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  1. BBC, just watched incredible night tornado lit up by lightning!

  2. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/ - can load on your computers if main site (lappys / deskies version ..) slow to load

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      can also load on computers

  3. Merry Christmas! have a good day everyone

  4. Alot to read on NW but I must recommend the Blog on El-Nino., very Interesting! this event could continue to bring some interesting weather. I expect that some arctic cold spells often some severe inbetween Altantic lows/storms, Dec cold spell possible, then late winter easterly/ne flows..

    1. karyo


      Which blog is that?

  5. COLD WIND but Not quite a FREEZTERLY! but we may get one eventually

    1. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      Those swans give me hope. The earliest arrival for over 30 years!

  6. Hi all! be posting more frequently as we head into the deeper autumn, Was an interesting convective summer, saw some interesting stuff. I had a theory once, lack of se winter snow increase of thundery summer nights.. . The super strong El-Nino lookin to bring Britain/Europe an interesting mid-late autumn/winter.... am looking at the ENSO/PDO/AMO/SEA SUR TEMPS, STRATTY, LR MODEL DATA, might do a LR forecast, when theres BIG freeze on the line likely cold fans more hooked!

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      So just do a LR forecast when cold is likely?

  7. Hello all........ not posted for a few centuries....... hope to be on in the near future and look fwd to that! wow what a thundery summer hopefully some raging thundery plumes this season.. (by the way i was electricsnowstorm then tobor thinkin of new user name.......)

    1. weather09


      Welcome back. :O) What does your username mean (if anything)?

    2. Daniel*


      Where have you been?

  8. Looks like some 'action' in the weather evolving this week although this mostly reserved for the north. For the south you know although we are just over mid month there is still chance of snow, even April snow is possible.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. lindy2017


      ive to get snow this weekend we usually do

    3. matty007


      No way in hell it'll snow.

    4. karyo


      Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

  9. I wish that on some online news paper sites that adverts did not follow me up and down the screen at both the left/right sides.. don't mind some ads but it's about where and how you show them not "in ya face"... the need to have ads is there yes but plz don't let um take the place over lol!! ..

    1. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      I use flash ad blocker if gets annoying but to be fair on the advertisers I do not use it all the time might miss something interested in! there is a ad block removes things completely but that one I found slows loading for some reason!

    2. lassie23


      thanks for correcting the flight number.

  10. Saying this early I am predicting a hot DROUGHT summer believe it or not we can still get a surface drought from the heatwaves I expect.. also a rather thundery one too..... not been through long range data yet.. but.. 1 - probability 2 - balance of nature and 3 ready for this.. long range signals... r u confused now?

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    2. lindy2017


      I predict a wetter summer with short bursts of sun....

    3. ZONE 51

      ZONE 51

      I did not mention the plume elevated storms I expect more of this year!

    4. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Hope so Tobor :)

  11. It is nice to not be going through puddles feels unusually dry lol! Nature blooming out really enjoy this time of year new growth lookin pretty with the blossom

  12. It is part of a family of giant viruses discovered 10 years ago that are so big they can be seen under a microscope..

  13. Hi all not been on to post for a few weeks but have been reading some of the forum. Certainly been an incredible period of events over the weeks. Have seen the floods for real in and around Staines, are post some pics, never seen flooding like it. (have changed profile name/image was Electricsnowstorm)

  14. Some serious weather events in development. Stayed tuned to tv, radio and the Internet. Don't like to have to say this but some very disruptive weather in the days ahead to affect all areas at some point and at varied times.

    1. JamieUK


      What's on the way? I thought it was just rain!

  15. The big freeeez or the big teeeeez? sure were find out!

  16. Flood watch with the heavy rain eastern Scotland

  17. More flood risk today for SW and areas of Scotland, keep check of the forecasts.

  18. Further heavy rainfall through today, heaviest looking likely to continue to affect the SW and Wales. Really am wondering when are get to make a forecast for some proper low level snow!

  19. Today heavy rain showers for many some prolonged downpours perhaps hail and lightning n thunder.. this pretty much the set-up overnight and into Friday. Flood risk once again increasing. Further rain fall at the weekend and even a watch for Mon the SE more rain (hints of a change to more wintry weather on the way though! even this wkend)

  20. Dry gap for at least the EA/SE through Tuesday daylight hrs...

  21. Flood risk increasing next week with heavy rain at times and some stopping around for some time. Monday some heavy downpours developing could be prolonged especially in the south.

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