everyone else does who are very well, it really knocks on the door and makes us realise what really can happen with our health.


I hope that when things get better (be positive) I can get back on on track with pursuing a career in video

production, image design, music production, either solo or intermixed within the job (hope to sell some

paintings or prints from them)


I can design and develop websites, my skills mainly are within the design/visual area of web site development, inclu objects like rollovers (buttons..) The more techy/codey area is for others to do!


I am a trance producer although not known (called unknown producer) I having been producing for years and

upload tracks online, I would like to get my music out there, on cds.. even to the clubs one day, much is done through downloads these days, but it is

difficult to get higher up in the music business, even if you have the sound, your friends like it, you get hundreds of downloads, you still could be

background noise compared to the well known top producers. I might just send some cds to record labels

knock on there studio door! like the old days ppl would send tapes well that was the 90s and I  should have been producing then how I am now.. it's all internet now and more chance to get heard by more ppl faster, which is great, it's easier to get heard but harder to get signed.


Stuff I have done: designed photography sites, music loops site, video productions (music to vid) , digital portraits, logo design, image design, paint several pictures on canvas..including storm clouds! trance tracks some techno/other, fix computers-hardware and software..


Myadvice - keep on track with what YOU want to do if you keep at it keep studying and focusing you can get there, but a lot of hard walls might get in the way on the way, but don't give up with it..

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