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  1. it was all ready to go today , really thought the convection would grow, it was not any forecasters fault so don't blame them! its all to do with the winds and the hills, sometimes they just don't want to play..0;

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    2. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      amazing really ,i would has thought at least a puff ball over my hilly parts! it just shows the weather is in charge not the models!!

    3. Stormyking


      Indeed, the weather does what it wants :L, The GFS got the cape and LI right etc, everything else seemed ok but just the precip and clouds was missing :/ Still got the whole of may, June, July, August and september to go yet :)

    4. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      exactly , plenty of time, it was basically a treat those storms the last few days, and for some a hail storm like snow! can't complain really. whats next an arctic blast 0: